Monday, October 26, 2009

An update

Okay before I put up the wonderful butt picture the other day we had not blogged in forever. I'm sorry about that. So I thought I would fill you in on what's happened around here.

Flash is still himself. He doesn't do much but hide when the storms come. He did go through a time of not wanting to eat but is all better now. He's still a dorkus though.

Shelby aka fatty aka the stupid cat that lives in this house is still a stupid cat. What more do you need to know about him?

Nothing new with Dad.

Our girl is in the 8th grade and is almost 14 years old. Holy Moly. She thinks she knows everything as most teenagers do but she pets me so I don't care.

Our boy is in the 3rd grade and is almost 9. He went to school for a little while but then there was some big problems with the school and now mom is homeschooling him. He is home almost all the time which is great for me and Flash. Oh and look he gets to read comic books for school. :)

Mom is just as lazy as ever. She never cleans but that is nothing new. If she was any lazier she would be just like Shelby.

As for me I am just as awesome as ever.