Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oh man

We are so behind in reading blogs and we haven't posted in forever because mom's laptop is broken. It's been broken since my Birthday. She ordered a cord that is supposed to be here Monday to help her fix it. Hopefully she will get it fixed and we can come back. Don't miss us to much.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Something funny is going on here.
Fred has changed colors.

He's now yellow. Mom says it is because he's still little and leopard geckos colors can change as they age. Plus Fred's gecko dad was yellow so he's just starting to look like his dad. Barney is still white though.
I think Fred must be an ALIEN and I have my eye on him. Can't have him doing weird ALIEN things to my boy.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays

Yep this is the month of birthdays in this house.
For those of you who asked here is the other half of our boys birthday present.
This is Fred,

the one on our boy's shirt on the post from yesterday is named Barney.
They live in a tank and when our boy brings barney out we get stuck in the kennel. Fred doesn't like people to much so he doesn't come out of the tank. These dinosaurs are leopard geckos and they don't get very big at all.

Also Peanut's birthday is coming up on the 23rd. I have to figure out what to get him. I'm thinking food. He likes food. He will be 5 years old. He likes to point out that the 23rd is also his love Penny's gotcha day. I would give him Penny but I don't think I can afford to fly her down here.

Our boy got these things called Chuzzles for his birthday. They come from this game. He has had one for a few years now that he takes with him everywhere he can. He got 7 more of them yesterday. He named the blue one Tanner and the purple one Tuesday.

I don't think I really need to explain that.

I leave you all with a picture of me that was taken while dad was home. Obviously I look very happy in it

Later gators,

Friday, November 14, 2008

Someone is 8

Can you believe it? Here he is with one half of his birthday present.

Happy Birthday to our boy.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

There is a teenager in the house

Happy Birthday to our girl who is the big 13 today.

We love you.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veterans Day

And to our favorite Veteran. We love you.

Go Thank a Veteran today.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The letter S

Please go give your condolences to Eil. Girl Girl has gone to the rainbow bridge to be with Fufu. Goodbye GG we will miss you.

I got the letter S to do in the alphabet game.
So here it goes

1. Sherman-my buddy who gave me the letter S to do this little thing. Who else but Sherman could look so cool with a pink pig

2. Stalker. hahahaha yes this toad lives in our backyard. Mom (who is afraid of frogs and toads the weenie) says he is a stalker. I like him because if he shows up mom screams and freaks out. It is fun to watch.

3. Snow. I love the snow. I miss it. They don't have snow here in Louisiana. (we stole the picture from Moco)

4. Sardines. The canned ones are good but the whole frozen ones mom gets us are better. Yummy

5. Sunshine. It's warm and you can go outside and sun yourself. Enough explanation.

6. Snoring. No picture of this one but I like snoring because it means I am doing #7.

7. Sleeping. Sleeping is good, it's great. I love it. Getting refreshed to annoy mom some more is what it's all about.

8. Steak. Yummy steak. Glorious steak.

9. Snacks. Like cookies or maybe some of this.

10.string cheese. My boy eats this and sometimes I can sneak a bite from his.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Omdogness I was going to do my letter post but something came in the mail that I have to talk about.
My cheapo mom finally decided to spend some money on Me and Flash and get us some good cookies (we usually have to tell Grammie we are treat deprived so she will send us some).
So today we got this huge box and inside of it were all of these

DO YOU SEE ALL THOSE COOKIES? WOO HOO we made out this time.
Now where did these lovely delicious yummy cookies come from you ask? Well they came from Happy Heart Dog cookies. You know MayaMarie, Missy and Bella got their mom to go into business and let me tell you that woman makes a mean dog cookie.
Gerri is having a free cookie special right now so head on over and order some. You won't be disappointed.
Here are Flash and I waiting so nicely for mom to feed us some cookies

and here we are enjoying some pumpkin cookies.

The only downside is I heard mom say something about putting some of them in the freezer. Hmm I don't know what she is thinking I am sure I can eat them all before they go bad.

Sunday, November 02, 2008


I'm finally doing the tag my buddy Ike gave me. Sorry it's taken me so long.
Secret #1
I have hardly any hair on my chest. I lost it when I I had mange as a puppy and it never grew back. Mom calls it my Naked Chinese man chest after my buddy Tadpole

#2 I have one white toenail on each back foot. All the ones on my front feet are black.

#3 Flash's neck is the same size as mine. My collar of course is the dots and Flash's is the pigs. I can't believe my little brother has the same size neck.

Flash is going to do the tag Lady Kaos tagged us for and then we will do our letter tag we got from Sherman. If you tagged us and we haven't done it let us know so we can get all caught up. Mom says she's actually ahead in her school work right now so she can help us blog more.