Friday, April 27, 2007

It's Friday

That's means it is time for me Flash. Howdy everydog. Well we haven't been able to post much this week because mom has been volunteering at our boy's school for the bookfair. That is over now though so we will be back to posting a lot. Or Peanut the big blog hog will since I only get Fridays.

So all of you telling Mom to put me on the trampoline worked. Wednesday night mom got up there after the kids were in bed and Dad put me up with Mom. It was fun running around up there with Mom. Maybe soon Dad can get up there with me.

Since Mom has been at that book fair thing we have been having to stay in our kennels while she is gone. I tell you I don't think Mom ever needs to get a job because this staying in our kennels is for the cats. It is not fun at all. I like being able to run around during the day and maybe take a nap with mom if she decides to take one.

Hmm Mom got a package from our Grandma yesterday. Grandma (not to be mistaken for Grammie) is Dad's mom. She bought mom a Wii for putting up with dad while he was home. We have to go in our kennels when they play that to since yesterday Peanut got excited and bit mom when she was playing tennis. Stupid Peanut. I was being good.

We are so excited about the chat and hope to see all you pups there.

Later Gators

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Google Searches

My friend Nanook does a post where he goes over the google searches that have led to his blog. My mom was checking out mine and told me I should do the same thing since some of them are a little odd.

1. Shirtless Boy- Now I had no idea what to make of this search but mom saw it and went away muttering something about "perverts". Whatever that means. Humans they are weird.

2. Can turtles eat peanuts? Well I have no idea if turtles can eat Peanuts but I know our turtles can't eat me. Mom says if you have turtle questions of any kind the best place to ask is Turtle Forum They helped a ton when we got our two turtles. They have people who have been raising turtles for forever.

3. How much does a boxer puppy weigh at 8 weeks? I can tell you I weighed 8 lbs at 11 weeks when mom got me but I was full of worms. Be careful trying to find an exact weight your puppy should weigh though. All puppies are different and as long as your puppy is healthy and not to fat or to skinny then weight really isn't an issue.

4.Poor Dad- I don't know about your dad but mom says mine is poor. haha Really mine is doing much better with his knee and so isn't what I consider my poor dad anymore. Though he is complaining very much about his physical therapy. Mom told him to be quite about it the other day. Sometimes she is so rude.

5. Central American Wood turtle for adoption- Now our central american wood turtle is not for adoption. The family really likes Clyde. We have to say you probably won't find as neat a turtle as clyde out there but you are more then willing to try. Again check the turtle forum mentioned in #2. They sometimes have turtles people can't keep posted in the adoption section.

6. Peanuts-thoughts- Yep that is this blog. Most of my thoughts are put here. Now if you use this search then you know my blog is here and want to read it so my advice to you would be to just bookmark it so you can come back whenever you want.

Last but not least Happy Anniversary to Dogs with Blogs. One year today and don't forget the wine and cheese party this weekend. My mom can't figure out how to put up the little picture so sorry we haven't done it yet. Mom is pretty clueless as to most things most of the time I believe.

Bye for now Peanut

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Can you see me?

I'm so fast can you see me? That's why I'm named Flash. haha Sorry I didn't get online yesterday and post my mom was outside almost all day and Dad wouldn't help me. Just kept playing his video game. That's Dad for you though. He did take me and Peanut outside and played with us for a little while during the day and then did it again last night. You would think he still couldn't walk with how lazy he is. Well today's Sunday so we have one more day of the kids being home all day before they go back to school. I can't wait until they get done for the summer so they can play with me all the time. And they should play with me and just ignore Peanut I think but then he will get all jealous and try to push me out of the way and beat me up. Do any of you other dogs who have brothers or sisters have this problem? I tell you just because he is bigger then me he thinks he can push me around. He will be in for a rude awaking soon. I am getting pretty tired of it. I haven't gotten mom to put me back on the trampoline yet. I am still working on her. It might help if you would all tell her you think it is a good idea. Oh I know what will work. My grammie reads our blog and so since she is mom's mom she can just tell mom she needs to put me on the trampoline. That should work right? Don't people have to listen to their moms?
Oh and speaking of grammie she told Mom yesterday she got a new dog from the humane society so we want to welcome Uncle Dawson to the family. Hi Uncle Dawson. Peanut was going to do a whole post about the animals who live with Grammie but the pictures we had are on the computer that broke so he says he will do that when we can get the pictures. We have a few Aunts and Uncles living there.
Okay well I am off now to see if I can get some doggy crack. That stuff is so good. Oh and mom tells me my first paragraph should have been about 4 so sorry for that.

