Thursday, August 30, 2007

We Made It

Hey everybody I wanted to let you all know we made it to Oregon. I will post more later but didn't want any of you to worry about us.

Friday, August 24, 2007

It's Friday

So I thought I would come and say hi before we go off on our road trip. Plus my lovely lady Kaos asked where the turtles and the cats are in all this moving hassle. Well the cats are here in the room with us. Peanut has actually been leaving the fat cat alone too. We also have one turtle with us. Clyde our wood turtle is moving with us. Drexler our red ear slider went to live with one of mom's friends where he has a girlfriend so he is totally happy there. That's it from here. Talk to you all when we get to Oregon.

Later Taters,

Thursday, August 23, 2007


We are at the motel now. Which means I have a bed again which is good. I let mom and my girl share it with me or I sleep on the one I let Dad and our boy have.

Mom says there is only dial up in this place so while we are visiting every doggies and girl hamsters blog we can't leave comments as it takes way to long.

We leave here Monday for our road trip to Oregon. So there probably won't be any posts from me until we get there

Bark at you all later

Monday, August 20, 2007

Moving=No fence

Yep can you believe it. Some awful people came and took our fence. It was there in the morning and when we wanted to go out again Mom and Dad put us on leashes because it wasn't there anymore. So we are not able to run around and play. I would like to get the guys who stole my fence. (mom's note: On base here you have to either buy your own fence or rent one and it must be removed before they will clear you from housing so no one stole the fence).

Plus we have no beds. The family is sleeping on blow up beds and we don't get to sleep on those. Flash and I are not totally upset though since we are getting to sleep on the blankets Grammie made for us.

Mom says only a week until we leave on our way to Oregon to see Grammie and Grandma Careen. Actually we get to see Grandma Careen first because she is coming down here to help Mom and Dad drive all that way.

Oh and we are still trying to get to all of our friends blog's and read what is going on but we haven't been able to leave to many comments.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Moving=More yelling

But not yelling at Daddy this time. Well the loader people showed up yesterday and something happened. I will just share with you all my mom's email to someone. I have cleaned up the bad language though.

Okay was sitting here waiting for the loaders to come put my stuff on a truck. Well they get here come in, walk around, ask us what they are taking and what they aren't and go out to their truck. Justen takes them the paperwork and they tell him (with me standing right outside) we have a call into the transportation inspector because they don't know if transportation will let them load our stuff because your house smells and is dirty with all the dog hair. Then he said and I noticed some stuff is not packed (like the stereo and microwave) and I don't get paid to pack stuff. Oh man was I pissed. Yep there is dog and cat hair on the floor because they packed up my stuff yesterday and moved everything around but my house DOES NOT SMELL. I'd even steam cleaned all the furniture, mopped the floors and cleaned everything to get it ready for the packers. So they are all standing around the truck waiting for the transportation guy to get back to them when Justen gets a call on his cell. It was the transportation guy saying when the loaders called they said there was dog feces all over the floor. Oh jesus I lost it. I started cussing and yelling (I was good and didn't cuss directly at the loaders though because that can get you in trouble). So needless to say we are now waiting for a different company to come and pick up our stuff. The transportation guy came and walked through the house, talked to us and I told him there was no way I was letting those people touch my stuff. You don't insult me and then make money off me. Well he said there was no reason for them not to be picking up our stuff since the house was fine. So the housing guy went out and talked to the driver of the truck and made the driver refuse pickup so they only get paid for their gas to get here and also get suspended from the list they use to pick loaders. haha Jack*** got what he had coming to him.

So that is what happened yesterday. The second company showed up later and had no problems coming in and taking our stuff onto their truck. So now we have no furniture except a few folding chairs and a blow up bed and a tv. Other then that not much else is going on here.

