Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The furminator bit mom

So we have one of those evil furminators in the house. Well I don't think it is evil since mom doesn't use it on me but Flash and The fat cat hate it. Anyway mom was using it on Fatty last week and I guess it didn't like that either since later that day it bit her. Yep see what it did

She said something about not leaving it on the back of the couch so it could get knocked off onto the couch for it to hide half way under the pillow I moved around. Then she wouldn't know it was there and she could kneel on it but I don't know what in the world she was talking about it. She's odd. Now she is complaining that it itches a ton and she can't scratch it. She says she will probably have a scar there to go with the scar on the other side of her knee.
I think I should destroy the furminator so it can't hurt mom anymore. What do you all think?

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tortoise Food is Yummy

Okay I got in trouble and wasn't able to get online until today to blog. Oh my mom was mad at me.
She took an old nightstand with 2 drawers that she had and put it under the turtle table. Then she put the turtle food in it. Well I don't think she was using her brain to much at the time. She then went to the post office to mail a box to my dad. When she came back I had gotten the top drawer open got out this
and took the lid off and ate it all (ours was only 8.5 oz though). It was yummy yummy yummy.
Oh but when mom got home she was mad and then she said I'd be lucky if my stomach didn't explode because that food was dehydrated hays and grasses and weeds that you were supposed to rehydrate with water. needless to say she was being overly dramatic as usual and my stomach didn't explode. But I did have a ton of gas. Didn't bother me but the humans kept complaining about it.
Now I am back and mom has just learned nothing is safe from Peanut the amazing drawer, fridge, oven and door opening boxer.

Monday, April 21, 2008


so I know it's been almost a week and I am sure you are all wondering how my adoption/birthday went. Well I tell you it didn't go to well. I didn't get any presents on the actual day because my mom was going to give them to me at night. Well our girl decided to go outside and jump rope and ended up spraining her ankle. So mom had to take her to the ER and wait around. She ended up having to get an ankle brace and crutches. But she is feeling much better now. Then mom was lazy and didn't post then when I got her to post the batteries in the camera were dead and she couldn't find the battery charger. That woman needs to get with it.

So I got all my presents on Wednesday instead.
I got this bone. It was really good. Peanut tried to steal mine even though he got one also and since I usually give in he chewed up part of it before mom took it away from him. So she gave me a bully stick too and peanut didn't get one.

I got this toy. It squeaks but I don't really like it so Peanut has been playing with it.

I got these treats and they are yummy but mom wouldn't let me eat the whole bag at once. She put them on top of the fridge and has been giving me two a day. I think I might need to go live with Grammie so I can get more treats everyday.

Here is me enjoying my treats. I am so fast this is the best picture mom could get
But the best thing about the whole day was that dad left this comment on my post "I wish I was there too DAD" You know we still have about 10 months before Dad gets to come home. It's a long long time. But it helps when he leaves me comments and I got to talk to him on the phone the other week. Well he talked and I licked the phone. :)
Go and visit our Uncle Dawson it's his adoption day today.

Later Gators

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's my adoption day

and that means I am 3 years old. Since I was a few months old when mom got me from the rescue she just uses my adoption day as my birthday also. I hope she has something good planned for me today. I will let you know later.

I plan on sleeping like the above picture most of the day until mom brings me presents.
I also want to say I wish my dad was here to share this day with me.
Later Gators

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The box

Okay sorry this is a day late. Mom didn't feel that great yesterday. She thinks she might be allergic to something down here in Louisiana.
The other day the nice UPS man delivered this box to our house
In the box was this stuff. As you can see we had mom open it up and give us the stuff before she was allowed to take the picture. We'd already both had two bully sticks.

