Friday, February 16, 2007

uh Yuck

Okay I didn't update this week because Mom had to switch over to the other version of blogger and something wasn't working right. We seem to have gotten it fixed though.

Hmm well what happened last week. Mom bought me a new jolly ball. It is smaller then my last one but hey it's a jolly ball. There have been no bully sticks delivered to the house. I don't know what is going on with mom.

Dad has been on the computer all the time so I haven't had much time. He is looking for a bow to buy. He doesn't hunt but likes to shoot a bow. I don't understand him but I love him anyway.

Mom bought us these lights that she clips onto our collars at night and then they blink. She says it makes it easy to see us when it's dark and we are out in the yard. She told me she got them so she could see Flash to make sure he doesn't run away again but figured he would feel bad if he had to wear it by himself so she got me one too. To bad she gave him the red,white and blue one and gave me one that Flashes pink and green. I am a man I don't want a pink and green flashing light.

Oh yeah and mom ordered a new digital camera so she says she will be taking some new pictures of all of us and posting them for everyone to see once it gets here.

Keep your paws crossed those bully sticks show up soon. I am drooling just thinking about them.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Does that Weight Watchers thing really work for your mom? My mom is thinking about it but isn't sure. She has to be careful of what she eats cause she is diabetic but allergic to anything with aspertame (Nutrasweet) so finds it hard dieting. When your mom get her camera could she post a picture of your jolly ball? I'm not sure what one of those is.


  2. Wimsey9:17 PM

    Hello Peanut! I feel for you with the flashing collar. My human bought one for me that has flashing dogs running around it and my regular flat collar she bought me a red one - she said it looks good against the black. I am looking forward to seeing some more pictures of you. I saw the one of you and Flash from your first post, and I must say you are quite the handsome fellow and your brother is a cute boy too. Hope your bully sticks come soon.


  3. You are a flasher!

  4. Hey there Peanut! You think you have it bad, but my mama bought a pink collar and leash for me! PINK! Everyone can see it! It has little lime green crocodiles on it. All my guy friends make fun of me at the dog park, and the humans all ask my mom if I'm a girl.


  5. Hiya Peanut,
    I can so sympathize with you about the bully stick. I just so love them and when I don't have one it seems like forever till I get one.
    Paws & Kisses,
    Maggie Rose