Saturday, July 28, 2007

RIP Oscar

Our dear friend Oscar passed away this morning. To young to go and we will miss him greatly.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Okay we saw a whole bunch of you doggies doing your favorite books or letting your humans put up their favorite books. Well no one tagged us to do it but since my mom LOVES TO READ I thought I would let her put up her favorite books. Flash and I are not big readers. The top 3 are ones she rereads every year. Oh and she says she isn't going to describe them since most people know about them but if you don't you can click the link and it takes you to a Barnes and noble page about the book. On to mom's list.

1. The Color Purple by Alice Walker
2. Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
3. The Stand by Stephen King

The next ones are because she wanted to include some books about animals and these were some of her favorites.
4. All creatures great and small by James Herriot-She remembers Grammie giving her this book when she was younger
5. The Sweet Pickles children series-Mom says she remembers these books from when she was little and one day after having my girl she found some of them in a goodwill so she bought all they had.

So that is mom's list.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dad has Harry now

Okay so mom only got to read like 100 pages yesterday of that Harry Potter book. So she started again this morning and is finished. Needless to say we didn't get to do much at all today since she was engrossed it.
She was sad, she laughed at times. She says it was very very good in fact.

Hopefully there will be something more exciting to report tomorrow since she won't be reading Harry.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harry's Here

Sorry we haven't updated in the past couple of days. Mom has been busy keeping an eye on the two little kids next door since their parents are trying to clean their house because they are getting ready to move. We get more treats when they come over though since they like to feed us.
We got some travel bowls for our long trip to visit Grammie, Pappy, Auntie Shalon and Grandma Careen along with the rest of the family. Here are a couple pictures of us using them. Mom said she felt sorry for me because I had to push my whole head in there to get all the food because of my smushed up face. Flash didn't have to do that. I think that's okay as long as I keep getting fed.
Here is a picture of me and dad sleeping on the couch. He is actually asleep and I am laying on his legs. He didn't even notice. The one of mom and me is from later that night. She is awake though and I am getting down because I noticed Dad with the camera.
The new neighbor boxers are back from their trip to Florida so we have been spending time running up and down the fence line with them. It is fun fun fun. If only Flash would quit barking and just run. He's kind of stupid though so I don't know if he can.
I got an email from Grammie saying that our blankets are done but she is waiting for Auntie Shalon to put our initials on them so we will always know which one belongs to who. I hope she doesn't take forever. I am getting excited to see them.
Oh and that Harry Potter guy showed up at our house today. After hearing about him from lots of you I am going to be prepared to be neglected for a little while. But dad told me Mom will probably just stay up all night reading it and be done by tomorrow morning. So we will see. I will let you know.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Another email from Grammie

We got this email from our grammie

Tell your mom that our local humane society ( Columbia Humane Society) is in financial difficulty. Check out their website for more info. That is where I got Clara, Foley and Dawson. They are a no kill shelter. They will be having a garage sale in September. Maybe your mom has some stuff up at Grandma Careen's house that she could donate to them. I will be cleaning out my house over the next two months getting rid of many things. I am making my life much more simple. Donations can also be made through Paypal.
I am off to make sweet potatoes treats now.

Go and read this letter and then check out the newsletter. This shelter is the only no kill shelter in the area where my mom and dad grew up and Grammie and Pappy and Grandma Careen still live.
My mom is going to donate money and also once she gets home she is going to go through the stuff she has stashed in Grandma Careen's shop and donate a lot of it to the shelter garage sale. She says she hasn't seen it for the past 4 years, since that was the last time she was home, so she must not need it very badly. Then she says she will probably go buy stuff she doesn't need from the garage sale since we will be home for it.
We think it would be a tragedy if this shelter closes. If anyone can help please do. Without this place I wouldn't have my aunt Clara and uncles Dawson and Foley.

