Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's about time

Oh my goodness we are getting no help in blogging at all. Mom says she is busy with her 5 college classes. Then last week she went into the dollar general and applied for a job. The manager hired her right there but they have to do a background check and mom hasn't heard anything back from them. She is going around the house saying they probably don't want her to work now but it would be nice if they told her that.
Anyway we missed blogging about Flash's adoption day last week and he is complaining about the fact that he hasn't been able to blog in forever so mom promised to help him on friday.

Now on to what you all want to hear about My mortal enemy. Okay well mom says it is more of my nemesis but I like mortal enemy better so that is what I go with. Now you all know how I can open almost anything. The fridge (which is why there is a babylock on it). The oven and the broiler. I can open doors sometimes also. Well mom and dad had the trash can on top of the fridge but my boy couldn't reach it and was leaving trash just whenever. Then they put it in the laundry room but even with a baby guard on the door knob I would sometimes get it open and help myself. So mom went searching for trash cans. She bought this thing.

Now we've had it for a little while and I hate it. I wouldn't even allow her to put up a picture of the real one that resides in our house. It is awful. I can not get that thing open no matter how hard I try. Mom actually laughs at me now when I try. Let me tell you. I am not happy. I am not happy at all. My goal is to get into this trash can and get the yummy goodness inside but so far it hasn't worked.
Okay mom is making me put a link to the trash can. Here it is. Oh and she also wanted to point out that it comes with stuff to anchor it to a wall but she hasn't used that and I still can't get it open. She says it was really expensive but it was worth every penny. I think she should have spent her money on something else.


  1. Why did your mom bother to spend so much on something like this? She could have used the money to buy you more food so that you will not be so hungry that you have to help yourself to whatever that is in the trash cans. Sigh... Hoomans....


  2. Hi, Peanut...

    OMdoG...That's alot of money for a garbage can...

    My Mom says she is glad I don't try to get in the garbage...

    Abby xxxooo

  3. Our people keep the trash behind a door and unlike most dogs, we've never tried to open that door. Obviously, we need to review the rules to being a dog.

    Princess Eva

  4. w00f's, so far me hasnt helped me self to the trash can...i got faith in u pups, u will figure out a way to git it open..

    b safe,

  5. Hi, Peanut!!
    The ad says that "it is possible"... Keep trying!
    I hope they call your mom soon!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. Now I know why you call it your mortal enemy. Just remember it's mortal, so it might not last...

  7. Peanut
    What a monstew ! That's just not faiw using technologie to keep you away fwom yummies..not faiw at all.
    I hope youw Mom gets that job and you'll have less snoopewvised time to wowk on opening it. good luck
    smoochie kisses

  8. Poor big guy. Whatever are you to do? Maybe you can talk the boy into leaving you garbage all over the house.

  9. WHAT?! Your mom spent her money on the expensive trash can rather than on new toys and treats for you?!!! Good luck with the new trash can.. hopefully you can figure out a way to crack it open and your mom will realise it's not that fantastic afterall!! :)

  10. Dude,
    Your my hero! You can open the broiler??? I wouldn't even worry about a danged old trash can.

    But maybe you can try scratching it to death?

  11. Foiled by that missing opposable thumb thingie again!?!

    Keep trying! I'm sure woo'll khrakhk it someday!

    PeeEssWoo: Mom says tank woo fur making her feel old!

  12. Maybe if you push it down some stairs it will break open? We are very impressed by your ability to open things!

  13. You are going to need a tin opener!

    Simba and Jazzi xxx

  14. That is like the Fort Knox of trash cans! I'm surprised there isn't a padlock too!

    Good luck to your mom about her job!


  15. Wow! You poor guys got the mother of trash cans! I hope our mom never buys one of these for our house! Sometimes Mitch tries to nose our lid open but he's been unsuccessful at stealing anything so far!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  16. Of all of the injustices in the world, this one ranks at the top, Peanut. I'm almost wordless.

    You are one smart guy, and when you figure out how to open the thing, I shudder to think who will be the first one you put in there once it's emptied.

  17. We think you need to figure out how to drop it from somewhere so that it breaks! Thank goodness our parents haven't bought one of those things.. we like to get in the trash when there are wing bones in there and split them up between the three of us! It drives mom and dad crazy!!!
    The Puppies

  18. Humans are so foolish. Here you are, ready to help recycle, compost, reuse. Ready to do your job and then... we're with you, bud.

    wags from the expanded waggle of whippets

  19. I think you have to push it down to the stairs.

  20. As Tanner would say, WTF? I mean, imagine how much more trash will go in the landfill now if you can't eat it? Haven't they heard of going green??!??!!

  21. Personally, I think your Mom should have spent that money on more treats and toys for Flash instead of a dumb trash can! Parents don't think things through completely I think.

  22. oh poor you! What is it with humans, always wanting to buy boring stuff like this!

    Sorry I am late commenting, been trying to catch up with all the blogs the past few days!

    losaluv, Marvin in Sunny Scotland xxxxxxx

  23. Ya know, Peanut, maybe your mom should consider how smart you are without even going to all those college classes and whatnot. Yuh, you could totally be Prof. Peanut and make lots of money teaching stuff.


  24. Hee hee,
    the barn is nicer than OUR house!


  25. Oh dang. I guess you'll have to focus all your energies on opening the fridge.

    wally t.

    ps. My ma ape is looking into one of these cans. She puts the trash up on a counter when she leaves but doesn't think it is the most sanitary solution.

  26. Oh dear ...

    You knows what, our hoomans put a brick on our trash-ies. Much too heavy to nose 'em open these days ... :p

    Guess you're not the only one kept out of the trash :P

    Licks and wags

    The Dog WOods Pack

  27. Misery hides the rubbish bin in silly places. She puts it in the shower or on top of the tumble dryer and then shuts the door.

    Such a nuisance. I so like to find buttery paper and snotty tissues.


  28. you are a super stealthy dog, Peanut. that's why your mom has to do these crazy things to lock you out of stuff. we don't know why you just can't get into the trash. it sound perfectly fine to us.


  29. Ooh that trash can looks unfriendly. Kind of secretive and not able to open up...sounds like a bummer to me. Your mom should return it. My mom changed all her garbage cans right away when I moved in. What's with moms and garbage cans?


  30. Wow!! How rude. I'm too short to get into our garbage can.

    We miss you!!


  31. Oh Peanut, that is the worst contraption I have ever seen. How about calling 1-800-Got-Junk? to see if they'll haul it away?

    xoxo - Bella