Friday, August 17, 2007


Okay so I have to say this moving stuff makes mom yell. Mainly at Dad because she doesn't think he helps enough. She told me it will get worse once they come pick up all these boxes they packed yesterday and she has to start cleaning the house. She figures she will do most of the work and be mad at Dad for not helping enough. But hey he's Dad and that's the way it is.
So yesterday they came and packed up all our stuff. Flash and I got stuck in our kennels but mom gave us a bone and a peanut butter killed Kong so it was okay. Plus the movers got here at 9 and were done by 3. They come put it all on a truck today I guess so more kennel time for us. I think we are going to try and sneak out and make it to Simba's Pawty though.
And here is a picture of me trying to get mom to scratch my butt.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Moving=No couch

Okay so you all know my favorite place to be in the front room is the couch. Well last night mom steam cleaned the big couch, the love couch and the chair that all match. Now we are not allowed on them at all. She says they will be clean when the movers come tomorrow. I tell you this moving isn't great. Oh and she was so busy that we didn't get fed until midnight last night. What kind of crap is that? Huh? I was starving and wasting away to nothing. The woman needs to figure out that I need to eat by 9 o clock or she isn't doing it right. I hope there is a couch at either Grandma Careens or at Grammie's that I can at least take a nap on. What will I do without one until we get to Louisiana in October. I might just die.
Oh poor poor me.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Okay I tell you Mom is getting super stressed. The movers come on Thursday and she says she hasn't even gotten everything situated so they know what to pack and what not to pack. Plus now they have decided to clean the house to save the $225 so she is freaking out about that. Poor woman she won't be good until we actually clear housing. I remember what she was like when we left Germany. She about went crazy (though it isn't a very long trip for her to get there). So needless to say not much is getting done with me and Flash. Dad's been in the field but he starts clearing post tomorrow so he will be home to help mom more. Which is good she needs all the help she can get. hahaha Oh that was funny.
Thought I would leave you with a couple of pictures.
Flash looking cute I guess

Me not wanting to come inside and poking my head in the screen door to see if Flash will come out and play.

We are going to try and visit our buddies and post but if we don't then please forgive us the next couple weeks are going to be nutso here.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Funny story

Okay it's been so hot here we have been doing nothing.
The housing people came over yesterday and told mom and dad everything they have to replace (3 window blinds) and how they have to clean to be able to clear our housing. So lazy mom and dad decided they are just going to pay $225 and then the housing people will clean it and mom and dad don't have to worry. They don't even have to clean the fridge or stove. :)

So here is the funny story. This happened a few weeks ago and hopefully you can picture it in your head since there are no pictures.

A few weeks ago mom let Peanut and me outside to go potty before going to bed. When she decided it was time to come back in she opened up the back screen door. Well she happened to look down and right there on the ground (there is a little drop out of the back door just like one step down) was a FROG. You should have heard her scream. Oh gosh it was funny. She was yelling for dad and jumping up and down. I was just standing there by the door trying to get in and she's telling me not to come any closer and won't let me inside. Then Peanut came over and wanted to play with the FROG. Mom was shaking her leg at him to get him to leave the FROG alone so he decided he needed a different approach and went around to the other side of the screen door and reached his paw under it and got a hold of the FROG and started to pull it towards him. I guess those big paws and long legs of his come in handy sometime. Well mom figured out what he was doing and hit him with the screen door but he kept trying and she kept whacking him with the door and yelling. She didn't hit him hard of course. Oh goodness it was funny funny. I just sat there waiting to get into the house the whole time. Finally Dad came out (he was getting ready for bed) and picked up the FROG and put it over the fence. Our kids were laughing the whole time too. They find mom's fear of FROGs quite funny.
So that's the story. I hope you enjoyed it.
Hope everyone is keeping cool in this heat.

Later gators

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Cool site of the day

Hey check it out somehow I got to be the cool site of the day at dogmark
we don't know how it happened but we got an email telling us we were going to be in such company as Simba and Gomer and Opie and Hey it makes us happy.

Not much else going on, Mom is just cleaning and sorting getting ready for the movers next week.

Oh and our friend Mayamarie tagged us to do this so long ago and we haven't but I am doing it now.

1)Where is your favorite place to sleep? On my bed of course that I let mom and dad share.

2) Is there a specific trick you humans make you do to get treats? We just have to sit and stay.

3) If you could spend an entire day doing anything at all with anyone, what would you do and with whom? I would spend it playing outside with my kids.

4) What is your favorite toy? My Jolly Ball

5) If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be? I would get rid of Shelby that cat annoys me.

