Thursday, May 31, 2007

Some questions

Okay after our lists were posted we had some questions asked. Most of them being about my fear of little dogs which I will talk about in a minute.
First off our friend Sophie was having trouble getting down to our posts because of our guestbook so we moved it. Sophie turns 8 today so go over and wish her a happy barkday if you haven't already.
So now for the questions. Stanley asked if we miss stuffed toys. Sure we do stuff toys are fun. Mom says no more though since we don't just kind of fight over them. We bite and growl and would draw blood if we could. Mom has had to break us up with a broom and one time with the vacuum cleaner since it was closest thing handy. So she says no more no way no how. She can't take the stress. Oh and we only fight like this over stuffed toys nothing else.
Stanley also asked if we sometimes secretly snuggle. The answer to that would be no. Sometimes I do try to use Flash as a pillow but he doesn't like it much and will move. We sleep on separate cushions on the couch and I sleep with mom and dad and Flash has his own bed (which I get yelled at for getting in).
Balboa asked if my neighbor was nice since I like to run into their yard. Well they are nice but they are afraid of me. Can you believe someone is afraid of me? (mom here lots of people are afraid of Peanut in fact since when he meets new people outside of the house he just stops, stands perfectly still and stares at them until he decides they are okay. This makes people nervous since he is as large as he is.) Anyway they know I am nice and will come up and pet me now (after 2 years) if I am in my fence but still won't come visit me inside my fence. Mom says it is sad since they are making their kids afraid of dogs to and she tries to get the kids to pet me but no luck.
Okay no on to my fear of little dogs. I wasn't always afraid of them. In fact my best friend in Germany was a dachshund mix and we would play together for hours. But then something bad happened once we came to Kentucky. Mom was walking me one night in our housing area. I of course was on my leash. Well mom sees this little dog with her owners in their yard a few houses down. Before mom can even decide if we are going to keep going or turn around this dog comes running towards us. Her owners are yelling at her to come back but not moving from their yard to get her and then they yell at mom "Is your dog a male or female? She likes males but will attack females" Mom is just kind of standing there dumbfounded that these idiots would let a dog that will attack other dogs outside without a leash on and not go after it when it takes off out of the yard. Well mom tells them I am male so we decide maybe it isn't a big deal to meet this little gal. I like all dogs up to this point and we knew I wouldn't do anything. So this little gal comes over sniffs me, I sniff her, she walks under me and then attacks my legs and this was no play attack. Mom had to push her off me with her foot while I was trying to run away. Those stupid owners still didn't come get the dog as she was trying to attack me. They tried yelling at mom though when she put her foot on their mangy mutt. Well mom didn't go for that let me tell you. I was totally traumatized and to this day don't like little dogs. Mom tries to make me meet ones when we come across them and I am getting a little better but would still rather run away.
Now you all know my secret shame. I Peanut, the 80 lb boxer, am afraid of any dog that weighs less then 20 lbs.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

8 things about us

We have been tagged by quite a few of our friends Maggie, Dory,Lady kaos,Scubee, Sparky,Lorenza,Ruby to post eight things about ourselves. Well we wanted to do it sooner but since our kids last day of school was Thursday and it was Memorial Day weekend and since Dad actually got a holiday weekend we spent a lot of time outside doing stuff so mom wouldn't help us. Here are our lists though. Hopefully you learn something new about us.

Peanut's List
  1. I will do anything for butter
  2. I once bit a lump off myself (don't worry it wasn't anything bad just a bee sting that formed a big lump)
  3. I'm a very jealous dog. If my kids are getting attention from mom I will walk over them to get to her(then I get in trouble)
  4. If I'm not fed on time I will bark until they feed me (and I get in trouble)
  5. If Mom or Dad move my kennel (for any reason) I go nuts until it's put back in it's spot.
  6. I fight with my brother over stuffed toys so we don't get them anymore
  7. Little dogs terrify me
  8. My idea of running away is to run to the neighbors fenced in yard next door.

Flash's list

  1. I have my own bed Peanut can't use
  2. I don't like nylabones
  3. If dad raises his voice to me and I'm on his and mom's bed I pee
  4. I will drink from a sprinkler until it gets shut off. I once drank from one for an hour and then came inside and peed because I had so much water. Mom and Dad don't let me do that anymore
  5. I bit holes in the kids' swimming pool to get at the water
  6. I fight with my brother over stuffed toys so we don't get them anymore.
  7. I love to lick people.
  8. I can't go out in the yard without a person because I always try to get out of the fence.

