Sunday, June 29, 2008

Stains and crooked curtains

So mom and my boy have been spending lots of time at their friends house. Mom is friends with the mom and the boy is friend with the boys there. The boys come to our house but the mom doesn't because the stupid fat cat makes her itch.
So mom and our boy left and I decided that I had been left alone with Flash quite enough. You know he's kind of boring and doesn't want to play as much as me.
So I did this

and this

and this also

Now my dear friends I know you are wondering how I could make such wonderful stains. Well my dear mother was not using her brain as usual and left a 6 pack of orange pop (or soda for some of you) on the stove. Being as everything on the stove needs to be investigated to see if I want to eat it. I took it off and drug the cans all around in the living room and bite holes in 3 of them. The other 3 were safe. I can only drink so much pop at once and not being my dad my limit is not 24 mountain dews in one day.
Pop left where it is supposed to be under the turtle table is never bothered by me. You would think the woman would learn.
Oh and for good measure I did this to the curtains.

I bent the rod and actually ripped the hook right out of the wall. Sometimes I even amaze myself. :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I haven't forgotten

I haven't forgotten that I'm supposed to tell you the mess I created in the house but for some reason we are having problems loading pictures to blogger. Hopefully it will work soon because the post won't be as good without pictures.

Monday, June 23, 2008

New haircut and new pet

Okay so I've been in trouble the past couple of days. I will tell you about that tomorrow.

My boy got a haircut. My mom's friend gave it to him. She said it was better then the ones she has to pay for.

And we got a new pet. Isn't she cute?

hahaha just kidding. That is my mom's friend's daughter. She is cute and likes us. Her brothers are my boy's friends. She climbed in Flash's bed and decided to try to take a little nap. Mom laughs at her a lot because she says she acts just like my girl did at that age.
They have been hanging out at our house a lot or mom is down at their house with our boy. When Mom is gone is when I get in trouble. Stay tuned for that.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Surprise from Wally and my mom's an idiot

Okay so we got a surprise package in the mail yesterday from my BFF Wally Tamale.
When I got mom to open it I was so excited it was Mariners Bandanananas
This is where mom being an idiot comes into play. She opens one of them and says "Oh Peanut I don't think this will fit you but I can tie it to your collar so you can wear it" so that's what she did. Then she took this picture

Then she opened the other one and the woman said "Oh Peanut maybe this one is supposed to be yours" Uh duh lady it is the bigger of the two. Maybe you should have looked at them both before just deciding one needed to go on me. So because she had taken a picture of one on me already she put the big one on Flash and took his picture

See what he is thinking. It was way to big for him. Now that we've got it all straightened out it's okay but she didn't take any pictures of us with the right ones on. Sometimes I really wonder about that woman.
Thanks again Wally. We still love the Mariners even if they are doing so so so badly and are looking for a new GM

Oh and everyone go visit our cousin Diamond. She is our Auntie Shalon's dog and she just got her own blog.

Monday, June 16, 2008

My package

Hey everybody it's me Flash. I get to talk about my box from the goodie exchange from Jake and Just Harry.
It came with a lovely card that said "Hello Flash, We hope you enjoy the treats and toys, We went with a red, white and blue theme in honor of your dad in Iraq.
Wirey woofs and lots of love
Jake and Just Harry The barkalot Boyz from South Florida

Mom didn't take a picture of the card. Sometimes she is useless.
Here is me checking out what's in the bag. Mom had put Peanut outside so he couldn't try and push me out of the way.

I got these great treats. I already ate the bully stick. Mom put Peanut on a leash so he couldn't try and take it away from me. He's kind of a big meanie.

Then look at all these cools toys. You see that little tiny kong wubba and that kitty. I love these toys. I have some of the bigger kitty toys but peanut plays with them and mom says that this kitty and wubba are to small for Peanut. So hahaha they are all mine. I've been playing with them since she checked the mail. She put the other toys up for now so we wouldn't fight over them and ruin them all in one day.

Then I got these cool bandannas. I let mom put on on Peanut. See me telling mom to let me outside so I can show everyone my cool new look.

Mom says ignore the mcdonalds cup in this picture since Peanut had stolen it off the table.

So thank you Jake and Just Harry. This is such cool stuff and I LOVE IT.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

We want to say Happy Father's Day to our Dad. We miss you dad. We love you
and for everyone else some pictures of our dad.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

She left

My girl left hours ago and mom just now let me on the computer to blog about it.
When she was leaving she told me "Bye Peanut, I love you. see you in August."

EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! AUGUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTH is with that? that is a long time from now? I don't think camp lasts that long. I still don't know where she went. She didn't tell me, mom hasn't told me. I think Flash knows but he's being a jerk and won't tell me either.

Here we are in happier times. Before she up and left me.

Update: I got this comment from my aunt Moco
Moco said...

We have seen her.

So if Aunt Moco has seen her then that means she's at Grammie's house. That's even worse. Not only did she leave me but she got to go to Grammie's house while I am stuck here with Mom. My boy is the only thing that makes it tolerable to stay here.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

What is going on?

Okay now I know some of you have had to deal with one of these things before

and when they show up your mom and/or dads go away. Well one of them showed up in my house today but it isn't in mom's room. No it isn't it's in my Girl's room. I went and looked and there isn't one in mom's or my boy's room either. Just in my Girl's. Does this mean she's leaving me? Where is she going? She is only 12 how can she go anywhere without mom? What if she doesn't come back?
This is incredibly stressful I just don't know what is happening.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My package from Mona

I got my goody exchange package from Mona a few days ago but am just now posting. Sorry about that Mona. Mom kind of let me open the box check it out.

Untitled from playfulheartmonkey on Vimeo.

Here is a picture of all the cool stuff we got. We got toys and frisbees and treats. The kitty in the background we have had for awhile. We got these lovely desert things that I can't wait to try.

But when mom was trying to take this picture Flash and I got in a fight over the cookies even though mom had put them all back in the package. Mom hurt her back and shoulder while trying to break us up so all our stuff is back in the box in this closet

and she says we are not going to see it for days. I think she's being mean.
Oh and mom got a lovely little inspirational book from mona's mommy and she says thank you very much. She likes it.
So thank you to Mona from the bottom of our paws and to Chef and Beasly for setting this all up.

Friday, June 06, 2008


I am able to blog again. Geez.
Anyway I wanted to tell you about these great gifts I got from my gal Kaos.
She sent me a package and it smelled so good. I couldn't wait to open it.
I got these toys

here is me checking them out. You can see part of Fatty the cat in the second picture

I also got some Schmakos which are Kaos's favorite treat. So much so that she ate most of the ones she bought for me. That's okay though because i love her.
She also sent me this lovely picture of her

Mom put it low on the fridge so I can see it but then she moved it up because Peanut and his big jowls were drooling on her and could have ruined the picture. She said she would let me look at it anytime I wanted though.
Thank you so much for the stuff. I love it all.
Oh and Kaos mom finally sent out your package today so I hope you get it soon.