Saturday, December 16, 2006

Nothing much

Nothing much is happening around here. Just everyday stuff. Dad got a new knee brace yesterday. It is the one he was supposed to have but they didn't have any in until now. He is walking much better.
Can someone please tell my mom to stop stressing? She bothers Dad about 12 million times a day about moving. Should they buy, should they rent? Ah it is interferring with my nap time.
Oh and to Bella, Yes colorado is closer to Oregon so maybe one day I will make it there. We will see I suppose. Mom says we won't be able to go there right away since we can't take that much time since my kids have to go to school. Dad would like to go he hasn't been there in about 6 years and it has been over 3 for mom and the kids. Mom has a niece who will be 3 next year that she has never seen.
It was cold here a few days ago and when it's really cold Mom and Dad don't let me stay outside as long as I would like. The past couple of days have been warmer so I've been able to be out more. I like it outside. Hopefully Colorado is nice. Mom says she worries about me breathing there with my smooshed up face but Dad says I should do fine.
That's the 411 from here for now.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I've been so bad

I haven't posted an update in forever. As mom would tell me Bad Peanut. Anyway Dad was home for awhile with his knee so I couldn't get near the computer and then I was just dog lazy.
Well Dad gets to go have something called an MRI today. Mom says it is awful that it takes 2 weeks to get one. So hopefully we will learn something soon. Dad is still in a knee brace and on crutches. So he still hasn't been able to play with me like he should.
Mom says we are moving. Seems Dad got order for Colorado. Mom tell me around March we will be moving. Poor mom is already stressing. She is the one who does most of the moving stuffand she says she hopes she can find someplace to live that will let her have all of us animals. She also says it won't be fun driving two cars (mom will drive one and dad will drive the other) with two kids, two dogs, two cats and two turtles from here in kentucky to colorado.
My kids are not that excited to move either. My girl doesn't want to leave her friends and my boy doesn't either. Though he is excited to go to colorado since he was born there and doesn't remember it since he was 3 months old when they moved to germany where they got me. :)
Oh and for some really exciting news. Our front door doesn't latch correctly unless you slam it shut, mom says she called the repair people to get it fixed. Well yesterday my girl didn't get it shut all the way and Flash and I figured it out so we got out. Dad noticed right away, mom was at the neighbors and so they caught me fast. But Flash ran off into the woods and was gone for a couple hours. He came back to the neighbors house though and they brought him home. The family was very relieved as even though he annoys me I love my little brother as much as the rest of the family does.

Friday, December 01, 2006

My poor dad

Okay I wasn't able to get on the computer yesterday. My dad had to go to physical training (he's in the army) where they were playing basketball. Well my dad was playing defense and came down wrong on his leg and broke his tibia (I have no idea what that is but dad says it hurts) and may have ruputred some tendons in his knee. I have to try and be really good around dad since he is in major pain and I have a tendency to not know what I am doing when I want to play. He has these things called crutches and I defintely want to play with those but when I try he yells at me. I feel sorry for dad. Pain isn't nice but hey mom says he has drugs. Well I am off to take care of Dad as best as I can. I will write more later hopefully.