Well that's it for tonight. We will be back later

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A tree broke our fence

Hey everybody Flash here. I thought I would post this since Peanut is busy barking at Shelby and being stupid.
When mom let us outside this morning this is what we saw. Some tree fell over right onto our fence. So of course we had to go check it out. I could get up and sniff the tree. It smelled odd I tell you. Peanut just ignored it though.
Look the fence is all bent up and way lower then it should be plus mom says that cap thingie is broken and the fence is coming apart on the side that wasn't hit.
Here's a picture of part of the tree in the woods. Mom couldn't get it all because it is an incline and she says she wasn't going to go down there and get ticks just so I could post the whole tree on the blog.
Here's a picture of the woods behind our house. See all those trees? Do you think more of them will fall over? Hmm maybe they will take down the whole fence and then I can escape again.
And here is the fence after mom got the tree off of it. She had to push hard and kind of throw the tree back into the woods. Poor mom she would have waited until Dad came home but that won't be until tomorrow as he has duty and she said she didn't want to leave it on the fence to do more damage until then.
So it's been a pretty exciting morning already. Mom now has to call the fence people to come and fix it. Though she said she might let dad do that tomorrow since she doesn't want to.
Oh and Hi to my lovely girlfriend Lady Kaos.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Who do I look like?

My lovely little friend Lorenza tagged me to post which celebrity I look the most like. Well mom couldn't figure out a person she thinks I look like but she swears I look like this thing.

It's a Mangalor from the movie The Fifth Element. Mom has thought I look like them for quite awhile. I don't see the resemblance but she is insistent. What do you think?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Yesterday and trip pictures

Okay so yesterday I was totally traumatized. Mom let Flash and I outside and came with us. She told me to go get my jolly ball and I COULDN'T FIND IT. So mom looked around and SHE COULDN'T FIND IT EITHER. Oh my goodness it was the worst day of my life. We looked all over and my jolly ball was just missing. Mom couldn't figure it out at all. I was so depressed I laid around all day until Dad came home. Mom asked him if he's seen it and so he went out into the yard to look for it. Well you know what he looked and looked and about gave up but then DAD FOUND IT. Yep my dad is the coolest. I don't know how mom and I missed it except it was by the shed pushed up in the corner against the fence. I am so happy again I have my jolly ball back.

Okay now for the long promised pictures of my boy's field trip. He went to a place called Kentucky down under that has all these animals from Australia. It looks cool in the pictures.
They saw an Albino Wallabee and my boy got to pet an actual Kangaroo.
Then he got to pet an Emu and look at some pretty birds. Plus he got to feed a lorikeet.
Then they went down in a cave. Saw a working sheep dog.
And last but not least he was one of 9 kids (in a room of about a hundred) that got picked to feed a baby lamb and then carry it back to it's pen. Look at him go. He's strong for a 6 year old. He even helped one of the girls carry their sheep back.
OH and here is some info for Grammie. My boy has lost his first tooth. We thought you would like to know. The tooth fairy brought him $2.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Flash here again. After my post on friday I was overwhelmed at the amount of lovely lovely doggies who would want to be my girlfriend. So we now know Boo does not have all the girl doggies in the world as his girlfriends.

After much soul searching and thinking it over I have asked Lady Kaos if she would do me the honor of being my girlfriend. She is a beautiful dog and we have many things in common. I am definetly a one gal dog so I she will be my only girl.

Now for you boys like Billy who want a girlfriend. There is hope.

These lovely ladies are looking for boyfriends. So I am going to list a little about them and you might find the girl just right for you.
Dakota Dakota really like to chew up toys
Dory who likes lambchops from her grandma's house.
Tasha who has a squirell fortress in her backyard that her and her sister Eva are trying to take out.
Molly who needs to update her blog and last but certainly not least Seadra who I think would be perfect for Billy.

Oh and to Penny and Ellie. Peanut and mom both say that Peanut has enough love to go around for both of you since he's such a big boy.

Later Gators

Friday, May 18, 2007

I'm sad

So Peanut was gloating the other night because he has girlfriends. Yep that's right. He says Ellie and Penny are his girlfriends. I got to thinking and that makes me sad. I mean there is nothing wrong with Peanut but how come he has two girlfriends and I don't even have one? I'm a cute dog. See? I'm 50 lbs and part Shepard and a much better behaved dog then Peanut (just ask mom she will tell you the same thing).

I'm talented. I can work a trampoline.

