Monday, October 22, 2007

Change of Plans

There has been a huge change of plans. Mom, the kids and all us animals will not be living with Grandma Careen. Something went on between her and mom and as soon as we get a house in Louisiana we will be going there with dad and mom says if that doesn't work out then we will at least be moving out of Grandma Careen's house and living here in Oregon by ourselves. . So unfortunately no getting online regularly anytime soon.

Oh and Grammie has to have her gallbladder out on Wednesday so think about her then.

Hope everyone hasn't forgotten me.



  1. oh what dramatic news, family stuff eh?

    Pleased you are back - thanks for the comments on my Blog tonight, we called in the other day but you had not updated, wondered if you were ok?

    Please send Grammie our best wishes on losing her Gall Bladder - useless darn things Gall Bladders Jeannie says!

    take care Peanut, we will never forget you!

    love and licks, Marv xxxxx

  2. Hi Peanut!
    We're so glad you updated your blog! We were wondering how you were doing! Don't worry - you will never be forgotten!
    We're sending lots of AireZen for your Grammie!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Hi, Peanut
    There is no way we can forget you and your family!
    Sorry to hear about family issues but I am sure you will be fine by yourselves! I hope everything goes well for you all!
    Good vibes for your Grammie!
    Have a good night

  4. well good luck with your moving to louisiana! also good luck on the gall bladder surgeries!?

  5. oh peanut, it has been sometime. i'm wishing your grammie all the best!

    wet wet licks


  6. I hope everthing works out for you all.

    Simba xx

  7. Uh Oh...gotta love family stuff, huh? Sorry things didn't work out but you guys will all be together so it should be OK.

    Good luck to your Grammie...I'm wishing her a speedy recovery!

    Sloppy kisses & wiggly nubbins to you Peanut!


  8. Oh no! Poor Peanut and family. I hope you find a comfortable place to stay with a big yard and regular internet access.

    And I will be keeping all of my paws crossed for Grammie's surgery to go as planned! She's got an amazing sense of humor even though she's having surgery! My kinda gal.

    Take care, guys.


  9. Hi Peanut. It's been a long time and we're so glad to hear from you. Sounds like you guys are pretty wrapped up in family stuff (who isn't??) and mom and I wish you all well. We hope you find a new place very soon and can settle in trouble-free. Good luck to Grammy with her surgery and to your Papa who will be going to Iraq. Please stay in touch and let us know how you're doing. Best wishes to all. xxoxox
    Chef and his Mama

  10. Hi Peanut! We haven't forgotten ya! When you DO get back online, let us know where you are, ok?

    Wuf Ya - Gomer & Opie at DogsAyeView

  11. we wish you the best, sounds like a lot of changes! Your grammie is in our thoughts too! We've had a tough time keeping up this year too!

  12. Hi Peanut,
    Thanks for popping by. We do hope that you find a place soon and that Grammie recovers well after her op. It was nice to hear from you again,
    Jazz and Dixie

  13. Oh no! I hope you figure it all out!


  14. Peanut!!

    We've been having Peanut withdrawl, but glad you're all okay.

    Hope you guys find yourselves somewhere really nice to live. Can't wait to hear about it.

    I just found out about Grammie's surgery (way after the fact), but hope she's back to her "normal" self in no time.

    Goober love & smooches to you and Flash & your mama,

  15. My Mom had her gallbladder out in May and my Grandma Cheese had her's out at the begining of the year some time. There must be something bad going on with gallbladders right now. Tell your Grammie that she is going to feel soooooo good. Mom LOVES not having her gallbladder anymore. The doctor told my Mom he's never seen a gallbladder as bad as her's! Now we know why she didn't feel good a lot of the time!