Sunday, September 30, 2007


Okay we know we have been terrible about keeping up with everyone's blog. But hey we've been on vacation. We have some huge huge news. Mom and the kids and all us animals are going to be staying in Oregon and living with Grandma Careen. Mom said something about paying off bills but they we don't care that means we will be close to Grammie and Pappy and get to share a house with Beautiful and Newman that much longer.
Dad is leaving us next Sunday to go to Louisiana and then will be gone to Iraq by the end of November.
We sure are going to miss him but at least this way we will have family around while he is gone instead of being stuck down there and not knowing anyone.

We are going to be getting high speed internet up at Grandma Careen's within the next couple of weeks we hope so we will be able to update and keep in touch better.

Later Taters,
Peanut and Flash

Friday, September 14, 2007

What What What is happening?

Okay so not much exciting news at all. We are still hanging out at Grandma Careen's house. Mom and Dad and the kids leave and don't take us with them. They go places without us. How wrong is that? Well Mom did leave and took Flash and when he came back he had had a haircut. He looks quite funny I think and I will post a picture of that later. We are still having fun playing with Newman and Beautiful though. Oh and the other day Grammie and Pappy came up to Grandma Careen's just to see me I swear. It was quite nice.
I thought I would leave you with these pictures of my Aunt Moco (she's the little black one) and my Uncle Foley roaching in their backyard. We thought Wally would like these pictures.

Friday, September 07, 2007

pics for the humans

It's the Mom here. I thought I would include some of the pictures we took of some scenic things we saw on the trip out here to Oregon. We didn't stop much. We made it in 3 days which is pretty good with two cats, two dogs, two kids and a turtle. We stopped and stayed at a Motel 6 in Kearney Nebraska that gave us a half price military discount. Which is always nice. Peanut and Flash were amazingly good. :)

Here is the Missouri River

Here is an arch in Nebraska. It was neat and the picture isn't very good so check it out here

Here is a little store in Utah we stopped at. The old guy running it had to close up to go down the street and run the gas station. :)

The sunset.

The Multnomah Falls here in Oregon. We've got more pictures to share later but thought we would start you guys off with these.

Pics and more pics

hey everybody how is it going? We are having tons of fun up at Grandma Careen's house. She has lots of room for us to run around and we get to hang out with Newman and Beautiful. Here are some pictures of us on our trip. Mom says she will put up the scenic pictures soon. You know those ones the humans want to see. We did get to see Grammie. She came up to Grandma Careen's and saw us. Mom delivered the Wally magnet to her also.

Here I am in the car at a stop.

Here is Flash at the same stop. I don't know what he's doing with his tongue.

Here are the cats in the back of the jeep. Sorry suckers had to be in cages. hahahahaha

This is me shoving my nubbie into our girl's neck. I liked to ride like this. She said it wasn't very comfortable.

This is Beautiful(yes that is her name). She decided our girl was a comfortable place to sleep. Our girl didn't even wake up or notice.

This is Flash and Newman. Newman loves the water and can swim for hours. I think he's a little touched in the head. Water is evil.

More pictures in another post asap.