Saturday, March 31, 2007

It's saturday

My friends Bella and Lola have started a band. (Sorry girls I am no good with links if someone would tell me how to do it so it would be a short link that would be good) They are looking for a drummer so I thought I would apply. See the above picture. I wasn't so sure about the hair but hey if it lets me hang out in the band it will be worth it.
Look at Raven laying on dad. She thinks she's so cool because she gets to do that.
Also my girl is doing a science project. She is seeing how doing different things to beans affects their growth. She burnt this one. Well actually mom burnt it. She also soaked some and crushed some and other stuff I don't even know. I can't play with the cups they are trying to grow in which is kind of a bummer. I like beans.
Oh and I wanted to say a big Hello to my Grammie. She says reading my blog is almost the only way she knows what is going on here with us. I'm glad I can keep her informed. Someone in the family has to and mom is obviously not doing a good job.
Nothing happened today so hopefully I can have something to talk about tomorrow more.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Flash Friday

Hey it's me Flash. I don't have much to say tonight. Today was pretty boring. We had to hang out in our kennels when Mom and Dad went to mom's weight watchers meeting and then to return some shoes they got.
After that not much happened today. We got stuck at home with Dad while mom went to physical therapy. Yep she has to go to but for her back not her knee like dad. She came back complaining but she's a whiner so really it was to be expected.
I've just been hanging out trying to stay away from Peanut. He's very annoying today. He keeps barking and barking. I wish he would shut up.
I went outside with my kids while they jumped on the trampoline but haven't spent much time out there as it's been raining.
Well it's time for dinner. Hopefully next friday i have more to talk about.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Got back at mom

Yep I got back at mom good. I think I took at least a few years off her life. hahaha Let me tell you how I did it. Mom takes medication so she had her pill container on the computer desk's second shelf. The only way I can get to the second shelf is to put my front feet on the computer. Now I get in trouble for this but this time I did it get back at mom for calling me pimple face.
So mom and dad were in the back of the house getting ready to take dad to the doctor. I stole the pill container and hide it in my kennel. Mom and dad didn't notice. So I got stuck in my kennel while dad got checked out (the surgeon said his knee is looking good) and when they came home they didn't let me right out of the kennel as they were eating lunch and I like to try and stick my nose in their food. Well I started chewing on that pill container and mom said to dad "what does peanut have" and got up to check. Well she looked in my kennel and when she saw the pill container she freaked out. She yanked open my kennel and was yelling at Dad to get the hydrogen peroxide (I heard her say something to dad about me having to throw up) and digging around in my blankets to see if she could find the pills. I just stood there in the kennel getting in her way and laughing silently. You should have seen her with her head in my kennel and her butt sticking out. Oh it was to funny. She found all the pills so they didn't give me the peroxide though throwing up would have been worth it. The she sat down in a chair and I heard her tell Dad I almost gave her a heart attack. hahaha That will teach her to call me pimple face. I would never eat those yucky things.

Monday, March 26, 2007


No pictures today. I have a pimple. Mom keeps making fun of me (calling me pimple face). I think it's incredibly mean but she feeds me so I guess I will put up with it. Maybe I'll step on her when we go to bed to get back at her. How many of you get pimples and if you do do your parents make fun of you to?
So I've been spending time outside playing since it's so nice. Dad's been coming out and throwing my jolly ball around. He sits in a chair so don't worry he isn't hurting himself.
Other then that nothing else is going on. Hopefully I will have more to write about tomorrow.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Flash Time

Yep it's friday that means it's time for me Flash to post. See the nice picture of me I was hanging out under the trampoline. I'm small enough to do that and Peanut isn't. So haha peanut
Anyway I know peanut is always talking about how stupid he thinks I am but after listening to mom and dad I have figured out they actually think I am the smarter of the two of us. They say it is because he's in bread (I don't know what him getting into the bread has to do with it) and I'm a mutt. Don't tell Peanut it will hurt his feelings. He likes feeling superior.

