Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Pictures Pictures

Okay here is a picture of Flash. Mom said I had to put one up of him by himself.
Me and my jolly ball. Mom says she will get a better picture of me carrying it around by the handle.

Me and Flash hanging out on our "love couch" that is what my boy calls it.

Me outside last summer. That is a 4 ft fence. I'm a big and handsome boy my mom says.

This is me last year after dad woke me up from my nap.

Well no new digital camera yet but my mom did get the old one to take this picture of me today. I am hanging out on the couch with my boy since he is home sick from school. Also my mom found this cool picture thing through google called picasa and it found pictures on the computer she didn't even know she had so we are going to try and add some of them here. Sorry that the newest one is coming out on the bottom. Mom can't figure out how to get them to go where she wants and I'm just a dog I have to let her do somethings. They are all from last year expect this one with my boy. See you can see the part of his head. So enjoy the pictures of me and maybe one of Flash. :)


  1. Hey Peanut,
    Thanks for visiting our blog! Is it ok to put your blog link on our page?? You & Flash are so handsome. Is it warm in KY right now? We finally have warm weather (30's) here in Iowa. Our snow is finally melting, hehehehe. Your Mama can email our Mama at to ask her about a coat for you. Mama has made coats for other large dogs-airedales, black labs, etc. Did you see the bubbleshare in the sidebar on our blog? It shows pics of some of Mama's doggie customers that ordered special things. Hope to see more pictures of you on your posts!
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  2. I see your Mom likes to take pictures just like my mom does. If your Mom is anything like my mom, as soon as the new camera is out of the box and she figures out how to turn it on, you'll constantly be seeing flashes go off or woken up from naps to gett funny pictures taken of you and other crazy stuff. It does give you fun stuff to put on your blog though and I have noticed if the camera is pointed at me, that usually means I'm being good or doing something cute. The camera is pointed at me a BUNCH! I have to go take another nap now. My birthday made me a very tired dog. Bye!

  3. Hello Peanut, Thanks for dropping by my blog. You look like one cool dude. J x

  4. Hey there... first time visiting/commenting. LOVE the pictures! What cute doggies!

  5. Hey Peanut,
    You look handsome in the pictures.
    Me and my hoomans enjoyed seeing them.
    It's cool that we both have couches.

    Love and Licks
    Texas (and his humans).

  6. i almost forgot you actually look a lot like texas!!!

    wet wet licks


  7. You are one KEWL dog!! I am happy your Mom got that camera ....but get ready for pics, pics, and more pics!!!

  8. Peanut,

    Your pictures inspired me to try sleeping on Mommy's couch. This was not a good plan and it made her very upset. Particularly when I tried it several times in a row, then I tried to sneak up when she wasn't looking. Oops! Now Mommy's giving me treats for laying on the floor or in my bed. I guess that works too! But I have to say, for the 45 combined total seconds I was on the couch this was pretty comfy!

    Nubbily Wiggles,
    Ellie the Boxer

    ps: did I tell you my Mommy is doing WW too. The army is making her. If you mommy needs ideas tell her to email my mommy at!

  9. Hi Peanut,
    Thanks for visiting our blog. I see that your people like to take pictures of you right when you wake up from naps. Why do people do that? I don't think they would like for us to do that to them.

    He he. It's funny that Kiko used to make holes in the sheets too. I think after my girl was done yelling at me for the tissues, she was too tired to yell at me for the bed. From now on, I'll do a whole lot of naughty things at the same time. You only get in trouble once.

  10. Peanut - thank you for offering to share your CUZ toys! Mom actually went to the store and got me my very own!!

    Nice blog - Mom want's to know how tall are you! (She always goes for tall guys).

    Have a great weekend!

    Wet nose smooches - Dory

  11. Peanut - I love your face! I just want to lick it, that's how cute you are.

    Flash isn't bad either.

    I've linked you from my blog.

    ♥ Saidie

  12. Hi Peanut! Thanks for visiting my blog. You and Flash have a big couch! It looks very comfy. I'm still working on Mom and Dad to get me one, but I don't know if it's gonna happen. Mom said something about money and space. Whatever, I want my own couch!

    I like your pictures. You're a handsome guy. Can't wait to see more when your mom gets the new camera.


  13. Hey Peanut!

    How on earth did you manage to find Bear's Blog?

    I'm linking you up...we big dogs have to stick together!!

  14. Hi Peanut,
    Lucky Pups, you have a love sofa!

  15. Hi Peanut! You are a big and handsome boy. Thanks for droppin' by my blog with birthday greetings.

    I just switched to DGP from another natural pain reliever. I'll let you know how it works out! I have some arthritis in my hips and some spondylosis in the spine but not really serious pain. Mostly just old man stuff. For inflammation I also eat cherries or my apes put cherry concentrate on my food.

    I'll be visiting your blog some more!


  16. Hey Peanut! Thanks for reading our blog! In case you didn't see our response to your question - Ft. Riley was GREAT! When Dad retired from the Army, we stayed right next door in Manhattan - that should tell you a little something! There are all kinds of cool places to walk on post or if you live off-post in JC or Manhattan, there are cool parks around!
    Are you at Knox? Or Campbell? Our mom and dad were married at Knox WAY before our time. Keep us posted as to where you're PCSing! Oh! And we hope your dad's knee heals up well!
    Tail wags,