Oh and on a happier note mom says she is so eating at this place when she gets home. It is new since she was home last (at least she thinks it is since she's never heard of it before) and she wants the chili dog. Plus you have to support the businesses that support the humane society.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Google searches

There is still nothing going on around here. Mom and the kids went to the water park today so we got stuck in our kennels. Plus mom is going through the whole house throwing out a ton of stuff. She says she is getting rid of stuff before the move but I just think she's a little odd.
Oh and I'm glad you all like my Grammie so much. She is cool isn't she? I am willing to share her though for a price. hahaha
Now to some Google searches which led to my blog

1. Pappy is cute: Hmm well okay personally I think he is more handsome then cute. You decide what you think with this picture of my pappy.

2. Foley looks like: Okay what is with this wanting to see my extended family members. Here is foley or maybe you meant who foley was named after my grammie's favorite professional wrestler Mic Foley
If you were looking for some other foley sorry we couldn't help you out. We think these are the best ones anyway.
3. Canned Beef tripe: Okay now I have to say mom bought some of this stuff and it was yummy yummy yummy. Flash and I loved it. But mom hated it. Said it stunk so bad that she was never buying it again. She recommends that if you can get it then buy frozen tripe as it is not anywhere as smelly as the canned stuff.
And last but not least for this week
4: Big Boys pee on trees: Why yes they do and our friend tadpole used to pee on his tree all the time until it was murdered by someone trying to send a message to his Massah. So here is a picture of Tad with his tree in happier times.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Nothing much is going on here at all. The family is going to see a movie in a little while so we will be stuck in our kennels.

I got this lovely email from Grammie on Fri.

I have been busy looking for new recipes for treats for when you come to visit. My friend Billie found the one for sweet potatoes. I will be making FROSTY PAWS also. I figure if this goofy group here likes the treats you and Flash will also.
I am going to try and get you and Flash a new blanket made also. If I can get them done I will send them so you can have them for the trip.

I think I have the bestest grammie on the face of this earth.

Also my mom knows she hasn't listed all of our friends under friends on the side of the blog here so she wants everyone to go look and see if they are missing and if they are leave a comment and let her know so she can add you. I want her to get all my buddies up there.
Oh and mom says her toe is feeling better.

Hopefully something exciting will happen soon.

p.s to penny I emailed you days ago and haven't heard back. Did you get it?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I'm Rockin and mom's a klutz

My dear friend Lorenza awarded me with a Rockin guy blogger award. I am so excited. I saw all you girls getting them and got kind of jealous but now I have one and it is even a guy one.

So I get to award it to some other rockin guys. I guess I should share it with Flash since he does blog on here so I will do that and then want to give it to
Gomer and Opie
Texas and

So take the logo and put it on your blog because you are all rockin.
Oh and my mom is a klutz. I would let Grammie tell you so also if she could get on here and type, she knows. Look what she did to herself last night. She tripped over a footstool (I had turned upside down which was right in the middle of the floor and she should have picked it up) and ripped up her toe. I tell you she hurts herself like this all the time. She might need walking lessons.

Oh and everything is now coming out all right in the backend.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Blue Hair and a tree for Tad

Okay our dear friend Tad has been looking into the activities of his Massah and trying to figure out why he was being shot at the other night and why his tree was killed. He posted today a picture of Massah's blue toes. Well after seeing them we think our mom must be in on whatever Massah is doing since she has blue hair. Check it out.

She actually told us it isn't as blue as she wanted because she used some other kind of dye (see she's trying to kill things dye or die I think she's just trying to confuse us by spelling it weird) then the one she normally uses.
Oh and then we went outside and found this

We think it's Tad's tree's brother. Hey Tad if you want this one we can dig it up and send it to you then you can make big boy pee pee on it.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Google searches

Mom has been saving up a list of some funny, some odd, and some very disturbing google searches that have led to my blog. So I decided which ones I wanted on here and here is the list.

1. I love my grammy: Now I spell it Grammie but yes I love her. She sends us dog treats and puts up with Flash being a licky loo when she comes and visits. We are waiting and trying to be patient for our trip to her and Grandma Careens house so we can see them all.