Please ignore my mother in this video she sounds like an idiot.

bullysticks from playfulheartmonkey on Vimeo.
Here are Flash and I enjoying our bully sticks. you can't see mine as I had chewed it down and it's on the other side of my mouth. Oh and look Dad can kind of see his truck in that picture. :)

And here is a shot of my feet after enjoying the stick

So huge thanks go out to my BFF (buff furry friend) Wally for the good job on bully stick hunting (or making sad faces at his ma ape)

Friday, April 11, 2008


I am very sorry I implied that Penny and Peanut were doing anything they shouldn't have been.
I will never ever ever ever do anything like that again.

Okay Peanut's gone and I can stop apologizing so according to him they were just checking out the resturant and eating all night. If anything else happened he is not telling. So I guess we will never know the real story.

Oh man I am still in trouble for taking mom's laptop to the pawty with me. She was not happy.
She says I'm lucky it came back in one piece. That pawty was to fun. I think we might need to plan one here at our house soon.

Tomorrow Peanut will post about this great box of stuff we got in the mail the other day.

Later Gators

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Where was Peanut all night?

Hey dogs it's Flash. I took mom's laptop with me to New York City. I am sure I will be in trouble when we get home but oh well. We are having a blast here but I have some news. Last night we saw Peanut going off somewhere so my Aunt Moco and I followed him in a cab (cabs are fun by the way) and we saw him going into here.

He didn't come back until this morning either. We noticed also that a certain young lady from Jackman Ave who was supposed to be at the party wasn't there last night. Makes you go HMMMMMM

Monday, April 07, 2008

Off to the pawty

We are all ready to go. We have mom's girly beer(she says it's called smirnoff), the water balloons we took from our kids rooms and Battleship. We were to excited to let mom take a picture though. Here we come :)

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Happy Birthday

to our tiny little neighbor Charlie. If you would go wish him a Happy Birthday. He got to blog last night too. His first time since Scooby usually does it. :)

Friday, April 04, 2008

It's Friday

and I finally get to do Flash Friday again. It seems like forever since I posted on a Friday. Mom was slacking but Peanut and I had a nice talk with her and she knows not to do it anymore.
I am going to answer some of the comments we got on our last post then put up a picture about something that is bothering me.

The whippets asked: What the heck is in that toilet water? Tequilla???? Hmm no it's just plain old water. Is Tequilla good? Should I have mom pour some in there?

Petra wanted to know Did your mom have to refill it after all the slurps you took?
Yep she sure did. She has to go in there and flush it after we are done so we have more water to drink

My lovely Kaos said Do you know what the humans use that thing for? You should tell your mom to get you a large water dish cuz that's disgusting!!
Yes we know what they use it for. That's why mom cleans it every day. Oh and really who are we dogs kidding. We eat poop. Horse poop, duck poop, sheep poop. So really is drinking out of the toilet that bad? Oh and we have a water dish. We don't use it. The water in the toilet is colder.

Our buddy Ike said OMD! You have a race track in your house. You are so lucky!
Yep this house is just made for running around. It's even cooler when mom leaves the back door open and I can go from outside, down the hallway, around into the kitchen then back out the door. WooT!!!!!

Happy wanted to know: Is it good? Is it what made you two all frenzied?
Yep it's good. Nice and cold water plus since it gets flushed often it is fresh. It's not what gets us all frenzied (mom says that is a flea up my bum) but it is a nice way to refresh afterwards :)

Okay now on to the problem. I'm not a vain dog. Don't care much about how I look but the other day I got a look at my nose and noticed IT'S TURNING COLORS. OMD what am I going to do?
I was so embarssed that mom couldn't get to good of a picture but here is the best one.

Do you see how the middle part of my nose is not black anymore? Mom says it's done this before and always gone back to being black but I don't believe her. She would lie to make me feel better because she's a good mom. Let me know what you all think.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Go visit

Our buddy Gomer. Today is his barkday and for every person that goes and visits today his dogmom is donating money and for eveyone that leaves a comment she will donate more money. THIS IS NO APRIL FOOLS JOKE. So go go go :)