Friday, April 20, 2007

computer problems

Mom here. Today was supposed to be Flash Friday but we've been trying to figure out what has been wrong with the desktop all day. Figured out it's the video card so have to get a new one and no money for that right now. Now it's late and we are all heading to bed. We do have a laptop so Flash will be posting tomorrow instead then Peanut will be back the next day. You all have good weekends.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Stuck in my kennel

SO this morning mom decided it was time to clean out Drexler the turtles tank. Mom usually lays around doing nothing in the moring so this was a susprise. So I got put in my kennel. It was awful. See me in there. Flash got stuck in his kennel too.
Mom took Drexler out of his tank (which is huge and if it didn't have a metal screen on it I think I could use as a water dish.) and put him in a bowl then she put him on the couch. Shelby decided to check him out. Don't worry mom was there the whole time so Shelby couldn't hurt drexler. Picture 1 is them checking each other out. Picture two is Shelby getting comfortable. Picture 3 is both the lazy bums sleeping. Mom was amazed Drexler went to sleep with Shelby so close but he did.
Oh and here is a picture of the only bean from my girls science project that has grown. She won't let me go in her room and eat it though.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

okay you dogs

I finally figure out how to put up a map with some help from the dogs of Jackman ave's mom and only Ellie and my Pappy are on there. I know others of you have visited. What is with that? I need some people on there. I might just whine and whine and drive my mom crazy if you don't add yourself.
Okay so not much going on here today. Yesterday wasn't to exciting either except Mom took Shelby outside for a little while in the front yard and while Shelby was there he tried to catch a lizard. He got the lizard's tail but mom made him spit it out and the rest of the day whenever she walked by him he would paw at her. Oh he was mad. Lucky for mom he has no front claws.
Mom did clean the whole kitchen yesterday. That doesn't happen very often so it was weird. haha
Oh we got our doggy crack, check out our april 12th post if you don't know what I'm talking about. That is some good stuff. I tried to attack the package before mom could even get it open. I give it 4 paws up. Flash gives it 4 paws up. My grammie and pappy's dogs Moco and Foley also give it 4 paws up. This is what my grammie said about it. "Moco and Foley got their doggy crack today. They have both eaten a whole stick. Oink-oink. They love it. I am sure they are going to love the turkey patties also. I think I will buy all their treats from Mary. " and then later she told us that they liked the turkey patty too and so did Edgar who is one of their cats.
Also my dad got to start walking again today so no more crutches for him.
I just realized I wrote quite a bit for nothing going on here.
So go add yourself to my map. I need my friends on there.
Until later

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Okay so my friends the Dogs of Jackman Ave had a post about how they got their names so I decided I would turn my blog over to Mom and she can explain how Flash and I and maybe even the turtles and cat got their names. Me first though of course. Mom will write in a blue color so you know it is her.

So the mom here. Peanut while not a Peanut anymore was one when he first came to live with us. Our other dog had died and we were in Germany. In Germany the humane societies and the rescues where we were would not let Americans adopt out pets because they have so many that are turned back into them when the military member gets orders. It is a sad fact but true that many military members get a pet at one post and then get rid of it before they move and then just get another one at the next post. So anyway, I was looking for a dog. I saw boxers advertised in the stars and stripes and so did a little research and decided that would be a good dog for us. Called up the "breeder" and they brought some puppies to where we were stationed. We went and picked out Peanut. Well his girl actually picked him out from 4 others. We took him home and when Dad came home I went to get some doggie supplies I had forgotten. When I got back the kids and Dad had named him Peanut. He was a Peanut to. At almost 11 weeks he was only 8 lbs. Poor Peanut was full of worms and had demodex mange. We really didn't know about backyard breeders then (yes they have them all over the world) or we wouldn't have gotten Peanut. Now we know better and it won't happen again. Peanut has many names. Peanut Butter, The nutter, Nut Nut, Doofus, and some I can't write on this blog.
Raven we also got in Germany from a friend of mine who's cat had kittens. She's black and that's why I named her Raven like the bird. Raven doesn't get called much besides Raven. Though she does have a middle name of Louise.

