Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Vet and DR

Well Mom took Flash to the vet the day after he came home to get checked out after his adventure. The pain still won't tell me where he was. But the vet said he looked good. I laughed and told him that's what he gets for running off.

My dad went to see the Dr. today. Back in November Dad hurt his knee. Turns out he tore his ACL and some other stuff in there. So today was the appt with the "cutter" as Dad called him. Mom told me that Dad's appt for surgery is in March and when Dad comes home I have to be very gentle with him. I'm a dog not an idiot and I was good when Dad had surgery on his other knee. Geez she has no faith in me I don't think.

Also it seems like we won't be moving as soon as we thought if the Army will listen to the DR. He doesn't want Dad leaving here until 6 months after the surgery so we will see what happens.

Oh and Flash played with me yesterday. . It was nice.

Also Mom bought Flash and I one of those bones in the picture. We got the Souper size in Bacon. One for me and one for Flash They are nylabone Healthy edibles. They were good, good. But Mom says at $5 a piece we won't be getting them that often considering we each ate our in less then 20 minutes. So she said she is going to order us some more bully sticks. Woo Woo I can't wait for those to get here.


  1. Peanut,

    I had no idea you were so big! Really, 79 lbs! Wow! Mommy used to give me those yummy bone things...but I ate them too fast too. So now she gives me my giant bison bones and it takes me weeks to chew through one of those guys! Mmm...speaking of, I'm not sure where I left it. I better go find it!

    Nubbily Wiggles,
    Ellie the Boxer

  2. hey hey peanut! if those big bones were reelly tasty then they are a bargain! only 25 cents a minute!

  3. We chew the souper size, too. But ours last for months, because we get the hard plasticy kind. We still like them, though - bacon flavor!

  4. My dog also ate one of these super size bones in about fifteen minutes.