Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dad's moving

yep that's right Dad is going to be moving. He is going to a different base and will be doing a different job. So if any of you have his address and thought about sending him anything don't do it. He will be getting a new address. So far we don't know what it is but once we do we will post and let you all know so if anyone wants it they can get it.
Oh and I am going to be posting about the lovely awards my friends have given me tomorrow. Mom is still spending a lot of time on that turtle board. IF she didn't pet me so much I might think she liked those turtles more then me.
We thought we would leave you with this picture of Dad.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


It's sunday and nothing is going here at all. So I thought I would share some pics

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Okay so Flash and I went off to the valentine's party and when we got home we found out Mom had been sick on Valentine's day. Sicker then me or either of the kids. She felt better on Friday but slept most of the weekend because she was still tired she says.
So the past couple days she has been cleaning the house since our kids of course made messes but didn't clean them up.
We are reading all the blogs we need to catch up on but aren't commenting much since there are so many of them.
Oh and Dad is doing fine. He's busy and doesn't get to sleep much though.
See the new member of our family.

isn't he cute? Okay so we don't actually know if he's a he since he's to little to tell but we are calling him Little Dude for now. He came to live with us Friday. Mom won't let me or Flash near him but then she doesn't let us near the other turtle either.
and here is a lovely picture of me and Flash sleeping. I had the leash on because I kept trying to knock over the baby gate to get to the fat cat's food.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sickness and Poop and Throw up

Oh my it's been an interesting couple days in our house. It all started Monday morning at 4:30 with our boy throwing up. So no school for him. He stayed home laying on the couch and throwing up into a trash can. I kept trying to go over and eat his throw up and him and mom would yell at me then mom would rinse out the trash can until the next time he threw up and then I would try it again. Lucky for mom he stopped throwing up half way through the day and yesterday went to school.
Well then yesterday I was at the door waiting to go outside so mom let me outside. I had the runs and she said she could smell me inside. Then she went to get cat food and when she came home. I had pooped in the house. In the kitchen and the living room. I stunk up the whole house. So mom got out the little steam cleaner and cleaned the carpet and then cleaned the kitchen floor. you want to know what's cool? I stained the floor. Woot!!!! Yep mom says the floor has a yellowish ting to it now. What's bad is now I'm eating oatmeal and chicken for a few days to help me feel better.
Oh and mom says my gas is enough to kill a person but it doesn't bother me.
Now today our girl is sick. No throw up or poop she just doesn't feel good.
Mom says we will be the death of her yet.
p.s. mom says our valentine's are going to be late. sorry about that.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Baby is still missing. We were hoping she would be home by now. It makes all of us think about when Flash went missing for 8 days and makes us sad.
We hope Baby is home soon.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Okay so it's saturday

I was going to post yesterday since it was Friday but when I was going to post we lost our power and mom said it was a sign to turn off the computer and she wouldn't turn it back on all night even when the power came back on. Sometimes that woman just doesn't make any sense.
So Peanut said I would talk about something we got in the mail. Well we got some treats from our friends Steve and Kat. They are heart shaped and everything. Mom can't figure out where she put the camera she took pictures of them on so no pictures. I seriously think she's losing it but she swears she isn't. So we want to say a big thank you to Steve and Kat. We love you guys are are so glad you didn't have to stay at the vet long and are feeling better.
Let me tell you Mardi Gras was fun fun fun fun fun. New Orleans is a crazy place and Bourbon Street is the craziest. Mom took our pictures in to get developed but we have to wait to get them back because she said she wasn't paying for one hour service. If they were her photos she would have so I don't know what her problem is. I think we are going to have to sit down and have a talk with mom. She just isn't right lately. She just keeps talking about how she isn't going to let us push her around anymore and she's tired of peanut being a brat dog. I have no idea what all that means but really I hope she doesn't start changing stuff now. We've lived like this since we found her and Peanut and I like it.
I'm including some pictures because this post was kind of boring.
Peanut being the annoying dog he is. Notice the leash is attached to him. He still gets it connected sometimes but not as much as before.

Our boy before he got a haircut goofing off in the bathtub.

Me just chilling out.

and our girl being a weirdo. I have no idea what she was doing.
I had a picture of mom to put up when she was sick but she said if I did I wouldn't eat for days so I decided against it.
Later Taters,

Thursday, February 07, 2008

What's happening

Okay so we got home from the big superbowl party and rested on Monday. Then tuesday was Mardi Gras so Flash and I took off for New Orleans and just got back today. We should have invited every dog but it was kind of a last minute trip.
We will post some pictures when we can get mom to get them developed. Had to take a regular camera since she wouldn't let us take the digital.
It was tons of fun though I tell you. Next year you will all have to come and party here if we are still here then.
Oh and Flash will be back tomorrow and get to tell you about the cookies that came in the mail.

Monday, February 04, 2008

No news

I am much to tired to post much of anything today. Flash and I had so much fun at the superbowl party weekend. We are both going to go catch up on our sleep.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Why own a dog

Why own a dog? There's a danger you know,
You can't own just one, for the craving will grow.
There's no doubt they're addictive, wherein lies the danger.
While living with lots, you'll grow poorer and stranger.

One dog is no trouble, and two are so funny.
The third one is easy, the fourth one's a honey.
The fifth one's delightful, the sixth one's a breeze,
You find you can live with a houseful of ease.

So how 'bout another? Would you really dare?
They're really quite easy but, oh, Lord the hair!
With dogs on the sofa and dogs on the bed,
And crates in the kitchen, it's no bother, you've said.

They're really no trouble, their manners are great.
What's one more dog and just one more crate?
The sofa is hairy, the windows are crusty,
The floor is all footprints, the furniture dusty.

The housekeeping suffers, but what do you care?
Who minds a few noseprints and a little more hair?
So let's keep a puppy, you can always find room,
And a little more time for the dust cloth and broom.

There's hardly a limit to the dogs you can add,
The thought of a cutback sure makes you sad.
Each one is so special, so useful, so funny.
The vet and food bills grows larger, you owe BIG money.

Your folks never visit, few friends come to stay,
Except other "dog folks" who live the same way.
Your lawn has now died, and your shrubs are dead too,
But your weekends are busy, you're off with your crew.

There's dog food and vitamins, training and shots.
And entries and travel and motels which cost lots.
Is it worth it you wonder? Are you caught in a trap?
Then that favorite one comes and climbs in your lap.

His look says you're special and you know that you will
Keep all of the critters in spite of the bill.
Some just for showing and some just to breed.
And some just for loving, they all fill a need.

God, winter's a hassle, the dogs hate it too.
But they must have their walks though they're numb and your blue.
Late evening is awful, you scream and you shout
At the dogs on the sofa who refuse to go out.

The dogs and the dog shows, the travel, the thrills,
The work and the worry, the pressure, the bills.
The whole thing seems worth it, the dogs are your life.
They're charming and funny and offset the strife.

Your life-style has changed. Things won't be the same.
Yes, those dogs are addictive and so is the dog game.
Unknown Poet

Friday, February 01, 2008

the mom

This is the mom here. Peanut and Flash are off on Aire Ruby for the super bowl weekend and they told me I needed to post and ask everyone where they buy their treats. We are looking for bully sticks and moo tubes and things of that nature. We can't find any of it around here so if you could comment on where your humans might order yours from that would be great.

The mom