Thursday, January 15, 2009

a video

Okay my told me I had to tell you she isn't really old. She is only 33. Also I want to say I'm sorry to Grammie for saying you are over 900 years old. I hope you don't ever hold that against me in the treat department.

We want to share this video of when dad came home.

We've been spending time with dad so not much blogging for us but now he's been home for a little while and we will be back to updating more.
Flash will actually be back tomorrow for Flash Friday.


  1. Mom is leaking again -

    Too much leaking today -

    Enjoy the rest of your special time!

    PeeEssWoo: I'm not khrying because of the thoughts of your treats being withheld!

  2. How fun!! Homecomings are the best. Thanks for sharing the video with us, and enjoy each moment together to the max!

  3. w00f's Peanut and Flash, heehee dat wuz a very cool iz sooo happy ur daddy iz back home wiff all of u...

    b safe,

  4. Hi, Peanut!
    My mom was crying with joy too!
    Thanks for sharing the video!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Flash cracks us up! Great video but why is your Mom never in any? We know she's old and all but still.


  6. EVERYONE is so excited that Dad is home!! So cool!! You guys soak it up and don't worry about us.




    Peanut & Flash & all your peoples - I wish you all a fantastic lazy rest of the YEAR so you can hang out with your Daddy!!!

    love & licks,

  8. DUH! OF COURSE you guys all want to spend time with your dad and your mama! Take your time, we won't forget you and we'll still be here.

    My girl was totally doing that laughing and crying thing while watching the video. We pups totally just show how we feel, don't we?! No denying that you two LOVE your dad!

    Thanks for making our day, and for clarifying that your mama is not ancient!

    Goober love & welcome home smooches for your dad,

  9. That's so nice that your dad is back. ;)

    ~ Bae

  10. Everyone wanted to get daddy's attention it seems. We are happy for you too.


  11. The boy sounds more excited than you or Flash and the two of you were pretty excited.
    Grammie says to forget about the comment about her age. She probably is actually that old considering where she is from.

  12. Peanut, dude, you went a little cracker dog when your dad came home, I think.

    Looking at the size of your dad's back-pack, maybe next time he could put you in there and bring you along.


    P.S. Your mom is only 33? That's only two years older than my human brother. That must make my mom 987 years old.

  13. What a wonderful homecoming. Thanks for sharing with us.
    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  14. Hi Peanut!
    That is a wonderful video! You all look soo happy to see your dad! It must be great having him home!

  15. WOOHOO!!! Flash, I think you almost wagged your tail off!!! Your boy seemed very excited, too. I'm glad your Dad is home! It's okay if you don't get to post much, we know you guys are pretty busy getting caught up with your Dad.

  16. OH! 1 more thing! My Mom says 33 is not old and if I ever think that, then in 3 years when Mom is 33 she's going to wrap my tail around my nose and tie it in a knot.
    I think she'd do it, too!

  17. Hi, Peanut...

    What a great Homecoming...Thanks for sharing the video...

    Your Dad's backpack is huge...I was wondering if he was gonna get in the door...

    We have a big Homecoming pretty soon, too...Rosco's Dad is on his way home right how...My human sister, Chrissy went to meet him at Fort Stewart, Georgia...

    We can't wait to see him...It's really hard when the Dad's have to go away...

    Abby xxxooo

  18. Having Dad home would make anybody's day. Ya enjoy your time together...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  19. oooooooooooooh what a lovely and happy video!

    Your Dad is so so so so just handsome in his uniform and back pack, and you are all so pleased to see him home. My J has LES, which translated into Dog, means, Leaky Eyes Syndrome.

    I am so happy for you.

    Oh and my Jeannie says she is scared now, because your Ma is not much older than her oldest daughter, my human sissy.

    Except, my Jeannie was a child bride and gave birth to her three pups at a very young age, so possibly nothing to fret about............. ;0DDDDDDD

    Take care of your Pa, he is a good man.

    lots of love, Marvin and Jeannie xxxxxxxx

    Your friends from the UK.

  20. We're smiling through tears here, guys! Enjoy your dad being home!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  21. Peanut & Flash were so glad to see their daddy again!!

    Have a great time with your dad guys!!

  22. that is some serious tail wagging going on there.


  23. I can see you pups were super excited! I'm happy for you just watching. Your dad must be super strong to carry that backpack. It was huge! I think both of you could fit in it!


  24. It's great to see you have your dad home for a little while!

    Have fun!

    Butt wiggles, Meadow

  25. OH DOGZ YOU MADE MY MOMMA LEAK AGAIN!! I think you could both fit in that backpack next time. Either that or lie on top of him and NEVER MOVE and he can't go anywhere again.

    P.S. I can't believe your Mom is only 33? How many paws and claws is that? My Momma is ANCIENT then, and my Grammas must be like a thousand years old. They look pretty good for 1000 though.