So if any of you girl doggies want to be my girlfriend or know of the perfect girl for me. Please let me know. I would lavish my girl with all sorts of attention.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My aunts and uncles

Okay I know I said I would talk about my boys trip down under but I promised to tell you all about my Grammie and Pappy's animals long before that and I thought I would do that first. This is my Aunt Moco. She is my pappy's dog. She loves him a lot (though mom jokingly says she doesn't understand why). Mom and the kids has met Moco and Mom said that when she was home and would walk moco, moco would have to turn in circles before she pooped. She does not know if she still does this though
Here is my Uncle Dawson. He is the newest member of the family. We don't know much about him yet but he looks like a cool guy. This is Clara. Mom says she is my Aunt Clara but I won't call her that since she is a cat. She is a really big cat. Taller then Moco in fact. Plus she is fat. My girl calls her Clara the Big Fat Cat. She doesn't like the dogs or anything else much really but she does like my Grammie.
This is Edgar. He's the other cat in the household. He taught himself to go in and out the dog door. Grammie also said he can climb the fence in the backyard. Oh and he likes Pappy which Mom finds hilarious since Pappy doesn't like cats. This is my Uncle Foley. He was named after the great professional wrestler Mick Foley who is my Grammie's favorite of all time. Grammie said this is a picture of Foley when he has been taken over by aliens (my grammie has an unnatural fixation about aliens haha). We need some help with Foley also. Last night he was sleeping on the bed with Grammie and when Pappy came in and moved the blankets Foley tried to attack him. Mom and Grammie think maybe Foley was asleep and got scared but Pappy swears he was awake. Grammie said when she called him he came right over to her and laid down and went back to sleep. If anyone has any ideas on this please let us know as right now my Human auntie is living with Grammie and Pappy and her kids come to visit on some weekends and they don't want Foley to hurt one of them. He hasn't done anything like this before. They think Foley is about 4 or 5.
So that is my Aunts and Uncles. They were all dogs and cats who were in doggie or kitty jail when Grammie sprung them and brought them to live with her and Pappy. They have good lives now and lots of love.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Okay I was tagged by more the one doggie. Mom says she isn't feeling well enough to do all the links to their blogs since her throat hurts. So we got Mom's computer back and on it this is the only one she could find of me on my back. We think there are some of dad's laptop but we need his memory stick to transfer them and he has that at work. So for now here is my favorite sleeping position.

Oh and for a good belly picture here is one of Shelby. He lays like this everywhere. Mom says she thinks it is odd for a cat to lay and even sleep like that.

Tomorrow I get to tell you about my boy's trip down under.

Monday, May 14, 2007

A Sad Day

It is a very sad day to come back online. We got a message from Billy that told us the awful news about FuFu. So we went to read his Blog. FuFu was a great hamesterrier and the whole Dogs with Blogs community will miss him.
Go to the Bridge FuFu and play with all the doggies and now you don't have to worry about them being to big and hurting you.
We will miss you.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Back Monday

Peanut and Flash's mom here. We are switching internet providers and our old one turned our internet off 3 days early. Our new one is supposed to be working on Monday. Hopefully Peanut and Flash will be back then.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sleeping among other things

So thanks for all the comments about my sitting. It seems Wally and I among others are in the minority when it comes to not putting our behinds all the way on the ground. It's also good to know that Flash isn't the only dog to eat grass like a goat.
I know there has been some talk about where everyone sleeps so I thought I would show you. See me here on my king size bed that I let Dad and mom share with me. The pink side is mom and the camo side is mine. I let Dad use it when he is here though. But when he isn't I take up the whole side.

Here is Flash at the end of the Bed he was just hanging out down there while waiting for Dad to come to bed. That is actually where I sleep when Dad is home. I lay all over his feet (mom's feet don't reach down there). Flash sleeps on the floor or in the chair that is next to the bed. He doesn't like to actually sleep with mom and dad much.

Here is Flash hanging out with Dad while Dad gets ready for bed. I think he was playing with his phone here.

Oh and we got some more 36 inch bully sticks. So here are some pictures of us enjoying those. Flash is trying to take his in his kennel the wrong way the dork. He kept running it into the kennel and looking like an idiot.

Oh tomorrow is Flash's day but he probably won't post in the morning like he usually does since we are going to be locked up in our kennels most of the day. Mom is going on our boys kindergarten field trip with him.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I don't sit and a goat brother

Okay well I do sit but mom and dad think it is funny I don't sit all the way down on my bottom. I never do. Do any of you do this? Especially you doggies with nubbies.

I have to tell you posing for those pictures was just torture though. We were outside yesterday and Dad had my jolly ball and I have to sit before he throws it so mom was taking pictures and Dad wouldn't throw it until she was done. I had to wait forever.
Oh and do any of you have a part dog-part goat brother? I do Flash is constantly eating grass outside. Mom and Dad swear he is part goat. He does it all the time. It never stops. Well that's all for today. I've been busy playing so more pictures and stuff to talk about tomorrow.