2. Boxer-Pug Cross: Hmm I don't go much for those designer dogs. While cute we don't quite agree that you should be breeding them. Go rescue a dog from a shelter instead.

3. Crossbone & Skull dog collar: See here to check out my great skull and crossbone collar I got from Kathleen at Snazy Petz. Link to her is included in post.

4. What does a baby pygmy snake look like?: Now to tell you I had no idea there was such a thing but after careful research I have only found pictures of rattlesnakes that are pygmys. Not something I want to meet ever.

5. Darryl Worley shirtless: Okay now we like Darryl Worley he sings the song posted on this blog in fact but really I have no idea how your search led you to my blog or why you would want to see him shirtless. Mom says she likes this search and might have to go do this one on her own.

and we saved this one for last. It is very disturbing so don't read it if you think it might bother you.

6. Photos of dogs being defurred in china: We don't know what is wrong with these chinese. They won't let people read our friend Wally's blog and now someone wants to see dogs being defurred there. That is just sick and we hope something evil happens to you. Why would you want to see that?

Okay on to other news. I am feeling a little better. I still have runny poo and mom says if it doesn't get better she is taking me to the vet. I am eating and drinking and playing like normal though. There should be a picture of the blue hair tomorrow maybe if I can get mom to take one and to get doggy crack go visit Mary . We love the stuff it is our favorite treat.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Rest In Peace

Our dear friend Scubee the weinerblab has lost his fight with lymphoma. Scubee was loved by many and will be missed by all. He went to the rainbow bridge July 3 2007 while being held by his humans.
Goodbye scubee say hi to FuFu and Dakota for us.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Flash's day

Hey everydog it's Friday and that means me Flash. Aren't you all excited? Not much going on here at all. We've just been hanging out.
I did get out of the fence the other day but came right back. Mom says she hopes we have a better fence when we get to Louisiana so I will stop escaping. Hmm I think escaping is fun as long as I come back. Those 8 days out on my own did teach me a little something.
Peanut was sick yesterday. He pooped liquid all over the dining room. It smelled awful. He is feeling better now though. We have no idea what was wrong with him. Even I felt sorry for him. He hates to go in the house he just couldn't help it. Mom and Dad weren't mad at him at all Thank dogness. Dad got stuck cleaning it up to since Mom was dying her hair.
About mom's hair it is now Blue!!! That woman has some hair issues I think. I will try and get her to take a picture and post it so you can all see. I am just glad she doesn't try and dye me. I think I'm gorgeous just the way I am.
Well that is about it from here. I want to send a special shout out to my girl Lady Kaos.
Later gators

Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Dad

Hey everydog It's me Flash. I get to interview Dad so on to the interview

Flash(F): Hey dad how are you today?
Dad (D): I'm okay

F: Okay so mom told us how you met so we don't need that information. Let's talk about something else. How long have you been in the army?
D: Forever

F:How long is forever?
D: 13 years

F: What is your job?
D: I used to be an armor crewman and now I'm a cavalry scout

F: What is an armor crewman?
D: Someone that is a member of the crew on a tank

F: Wow so you got to play on a tank?
D: Yep

F: What was your favorite thing to do on a tank?
D: pull the trigger

F: Okay so what is a cavalry scout?
D: scouts are the people who go out on the battlefield and find the bad guys and tell everyone else where they are.

F: Am I your favorite dog?
D:I don't have a favorite dog

F: Why don't you have a favorite dog?
D: I can't have a favorite dog when you are both your moms

F: Why is it more fun to play with you then mom?
D: I'm rougher and don't get hurt as easily

F: Yes that's true mom is kind of a weenie isn't she?
D:She's just more sensitive then me

F: Are you just trying not to get into trouble by calling her a weenie?
D Of course

F: Hmm well I can't think of anything else to ask. Thanks for sitting down with me for the interview
D: Your welcome I suppose you want a treat now.

