Saturday, December 16, 2006

Nothing much

Nothing much is happening around here. Just everyday stuff. Dad got a new knee brace yesterday. It is the one he was supposed to have but they didn't have any in until now. He is walking much better.
Can someone please tell my mom to stop stressing? She bothers Dad about 12 million times a day about moving. Should they buy, should they rent? Ah it is interferring with my nap time.
Oh and to Bella, Yes colorado is closer to Oregon so maybe one day I will make it there. We will see I suppose. Mom says we won't be able to go there right away since we can't take that much time since my kids have to go to school. Dad would like to go he hasn't been there in about 6 years and it has been over 3 for mom and the kids. Mom has a niece who will be 3 next year that she has never seen.
It was cold here a few days ago and when it's really cold Mom and Dad don't let me stay outside as long as I would like. The past couple of days have been warmer so I've been able to be out more. I like it outside. Hopefully Colorado is nice. Mom says she worries about me breathing there with my smooshed up face but Dad says I should do fine.
That's the 411 from here for now.


  1. hey peanut, you are back online and writing again! was wondering where you have been hiding!

    okay, i have tagged you for a x'mas tag game. go to my blog to find out more.

    wet wet licks


  2. Peanut, you have my sympathy. My hooomans are selling our house and now all I hear is No Scrappy! Apparently I am now not allowed to have all my toys out at once!

    tail wags

  3. You're It!