Flash was named by the boy (Peanut here, see the fuzzy picture of my boy. He's a cute kid I love him). Okay mom again. Flash was a rescue pup. We got him at 8 weeks old after the people who had his mother dropped him off alone when he was only 6 weeks. He was a little bundle of fur and oh so cute. Though he had scarcoptic mange. I think I have a handle on mange now if anyone ever needs advice. Well he was running around in the backyard with the kids and Peanut and the boy said he runs faster then me just like The Flash from the Justice league. So Flash was named. Flash has several names he goes by also. Flashtastic. The Flash a ronis. Flashbulb, Flashlight and whatever else goes well with Flash.

Shelby was named Shelby when we rescued him from people who didn't want him anymore. Shelby is called The Fat man, Fatus and sometimes The fixer upper since he cost us $300 to get him healthy once he came home. Urinary tract infection.
We also have the turtles
This is Clyde. It isn't the best picture. She is a central American wood turtle. We got her and the other turtle from a lady down the street who thought they were moving. She had some funny name when we got her and the kids wanted to change it. She lived in a 10 gallon aquarium at her other house. Since the Dad had never really been able to name something he decided she would be named Clyde. We didn't know she was a girl at the time or it might be something different. Clyde is a pretty amazing turtle. She knows her name and will come out of hiding and look at you when you call her. Plus if you are talking to her she will just stare until you quit. Clyde lives on the kitchen counter. In the box pictured below as she is a land turtle. She does have a kitty litter box for water.

This is Drexler. He is a red eared slider. When the dad named Clyde I thought I would be terribly clever and name the other turtle Drexler. Now no one I've met seems to understand this except my parents. But I will explain it all to you. Clyde Drexler was a basketball player (and a very very good one) while I was growing up. He played for the Portland Trailblazers and being as how The Dad and I grew up in Oregon it makes sense. Drexler came in a tiny 20 gallon aquarium but now lives in a 100 gallon stock tank in the dining room. So that is the stories behind all the names. This post is really long so I hope all read it all. Peanut will be back tomorrow.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Adoption day

Thanks everybody for the nice wishes on my adoption day.

I got some good stuff.

I got this toy which doesn't interest me that much so Peanut is playing with it.That's okay though.

I got a healthy edibles bone. It was bacon flavored and oh so yummy.

Plus I got a pink haired mum. Yep Mom went and dyed her hair pink. She used to look like above and now she looks like this. I like it I have to say. My mom is really the best. I love her a lot. She takes really good care of me. She says to say the pink is semi-permanent so it won't last forever.
Plus tonight I get dinner. She says I will get something special that Peanut won't get.
Later gators

Saturday, April 14, 2007

addition to Flash Friday

On a saturday. But it's me Peanut. My grammie asked if we eat our meat raw or does our mom cook it. Well since mom doesn't like to cook we eat it raw. :) Dad says mom isn't a bad cook but we will stick with the raw so we don't have to find out.
Oh and shelby ate some raw this morning. That's a first for him. Yummy pork ribs
Check out Flash's post to see all the nice meat we got yesterday.

Friday, April 13, 2007

What's for dinner

Yep it's me Flash. In the manner of Tanner WHATTTTTTTTTTSUUPPPPPPPPP?
So our lovely mom went grocery shopping today and brought us home some dinner and breakfast. Now I'm going to show you some pictures that will make you drool. We didn't get all this tonight but we know it will be coming in the days ahead.
Here is some lovely chicken. Now mom usually buys whole chickens (they are cheaper and when feeding beasts like me and Peanut she says she has to save some money) but the commissary was out today so she went with the cut up ones. Oh and mom says she loves how chicken says no steroids and hormones on the package when it is illegal in the US to use any of that on chickens.
Here are some pork ribs. Mom says they were in the used meat section. I looked at her and said "What? even I don't want used meat" so she told me it wasn't really used meat that is just what she calls the reduced section because when she was growing up her mom always called the thrift bread stores the used bread stores. Hi Grammie I know your reading this. I think they are both a little odd and have some odd sayings but I can't complain to much or she might not feed me.
This is a lovely pork roast mom got for 99 cents a lb. She says being able to shop at the commissary helps since meat is so much cheaper there and dad makes hardly any money. :)
Oh and if we are really good she said she might give us one of these. It seems it is a london broil and is much more expensive then the other stuff she bought.
Tonight for dinner we got Jack Mackrel. It is canned. The only raw fish Peanut and I like are whole frozen sardines so mom buys canned fish for us also. We love it.
So that's our food, well some of it anyway. Mom is getting some rabbit in the next couple of days. We have had ground rabbit which we love and she has tried to give us whole rabbit with the fur on and everything which we didn't eat. So she is going to get rabbit that has been defurred and cut into pieces like the chicken. She says she hopes we will eat it since it's cheaper then ground rabbit. Rabbit by the way isn't a staple of our diet. It's more of a treat but oh how we love it.
Come back tomorrow if you want for whatever Peanut might post but be sure and come back Sunday. It is my adoption day and so I get to post again.
As always until later gators.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Mary is a lady my mom knows from her raw dog food list. Mary does amazing work for doggies. She runs a toy breed retirment sanctuary (but has been known to take in some non toys doggies too). Mary takes in a lot of puppy mill dogs and also older ones that are dropped off at shelters or surrendered right to her. Why someone would give up their older dog makes no sense to me or my mom but people seem to do it all the time. Mary has a website. You should all go check it out.