F: Yeah that would be good

Okay so that was my interview with dad. I am off to get a treat.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July to everyone in the United States.
Remember to thank someone who fights for the freedom that we celebrate today. So I thought I would leave you with a couple of pictures of my dad. The first one he is just messing with me as I hate to be picked up. The second one is him right before he went to work. We decided to give him the day off and Flash's interview with him will be tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The mom

Okay our good friend Miss Reina tagged me to let you all know about my mom so in the ways of the great interviews that have gone before me I am going to interview my mom (it probably won't be as good as everyone else's though so just bear with me.) Here is the transcript.

Peanut(P): Hey mom How are you this morning?
Mom(M): Hi Peanut I'm good

P: That's good. Okay we will start at the beginning. When did you meet Dad?
M: I met your dad in the 7th grade

P: 7th grade? Holy moly wasn't that like 100 years ago?
M: No it was appx 19 years ago

P: Hmm, that is still a long time ago. How long did you and dad date? That is what you humans do right date?
M: Yeah humans date but your dad and I never did

P: Wait a minute how did you get together if you never dated?
M: Your dad was one of my best friends through school and in fact we got engaged when he came home from boot camp at 18 but broke up and stayed in touch while your dad was off to germany among other places then got back together 4 years later and got married.

P: That is all to confusing for me. Wait a minute Dad was in Germany without you?
M: Yes your dad has been stationed in Germany twice. Once before we were married and once when we were married which is when we got you.

P: Neat, so on to the next question. Lots of other dogs are asking their moms when they are going to have kids. Now you have given me two fine kids of my own but really I would like more to play with so when are you going to give them to me?
M: I'm not there won't be any more kids

P: Come on mom, kids are fun we need more.
M: Nope no more kids and anyway your dad is neutered.

P: WHAT? Poor dad How could you do that to him?
M: I didn't do it to him the doctor did it to him because your dad said it was okay.

P:Mumbling to himself-geez poor dad, mom got him neutered too. What kind of woman is she?
M: What was that Peanut?

P: Nothing Mom Next question What do you do?
M: Well I take care of you and Flash and Raven and Shelby and the turtles and as you put your kids.

P: No I mean what's your job
M: That is my job.

P: Okay did you ever do anything else?
M: Well I was a dental assistant before your dad and I got married is that what you mean?

P: Yep thanks. Why do we have so many other animals in the house I think just me would be plenty?
M: You would miss all of them except Shelby if I got rid of them Peanut so stop

P: Okay but you love me best right? I mean I know you spent a ton of money to fly me over here from Germany with you so you must love me the most.
M: I love all of you but yes you are right we spent a ton of money to fly your big butt over here from Germany but we flew Raven over also.

P: My big butt? How insulting Did I say anything about your Big butt? It's about 5 times the size of mine.
M: Okay Okay sorry let's not mention my butt

P:So what kind of hobbies do you have?
M: Not many I like to help you with your blog and I love to read.

P: Yeah I think the reading should stop some and you should play with me more. How many books do you read a month anyway?
M: Usually anywhere from 15 to 20

P: Well if you spent less time reading you could spend more time playing with me.
M: I play with you quite enough I think

P: Well I don't but anyhoo do you think I will like it in Louisiana?
M: I think you will like it anywhere your kids are.

P: Yes, that may be true. I do love my kids
M:Yes I know you do. I love your kids too.

P: How much longer until I get to go see Grammie?
M: About 2 months

P: 2 months? That is forever how will I wait?
M: You will just have to you are as bad as your kids. We all want to go home to visit

P: Yeah but I've never been there I think I want to go more then everyone else.
M: I doubt that but who knows

P: Okay so I think I need to interview Grammie she could tell us all sorts of stories about you I bet
M: Yes she could but you won't interview her if you ever want anymore doggy crack

P: Speaking of Doggy crack can I have some?
M: Are we done here?

P: if you will give me some crack we are
M: Okay let's go then

Like I said not to exciting but tomorrow Flash is going to interview dad and since he's the army guy we think he's more exciting then mom. Oh and I did get some doggy crack.