Another thing about Peanut. He's a toy hog See me with this toy in my mouth? Well I was trying to play with Dad and Peanut felt the need to come up and try to take the toy away from me. He did to because he uses those huge things he calls paws to hit me in the head until I let go. He does with all toys. Mom and Dad yell at him sometimes though so he gets in trouble. hahaha
Also he seems to think I am a pillow. How would you like it to be sleeping and all of a sudden have that big ol noggin plopped onto your rear. It disturbs my sleep. And being the handsome guy I am I need my beauty sleep.
Now he isn't a total loss as a big brother. He did teach me to box like him and we do have fun running around in the yard together. Plus of course if mom wasn't looking for a playmate for him I wouldn't live where I do so I guess I have to put up with the bad also. To bad the bad is so much.
Well I am off to go hang out with mom. Dad is driving her crazy. She keeps saying he needs to go back to work.
Oh yeah and Peanut got his own email well mom says it is for both of us but it has his name on it. so go ahead and email me there or you can email him if you want to.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


This is Kiko. He was mom and dad's first dog together. He was a standard American Eskimo. Mom picked him up at the pound. He lived with Mom (who was pregnant with my boy) and my girl for 7 months while dad was deployed to Bosnia before he got to meet Dad. Then he didn't like Dad to much since he was used to sleeping with mom and had to give up the half of the bed he usually slept on. I never got to meet Kiko. Mom and my girl got him in Colorado. They took him to Germany with them, then when mom and the kids went home for a little while he went home to Oregon with them. Mom and the kids were going to back to Germany and along with Dad were only supposed to be there 4 more months (they ended up being there over a year because of what the army calls a stop loss where they don't let anyone move) so mom left Kiko with Dad's mom. Well Kiko got out one day and got hit by a car. Mom says she was very sad and blamed herself for a long time because she should have brought Kiko back to Germany with her. But she feels better about it now. Mom and Dad and my girl (my boy was quite little) still talk about Kiko sometimes. I wish I could have met him as he sounds like a good dog. He was pretty too.

Here he is sitting with dad in Colorado. I can't do that since I'm to big.

Saturday, March 17, 2007


So my gal Ellie asked me how I sleep. So I thought I would post it so everyone could see. Now my mom and dad and kids make fun of me but I think a lot of dogs or at least boxers sleep like I do. I know Flash doesn't but he's odd. Oh speaking of Flash his blog yesterday wasn't totally awful so I will let him blog next friday too. So on to the pictures.

Now I don't always sleep like that but most of the time I do. As you can see Flash sleeps all curled up. I say that is a dumb way to sleep you don't get as much space. I did have that pink pillow you see in the second picture but mom took it away to get a better shot of me. So how many of you sleep like me and how many like Flash. Let me know.

Friday, March 16, 2007

It's Flash Friday

Hey everyone it's me Flash. Peanut was oh so kind as to let me use his blog today (I am being sarcastic here) I think Mom kind of forced him into it as she said I need a way to express myself to. I'm the more go with the flow kind of guy so I don't feel the need to tell everyone everything about what I do though I will fill you in on a few things. I figured out I would start today by introducing myself and letting you all know the rules for Flash Fridays.
Well to start with I am some sort of Shepard mix. I don't know much about my dog mom or my dog dad since I was dropped off with a tiny little "rescue" at 6 weeks. I'm not huge about 47 lbs but the family says I have a big head. Mom says I am cute though and that is what counts. I love my mom.
Speaking of mom she found me on petfinder. She was searching for a boxer mix playmate for Peanut and the people had me down as a boxer mix. I think it was fate they mislabeled me since mom took one look at me and had to have me. I am a handsome devil so I can see why. So mom got in touch with the lady who was located at the other army base here in kentucky. This lady talked to mom and just brought me up and dropped me off no home visit or anything. I was only 8 weeks old. I met Mom and my kids first. Then I got to meet Peanut. He was huge at the time since I was just a puppy but I liked him until he boxed me in the face. Then he kind of scared me. I have learned how to box though so I can get him in the face too. When Dad came home that day he was in his BDUs (for those of you who don't know those are the green camouflage uniform the army used to wear) I was totally scared of him. My mom says she doesn't know what happened at that "rescue" but since the lady's husband was in the army she thinks it might have been something bad. I didn't like anyone in BDUs for the longest time even women. I did finally get to tolerate my Dad even in BDUs but then he switched to the ACUs and everything is good. Though I have to say I don't like those crutch things he is walking around on now.
I am 2 years old now. Mom doesn't know when my birthday is but they got me in April so we just celebrate my day of coming into the family on the 15th. It's a good day since it's payday and I can get lots of presents. Well I think that might be enough of an introduction for today. I will write more next Friday. Oh I did want to say I will not discuss that week I went missing. It isn't something I like to talk about so it will never come up again from me. That is my only rule. I leave you with this picture of me running after peanut. If you look really close you can see his bottom on the other side of the tree.