Also Mary does all of this with her own money or through donations. She does sell Doggy Crack and some other treats to raise funds. My mom just bought me some. I hope it gets here soon. Plus you don't have to worry about getting some contaimanted wheat gluten in it.

We are proud to say we know Mary.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Menu Foods CFO sells stock

My mom showed me this article that someone on her raw dog food list had sent. Seems the CFO of Menu foods sold a ton of his stock right just weeks before the recall. Seems highly suspicious to us. How about all of you?
">Read it here

Oh and look my mom finally figured out clickable links :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Hey everyone not much to write. I am busy chewing up bully sticks.

BULLY STICKS can't be beat

BULLY STICKS are a great treat

Okay so I am no poet like Marvin but I sure do love Bully sticks.

Later Gators and enjoy the picture of Shelby in a box.
Oh and I didn't get any starbursts. My kids are selfish when it comes to candy.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone. Now I am off to see if I can get my kids to give me some of those starbursts they got from the easter bunny. Yum fruity goodness

Saturday, April 07, 2007

It's saturday again

Okay I know I didn't blog. Go ahead and be upset with me. As you have read I am sure Flash says it is because I was jealous he got to go on the trampoline and I didn't. Well I say that is a bunch of baloney but you can't convince him of that. I just didn't have much to say.
Well my mom was pet watching for my girls best friend's family when they went away for a few days. She had to go down and feed the fish and check on the cats. Not to hard really. She has done this before and at least this time none of the fish died like last time (the fish was sick to begin with mom says but who knows if I should beleive her).

Well anyway I wanted to share some pictures of this cat they have. His name is smokey. He's fairly old I beleive. he is also really fat. He has been tested for medical reasons for his fatness and none have been found. Mom says he really doesn't eat that much either as she fed him. So enjoy the pictures and hopefully I will have more to say later.

Friday, April 06, 2007


Yep it's me Flash again. I know you are all so excited. Peanut says to say he knows he hasn't written this week and he's sorry. It's been spring break so we've been spending it with our kids. Plus he got mad because I have the exciting news so he pouted and wouldn't write anything. haha.
So for the exciting news. I think Peanut has mentioned that we have a trampoline in our backyard. Our kids get on it and even mom does sometimes too. She says it is good exercise for her since she's trying to lose weight. Well anyway on tuesday Mom decided I needed to go on it with my kids. So she lifted me up there and put me on. It was pretty fun. There is a net so I didn't have to worry about falling off. Plus my kids were nice and didn't bounce around and scare me. It was warm on tuesday about 80 degrees as you can see by my shirtless boy. It is cold now and even snowing. So no trampoline for us until it warms up. I am thinking about seeing if I can talk mom into putting me up there again. She says I'm kind of heavy to be lifting up and down. I only weigh about 55 lbs. I don't think that is heavy. If Dad had two good legs he could do it easy. I think mom needs to lift some weights. Lifting me would be good exercise for her also. So now on to the pictures. Enjoy.
here is Peanut being all jealous I'm on the trampoline and he isn't. I'm taunting him a little too. He's standing on the stepstool mom uses to get on and off. She's kind of a weenie and won't jump down.
This is Peanut chasing me after I got down. I out ran him though.
And of course one of us with the jolly ball. The big poop head never lets me carry it.
Oh and Dad went back to work today. Mom is happy. Peanut and I are kind of bummed. We had gotten used to having him around the house the last month.
The other dog will be back tomorrow. He says he has some pictures to show you of a cat that my mom watched while his owners were away for a few days. Oh and we are going to get caught up with everyone's blogs after posting this.
Till next Friday.