Friday, December 01, 2006

My poor dad

Okay I wasn't able to get on the computer yesterday. My dad had to go to physical training (he's in the army) where they were playing basketball. Well my dad was playing defense and came down wrong on his leg and broke his tibia (I have no idea what that is but dad says it hurts) and may have ruputred some tendons in his knee. I have to try and be really good around dad since he is in major pain and I have a tendency to not know what I am doing when I want to play. He has these things called crutches and I defintely want to play with those but when I try he yells at me. I feel sorry for dad. Pain isn't nice but hey mom says he has drugs. Well I am off to take care of Dad as best as I can. I will write more later hopefully.


  1. Oh, your poor dad! take really good care of him!

  2. ah peanut, give kisses and hugs to your dad for my behalf! maybe u wanna share your tripe with your dad too? LOL

    wet wet licks


  3. Poor dad! Sending boxer healing vibes your way!