Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mom's in love

and it's not with dad. It also means we are getting neglected. She is in love with this guy

and he stars in some show called Law and Order Criminal Intent. Well she found out she can watch seasons one through five online through netflix. So she spends most of the day watching them and she's only on season two. Then she's talking about getting season 6 and 7 on dvd when she's done with season 5. She is also going around whining because the last episode for this season is going to be played on Sunday. I can't figure out why she's watching episodes she has already seen but she says they are worth watching again and besides she hasn't seen them all.

I don't know that Flash and I will make it through the amount of neglect we are having to endure. Someone HELP.


  1. He looks like my Daddy(BOL)! I've been singing a song today & it has your name in it Peanut! Do you know what it is?
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  2. I feel your pain, Man. We've also lost Mom for days at a time to L&O. She's got the hots for the SVU guy.


  3. Really? My mom can't watch that show because that guy creeps Mom out. She' snot sure why, she just says that guy gives her the creeps.
    Congratulations on your stain award from Joey!!
    Hi to Flash!!!!!! Thanks for threatening my mom! :)

  4. OMD Peanut my Mom is the exact same way. I can't tell you how many marathon weekends I've had to sit through!!! She also like the guy your Mom likes but her favorite is the other guy...the Sex and the City guy best. I just don't understand!!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  5. w00f's Peanut and Flash, hmmm make her keep a treat bag beside her when she watching that sooo she can give u 2 treats...

    b safe,

  6. Peanut, rent Men in Black for your Mom and I bet she will fall out of love with that guy a little bit, maybe a lot bit.

    But whatever you do, don't let your mom watch Burn Notice because then she'll NEVER pay attention to you and then you'll have to bark at the door like there's someone outside, just to get attention.

    BOL, Biggie-Z

  7. Peanut
    I'm so sowwy..maybe youw mom should come visit me, and see him on my stweet whewe they awe always filming, and that way she can get him out of hew and flash awe way bettew in my opinion(although my Mom watches all those ovew and ovew again too)
    smoochie kisses

  8. Come over here Peanut, you can help me conquer the playroom invader!!!


  9. Don't worry everyone's mom has a favorite star, she still loves your dad the most...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  10. Oh my...ignoring you for him??? Hmm...this calls for desperate action...perhaps CAREFULLY UNPLUGGING THE TV...then chewin' the cord off the more evil TV...and she'll be sooo bored she'll take ya for walkies!!!

    Problem solving Barks...


  11. My mom likes that show too but my dad hates it. Maybe he is jealous!! BOL

    Your friend, Lenny

  12. Aw, Peanut!

    Your mama & my girl sound WAYYYY too much alike. I've noticed that your mama is big on Evil Chinevil (Martha's brother) and practically does the happy dance every time he posts, and now I see your mama has similar tastes in men as my girl.

    It's kind of scary how obssessive the hoomans get with the TV, but it happens.

    Do you need us to send you supplies? Are you being fed?

    Let me know.

    Goober love & smooches,

  13. Wasn't he the bad guy in some movie? "The Cell" I think it was.

  14. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Poor neglected Peanut...maybe you could chew the cables on the t.v. and DVD player...? XOXO Peanut

  15. Guys I feel your pain! My mom does this to me too. But she does this with L&o, L&o:SVU and the one with this cutie pie. Oh and don't even get us started on the Gilmore Girls. Then she makes us watch NCIS over and over and over because she has a crush on the main character Gibbs. Hmmm I wonder is there a L&O Anonymous for our moms????

    My Sympathies,

  16. Hi, Peanut!
    She will be watching him no matter what your opinion is so, go to the fridge, open it, take something yummy and join her on the couch!
    Kisses and hugs

  17. Try being as obnoxious as you can be whenever that dumb show is on. Sit right in front of the TV and look at your mom and bark real loud. Slobber on the TV screen and lay down and pretend your gonna barf dinner. We've got lots more things but they're so disgusting that you usually get thrown out in the back paddock.
    - TBH

  18. Try being as obnoxious as you can be whenever that dumb show is on. Sit right in front of the TV and look at your mom and bark real loud. Slobber on the TV screen and lay down and pretend your gonna barf dinner. We've got lots more things but they're so disgusting that you usually get thrown out in the back paddock.
    - TBH

  19. OMD! Grammie loves this guy and his show. She could watch it over and over again. We have had to sit through hours of it sometimes. I think she has seen some of those shows a gadzillion times. Grammie says, "quit whining Peanut, you big doof. Dont' you remember how many shows we watched when we were at your house. Pappy was even starting to whine." That is a good picture of him. Maybe we could blow it up and wallpaper a room in it.

  20. Mom loves this show too, all of the Law and Orders! SHe watches them online, on her iPod on the tv...its endless!

  21. That's quite a dashing man there. Can understand why your mom's been neglecting you there...

  22. Oh dear... I hope you get your mom back soon

    ~ Girl girl

  23. Oh dear, I hope she remembers to feed you occassionally.

    Simba x

  24. maybe you shud chew up the shiny dvds so they dont play anymore! then you wud get your mom back i bet... but you mite not want her then cuz she'll be reelly mad!

  25. Our mom loves that show and she thinks he is a cutey and she also said she wouldn't throw him out of bed either - what ever that means.

    Seriously mom - there is no room for him in our bed!

  26. He is pretty hot. :)

  27. That sounds like our family and Lost. That's all they do.


  28. Peanut,
    Rent the movie "Full Metal Jacket". He plays the "pyscho marine" and it's totally different than how you see him now!


  29. I like him too... I had NO idea he was the crazy marine in full metal jacket. As soon as I read that (above comment) I instantly saw it.

  30. He was also the BUG in Men in Black!!! Our servant likes him too. No time for her to do anything but write these days, but that's just as bad.

    wags from the whippets

  31. Ha! He's a good actor and does creepy really well!

    wally t.