Flash (or the Flashtastic as mom and dad call me sometimes)

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Well my day was not to exciting. Mom watched the two little kids from next door for a little while so their mom could go to an appointment. They don't like me or Flash much so we had to stay in our kennels while they were here. They are only 3 and 2 so I guess that is okay.

So for being so good my mom gave us greentripe for dinner. The picture below is of it in our bowls. See shelby's head checking it out .He decided it wasn't for cats.
This is me chowing down. I ate it in about 30 seconds. Me checking out Flash's bowl
and me looking to mom for more. She said I didn't get any more though. For any of you who haven't had green tripe you should get your humans to buy it. It is yummy. Mom says it stinks but she feeds it to us anyway.
Oh and in the manner of Joe stains who gives the doofus a day on his blog to write what he wants. I have decided to give Flash his own day. So tomorrow will be Flash Friday. I will bark at you all on saturday. Hopefully Flash isn't to stupid with his post tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Outside and not moving

Well I have to tell you my mom is much less stressed out now. The army has decided we don't have to move just yet. So Dad gets to get better here. Yea since poor mom was ready to cry thinking about having to move all of us when Dad couldn't drive.
I've been spending lots of time outside as it has been in the 70s here. Not to hot for me and not to hot for mom either so she can come out and throw my jolly ball around. Dad comes outside and sits but doesn't play with me much which is upsetting since he is a better ball thrower then mom. She tries though I will give her that.
So I'm going to post pictures of me playing. There might be some of Flash in there also. He annoys me when I'm trying to play with my ball since he likes to steal it. I usually just beat him up and take it back though.
Here is me sitting and waiting for mom to throw the ball. They make me sit every time. See annyoing Flash behind me.
Here I am bringing the jolly ball back to mom
This is when I wouldn't let mom pick up the ball. I do that sometimes.
This is me and Flash running around. We are so fast we create dust.
This is when I'm done for the day and all tired. Mom says this is a really good picture of me
Oh and grammie if you are reading this when are you coming back to visit and bringing pappy? I haven't been able to see you and shove my face in yours while your sleeping in far to long. Oh and Flash says he wants to give you kisses.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

pillows and other things

Well dad is still layed out on the couch and won't let me sit with him. He usually would so I am stuck on the love couch. Not as much fun as laying with dad but oh well. I'm still sleeping in the bed with mom and Flash though.

We had some excitement yesterday. Flash got out of the fence again (mom just can't figure out how to get it so the fence will keep him in) but since my girl and boy were outside with us, we got Flash right back. He isn't allowed outside in the yard without someone there just for this reason. You would think him being lost for a week would have cured him of running off but I guess not.
Look at this picture he doesn't look to bright does he?
Here is a picture of Shelby behind the baby gate mom and dad have up so I can't get to the trash or the yummy presents the cat's leave us. If you look closely you can see him.
And here is a picture of me using Flash for a pillow. Mom needs to put some more weight on him so he is fluffier and more comfortable but she says no way she isn't going to have a fat dog anymore like the time she made me into a sausage with legs (as dad so elegantly put it). Hey I was happy even if I was fat.
Oh yeah and today Flash and I got to go for a walk together. Mom walked me and my girl walked Flash. So that was cool. We usually have to be walked by ourselves. Though Flash kept trying to get in front of me and I couldn't let that happen so I would speed up and poor mom would have to jog to keep up. haha that's a funny sight mom isn't built to jog that is why she's doing weight watchers to lose weight.
Well that's all the news for now. Bark at you all later gators

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Information and pictures

Okay I got to sleep in the bed last night. Dad was out on the couch and mom and I along with Flash got the bed. It's about time. Dad gets up at all odd hours since he has to take his pain medication so according to him this works out better plus he says he is less likely to move around and hurt himself on the couch. I don't care since I am back in the bed at night.
That is me the other night laying out on mom's pillow before she kicked me off of it so she could sleep.

Here are some pictures of Dad's knee. It is still really swollen. Plus he's starting to smell (even for a dog) since he hasn't been able to take a shower. Thank goodness I get to sleep with mom she smells nice. Hmm well not much else is happening since Flash and I have had to spend more time in our kennels since we get pretty rowdy and don't watch what we are doing but other then that life is good.

