Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I've been busy

Well I haven't written because I have been busy playing with Flash. We have been at it nonstop. It's nice to have him home. He brought back fleas though. Yuck
Mom took me for a walk yesterday all by myself. It was fun but cold.
Well it looks like the army has said we aren't going to Colorado anymore. Now they have us moving to Kansas. Mom is so not excited. She says the only good thing is that our neighbor (though she wasn't mine since I wasn't born yet) from Colorado named Heather is there and mom would like to see her again. Anyone reading this from Kansas? But we are still waiting to see if they don't make us move because of Dad's knee.
Hmm I got to paw the cat today. Mom yelled at me but hey I can't help it. I wanted to play. Raven wasn't thrilled with the idea though.
Well I am off to play with Flash some more or maybe take a nap since it looks like Flash is sleeping.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Vet and DR

Well Mom took Flash to the vet the day after he came home to get checked out after his adventure. The pain still won't tell me where he was. But the vet said he looked good. I laughed and told him that's what he gets for running off.

My dad went to see the Dr. today. Back in November Dad hurt his knee. Turns out he tore his ACL and some other stuff in there. So today was the appt with the "cutter" as Dad called him. Mom told me that Dad's appt for surgery is in March and when Dad comes home I have to be very gentle with him. I'm a dog not an idiot and I was good when Dad had surgery on his other knee. Geez she has no faith in me I don't think.

Also it seems like we won't be moving as soon as we thought if the Army will listen to the DR. He doesn't want Dad leaving here until 6 months after the surgery so we will see what happens.

Oh and Flash played with me yesterday. . It was nice.

Also Mom bought Flash and I one of those bones in the picture. We got the Souper size in Bacon. One for me and one for Flash They are nylabone Healthy edibles. They were good, good. But Mom says at $5 a piece we won't be getting them that often considering we each ate our in less then 20 minutes. So she said she is going to order us some more bully sticks. Woo Woo I can't wait for those to get here.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Flash is home

WOO WOO. We are all so happy. Flash is home. Mom and Dad and my babies were out eating dinner when they got a call from the nice lady across the street. She said Flash was outside our house running around so her and the neighborhood kids were going to try and get him. Well the family threw their food into boxes and hightailed it home as fast as they could. When they got here Flash was in the yard. Yea that he stayed. He was stinky, and dirty and a little skinny but my little brother is home. Mom gave him a bath and a little food and he is sleeping on the couch. He doesn't really want to play with me yet but Mom says he probably will in a few days when he isn't as tired.
Thanks everyone for the good doggie thoughts. Mom says they worked.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

An update

Well today Mom and Dad went to the humane society and the dog pound. No Flash at either one. Mom also contacted some other places. Flash wasn't there either. Other then that there is no news.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Still no news

Flash still isn't home. Mom has called the humane society and the vets office again and we have been checking the paper. Flash is still gone. I don't like going out in the yard by myself. I really don't know what to do without him. I keep going in his kennel and laying down. I will update again in a couple of days. Hopefully it will be good news by then.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Picture of Flash

This is my brother Flash. He is still missing.

Monday, January 08, 2007

My Brother is missing

I know I haven't updated my blog for awhile and for that I am sorry. I have been reading everyones though. I've just been a lazy Peanut.
But can everyone think good thoughts for my little brother Flash. He got out of the fence last night. Stupid guy goes under it and he hasn't come home yet. Mom has called the vet clinic here on post and the humane society off post and so far neither place has him. He does have a microchip so we are hoping someone will find him and turn him in. Mom says she also put an ad in the paper that will appear tomorrow.
Think great doggie thoughts because he went into the woods that are behind our house and on the other side of those is a 4 lane highway. There are a couple fences in between though.
Well I am going back to the backyard to see if maybe he will show up. Mom and Dad had to drag me in last night because I didn't want to come in without Flash.