Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We were visiting our friends Cooper and Dozer and what they posted about we find just shameful. So we've copied their post below since they explain it very well.

Shameful Website - Cooper's Rant

I was just reading the Pet Connection blog and came upon a website they were discussing where you can pay big bucks to have your dog "certified" as a Service Dog so you can take your dog into places that normally do not allow animals (Post Office, restaurants, stores, etc). And people are buying this "certification" so they can get an animal vest and patches for $365.00. And they tell you right up front that they don't provide any training and you self-administer a "test" to determine if your dog is a Service Dog. This is just a way that you can circumvent the law.

Now I realize that I am an older dog and you young pups may think I am set in my ways, but this is not a "service", it is a disservice to the many wonderful dogs that train and provide service to all the people in the world who really need it. To buy a fake vest just so you can take your pet into the shoe store because it is more convenient for you is shameful.

I've gotten myself a little hot under the collar so Mum says I need to go have a little nap while she figures out how to contact these folks and in a nice way give them a piece of her mind. (I love it when Mum gets a burr under her butt and gets her Thesaurus out to tell folks six ways to Sunday how naughty they are!)