Monday, March 05, 2007


Well Dad is home and has been for a few hours but I haven't gotten to see him. Mom made him go into the bedroom and stay away from me and Flash so we don't bump his leg. Mom told me Dad is doing well though and I've heard him talking to mom on her cell phone. They have this annoying walking talkie thing that I don't like because it beeps all the time. Mom says Dad can't put any weight on his leg for 6 weeks and by then he will have driven her crazy.

I don't even get to sleep in bed tonight. I usually let mom and dad sleep with me in my big king size bed (Flash sleeps on the floor by the bed but that is his choice he's odd) but mom told me that Dad gets it all to himself tonight. I have to share the couch with mom. Lucky for her it's a big couch otherwise she would be on the floor. haha Flash will probably sleep on the love couch.

The cats aren't to happy because they can't go in with Dad either and Raven loves to cuddle with him. She will probably attack mom later tonight while she is sleeping. That is what Raven does when she is mad. Well I'm off to be lazy. I'm tired. It was very stressful waiting for dad to get home so I would know he was okay.
Here is a little picture with a saying. I like the saying. I could do without the cats though one of them does look kind of like shelby.

Friday, March 02, 2007

The cats

Okay so mom said I have to put up some pictures up of the cats. So I am going to. I will tell you a little about them to.

Okay those two are of Shelby. Shelby is a boy but he came with the name so mom left it as is. Mom got him off of freecycle and after she picked him up and he was home for a couple of days they figured out he had a bladder infection. Poor guy so he cost mom and dad some money but mom says he was worth it. He is a big boy at 18 lbs (and he's lost some weight since mom got him). Shelby doesn't like me and Flash and we don't like him. Mom calls him the fat man and says to tell you all he is a really neat cat. If she says so. Shelby has lived with us for almost a year.

This is Raven. We've had her since she was just a kitten. In fact she's only about 4 months younger then me. (Hey mom here Peanut won't tell you but Raven rules the house. In fact she can go up to either Peanut or Flash put her paws on their faces and they will lay down so she can clean them)

Hey geez mom you aren't supposed to tell anyone my secrets. But she's right Raven runs the house (besdies mom that is). We like Raven in fact. She plays with us and everything. She looks slightly evil in this picture but I think that is the flash from the camera. Raven came over from Germany with the family just like I did. So she is a well traveled cat. She is sitting on her new cat house thing mom bought. SHe bought it for both the cats but Raven won't really let Shelby get on it. Here is a picture of the house thing. Sorry it is sideways.
Oh and they've moved Dad's knee surgery to Monday so keep your paws crossed on Monday instead of Tuesday. I will make sure I post as soon as I he is home and safe.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

I got in trouble

Well Flash and I did. We got in a fight over a bully stick. It was a big fight too Mom had to break it up with a broom stick. So I haven't been on the computer and mom says bullysticks are in kennel treats only from now on. Otherwise Flash and I are getting along fine. So finally here are the pictures I promised. The one above is me relaxing after chewing up a bully stick. Oh and we actually got some smaller bullysticks and some cow ears in the mail yesterday. So Flash and I are set for treats. Mom says she ordered the smaller ones before we got in a fight or she wouldn't have ordered them at all. She was really angry at us.
And on another note. Go check out this blog When you get there it's a cat blog and there is only one post so far but hey the cats are my cousins (or so my mom says she also says the ones here are my brother and sister) they belong to my Auntie (mom's sister) so family has to stick together.
Hmm not much else going on. Mom is starting to stress worse then ever dad since dad's knee surgery is tuesday so make sure you all think good thoughts tuesday. Plus she is ready to pull her hair out with the army. They keep saying they need different stuff in the letter to cancel dad's orders so we don't have to move a month after the surgery. They've gotten 4 letters from the dr already. I think mom would look funny bald so keep those paws crossed this last letter will have everything they need since it changes every time.

Now on to the pictures.
Here is one of me and my boy watching tv.
This is my boy giving Flash a bullystick.
Here is me with my bullystick. See the size of that thing. That is my sheet on the floor I like to drag out of my kennel. Plus in the back you can see dad's socks and boots he threw on the ground that mom yells at him for.
Oh this is so embarssing but that is a picture of my nubbie. Mom says it is cute so she put the picture up. Until tomorrow when mom says I have to put up pictures of the cats. Yuck.