Monday, May 07, 2007

No pictures today

Okay so my Pappy said mom is camera happy and you know I have to agree with him. So I told her no pictures on today's blog. Besides I am tired of having to be in all of them. Geez. She's been like that since she got her new digital camera a few months ago which hasn't worn off. Do you doggies ever think it will?

Anyway I thought I would tell you about my day today.
I got up at 7:00 with mom who then got the kids up. She let Flash and me outside and fed us breakfast. Then we ran around the front room for a little bit. At 7:30 we had to go in our kennels since she had to take our boy to the bus. We used to be able to go into the backyard when this happened but ever since Flash ran away and won't stay in the yard we can't since he isn't allowed to be out there without a human. Stupid Flash.
Then mom came back in and let us out of our kennels and we ran around some more while she got ready to go somewhere. Then we got thrown back in the those awful kennels when she left. She says she went to the library and took my boy his lunch which they had forgotten to give him. She came back and we went outside to potty and we ran around some more. Then later about 1:30 we laid on the couch and took a nap with mom. Well I took a nap with her Flash laid on the floor.
At 3 she let us outside again for a few minutes then we had to go back in our kennels because she had to go get our boy off the bus. Once again we used to be able to go in the backyard but not anymore. Stupid Flash. Mom and Dad came inside (dad was home way early today) with out boy and out girl came in a few minutes later. Mom let us out in the backyard again and then came out and played with the hose with us. Then she threw my jolly ball.
Then it was back inside to the kennels for about a hour and a half while the rents went out front with the kids. Again this is stupid flash's fault. Mom keeps talking about getting a tie out for him and I think she needs to do it so I can have free roam of the backyard and not be stuck in my kennel so much. Then they came back in and let us out and ate dinner. They had pizza but we didn't get any. Now I am off to go out in the backyard with the kids. I will see if I can get my girl to throw my jolly ball. She throws farther then our boy. But they will probably just jump on the trampoline. Maybe mom and Dad will come out to and I can get them to throw it.
I will report later.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Can you beleive it's friday again? (not dial up friendly)

So I snuck on this week and posted those pictures of Peanut with the cat and then most of you defended him. I see he has you all fooled. Well I thought I would share some more pictures of our family. They are all random so here goes

This is Peanut going after our girl. No actually they were playing and he jumped up on the couch to try and grab the toy she had

Here is Shelby outside. Mom and Dad let him go outside if they are with him only.

Here he is being carried into the house by mom since he tried to go to far away.

This is our Dad. He's pretty cool but doesn't look to friendly in this picture since he doesn't like having his picture taken

Here is a pic of Peanut. Mom was trying to get a different one but he came and stuck his big nose right in the camera.

This is one of mom's tattoos. She really likes it. I'm a dog I don't really care about tattoos

Here is a better one of me playing with the water from the hose.

Here is one of our boy being silly. He is to much fun most of the time. He likes to pose for the camera.

This is our girl and Raven.

Later Gators

Thursday, May 03, 2007

What to eat

Holy moly mom felt pretty safe about feeding me until just a couple of days ago then she saw this article
Now mom is worried about feeding me my raw meat. Seriously where does it all end and what in the world are we going to eat?

Peanut (who is severly depressed about the situation with food latetly)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

In defense

Really I can't believe Flash on here and posted those pictures. Oh the shame of it all. In defense of myself I was sleeping away on the couch on my pillow and Shelby climbed up on the arm. Mom woke me up to take those pictures. Can't you tell my I just woke up face? Mom thought it was quite amusing but I didn't find it funny at all. I tell you I do not get along with that cat. He is evil and I bark at him as much as I can.

I wanted to say I had so much fun at the pawty this weekend. I got to chat with Ellie and Penny and meet lots of new friends and talk to some older ones (like wally) haha.

So it's been really nice here lately so we've been spending a lot of time outside. Even mom is going outside to play with us. Well the other day we got to play with the hose. Now I don't like water much but if it is coming out of a hose then woo hoo for me. That is when I will play. See Dad squirting me right in the face. Then Flash taking a break from going after it and then me again biting the water. It's so much fun plus it cools a dog off. Now the hose is about the only way I like water besides in my dish. No pools or lakes for me. I am just not a water dog. Flash on the other hand will do anything to get to water. One time Mom and Dad were watering the back lawn and Flash stayed out there the whole time biting at the water coming out of the sprinkler. Then he came inside and peed on the floor. Mom and Dad just laughed at him and said he shouldn't drink so much water. I just know if that would have been me I would have been in major trouble. That guy gets away with so much stuff I couldn't get away with. The pure unfairness of it really gets to me.
Well that is it from here for today.