Friday, September 07, 2007

Pics and more pics

hey everybody how is it going? We are having tons of fun up at Grandma Careen's house. She has lots of room for us to run around and we get to hang out with Newman and Beautiful. Here are some pictures of us on our trip. Mom says she will put up the scenic pictures soon. You know those ones the humans want to see. We did get to see Grammie. She came up to Grandma Careen's and saw us. Mom delivered the Wally magnet to her also.

Here I am in the car at a stop.

Here is Flash at the same stop. I don't know what he's doing with his tongue.

Here are the cats in the back of the jeep. Sorry suckers had to be in cages. hahahahaha

This is me shoving my nubbie into our girl's neck. I liked to ride like this. She said it wasn't very comfortable.

This is Beautiful(yes that is her name). She decided our girl was a comfortable place to sleep. Our girl didn't even wake up or notice.

This is Flash and Newman. Newman loves the water and can swim for hours. I think he's a little touched in the head. Water is evil.

More pictures in another post asap.


  1. Peanut & Flash!!!

    Thank doG you're alive and loving your visit to Oh Reagan! Looks like you were riding in style. Wish I had thought to send a magnet for you to give to Grammie too (she needs one on her cold eatables box).

    Have fun with Beautiful and Newman and Grandma Careen! When do you move on to your new house?

    Goober love,

    Pee Ess - how are the cats?

  2. PEANUT & FLASH! I missed you guys! Glad you had fun on the car trip & were putting your handsome behind in the face of your girl...shielding her from the wind & draft...mighty nice of you!
    Can't wait to see more pics!
    Love & Licks,

  3. your mom is a good sleeper to sleep right through being laid on by such a big doggy! that looks like a fun way to ride in the car, except I fart a LOT in the car, so not so fun for everyone else.

  4. Auntie Shalon2:07 PM are such an interesting looking fellow

  5. Oh! What a fun time. You guys must be really well behaved to ride in the car so long without being naughty.

    Give kisses to our grammie!


  6. What a fun place where doggies get to sleep on people, as it should be! I think we all need to move there!

  7. is great that ur enjoying urself in d car seat n not being in d cage..

  8. Peeeeeanut! I've missed you so!! I'm so glad you've had a safe trip. Nice wet willy your giving your girl with your nubbin. I love that picture of you sticking your head out the are just so darn handsome!


  9. FLASH!! I love the picture of you! It loks like you're just waking up from a nap. I'm glad you are safe and having fun. I miss you a lot!!

  10. Whoa! I am way behind, but those are some great pictures from your trip! Beautiful IS beautiful (perhaps that's where she got her name! :-) )

  11. Peanut! I ride in the car like that too! It's the best!

  12. Hey Peanut!!!

    So glad you arrived safe and sound. Must have been some wild trip!!! Your grammie must be so happy to see you pups!!! That, well, beautiful. My friend Remmy would love her - he's a Weim too! And that Newman...sounds kinda freaky!

    Hope you have fun on your visits! Lots of Licks, Ruby

  13. Great pics!! You are all sooo cute : )


  14. hello Peanut..this is the first time i ahve been to your blog..I think..actually I know..I would remember a good looking dog like you. I know what it is like to travel in the dad is in the navy and we drove from London ontario to Victoria took a million days...and we had a cat and a big boy and my mom...but it was fun too...i cant wait to stop by and see you agian...bye

  15. Great pictures. Looks like fun!
    Check out my Dog Blog :)