Monday, August 06, 2007

I Can't decide

Okay for those of you wondering I was not making a doofus face in that picture Flash posted. I was yawning and mom caught it at the right moment. It's a pretty cool picture though.

So this weekend was so hot that we didn't get to go out much. We played with our chubby buddy
Wally sent us. Mom thinks it is the best toy ever because we haven't ripped it apart yet even though I usually have any stuffed thing unstuffed and in pieces within 5 minutes. She says she is going to get us more so Thanks Wally.

Since there wasn't much to do I had a lot of time to think this weekend. I am turning 4 in November and am trying to decide who I want to be like when I grow up. I have it narrowed down to 3 choices I think.
They are in no particular order
1. Joe Stains Because he's tough and funny.

2. Sherman because who else looks this cool in a raincoat and he lives with Penny.

And last but not least
3. Wally because he's smart and loves food as much as I do.
So what do all your doggies think? Maybe I can just be as tough as Joe, as cool as Sherman and as smart as Wally. Do you think that's possible?

Friday, August 03, 2007

I'm Back

Yep everyone it's me Flash. I haven't posted for a few weeks since there has been nothing going on here at all. I thought I would come grace you all with my cuteness today though. Here I am just chilling out in the yard. Mom was watching me to make sure I didn't run off. You can see Peanut's butt there in the corner

Yesterday was the first day of school for our kids. Here is our boy and our girl waiting for the bus. As you can see our boy is quite the little ham. He always wants to be doing something weird when his picture is taken. He is in the 1st grade this year and our girl is in the 6th. It was kind of a depressing day since we only had mom at home. Not that we don't love mom but she just isn't our kids.

I thought I would leave you with this doofus face

Later Taters,

P.S. Hi Kaos my love.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Blankets and Presents

Sorry we haven't posted in a few days. We were depressed about Oscar and then mom was getting the kids ready to go back to school. They went back today. Oh and mom said to say we might not get to post to often between now and the 27th as that is when we leave to go home to Oregon to visit and she has to clean our whole house so we can clear housing and get everything ready for the move to Louisiana. I will try and post at least every couple of days though.

So a few days ago you know what came in the mail? Our blankets from our Grammie. We were so so excited.Here we are checking them out. Well I made Flash wait until I was done before he could look.

Here is my blanket. See how it is all U.S. Army and tough. It even has a tank on it. Which is cool because Dad used to be a tanker before he was a scout. Then there is my name patch that my Auntie made. Thanks Auntie Shalon

This is Flash's blanket. It has little army bears all over it. That green patch is his name patch. I think it's kind of a baby blanket but he likes it so who's to say.

Thanks so much Grammie and Auntie Shalon.
Special Note to Grammie, Dad and our boy say they would like some blankets also. Oh and thanks for the doggie crack to How did you know we were out?

Then yesterday we got a surprise in the mail. See me licking my lips. I can smell all the good stuff in there.

It came with this card Which says
You are my new BFF- Buff furry friend- Please enjoy these snacks I picked out for you-especially the bully sticks

Wally (there is a little heart in front of Wally)

The Card had Wally hair in it. How cool is that. Wally is cool.

Here we are checking out all the stuff wally sent us.

We got (I only say we because Mom makes me share with Flash) 2 bully sticks, some Snack 21 Salmon snacks, Snack 21 herring strips, Northwest Naturals chicken liver treats for cats & Dogs (mom actually gave some of these to the cats, the fiend) and a Chubby Buddies nylabone toy which I think is a hippo. Mom is in love with the chubby buddies since I haven't chewed it up yet.
Here is a picture of Flash enjoying a herring treat

And me getting a bully stick. Mom wouldn't let me have both of them :(

And last but not least the other thing in the package was two wally magents. Yep I got two of them. WOO HOO. Mom says we have to give one to Grammie when we get home and we only get to keep one but that's okay. Mom and I both wanted a wally magnet and we can share. Mom put them up on the fridge already. She also said she isn't letting the movers touch the wally magnets, she will pack them in the car with us so there is no chance the movers can take them since we know once they are spotted the movers would want them for themselves.

Thank so much Wally you are the best Buff Furry Friend a guy could ask for.