Sunday, February 25, 2007

What I've been doing

Hey thought I would update you all. My mom got her camera so she's been taking pictures. Plus I got BULLY STICKS. Yep you read that right. The Bully sticks came and they are 3 ft long. The perfect size. So I have been chewing, chewing, chewing. Pictures will be up tomorrow of me and the bully sticks. Then you can all be jealous.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Pictures Pictures

Okay here is a picture of Flash. Mom said I had to put one up of him by himself.
Me and my jolly ball. Mom says she will get a better picture of me carrying it around by the handle.

Me and Flash hanging out on our "love couch" that is what my boy calls it.

Me outside last summer. That is a 4 ft fence. I'm a big and handsome boy my mom says.

This is me last year after dad woke me up from my nap.

Well no new digital camera yet but my mom did get the old one to take this picture of me today. I am hanging out on the couch with my boy since he is home sick from school. Also my mom found this cool picture thing through google called picasa and it found pictures on the computer she didn't even know she had so we are going to try and add some of them here. Sorry that the newest one is coming out on the bottom. Mom can't figure out how to get them to go where she wants and I'm just a dog I have to let her do somethings. They are all from last year expect this one with my boy. See you can see the part of his head. So enjoy the pictures of me and maybe one of Flash. :)

Sunday, February 18, 2007


That is what is happening here. No camera so mom can take my picture. No bully sticks to chew on. Nothing Nothing Nothing. I'm so bored.

Friday, February 16, 2007

uh Yuck

Okay I didn't update this week because Mom had to switch over to the other version of blogger and something wasn't working right. We seem to have gotten it fixed though.

Hmm well what happened last week. Mom bought me a new jolly ball. It is smaller then my last one but hey it's a jolly ball. There have been no bully sticks delivered to the house. I don't know what is going on with mom.

Dad has been on the computer all the time so I haven't had much time. He is looking for a bow to buy. He doesn't hunt but likes to shoot a bow. I don't understand him but I love him anyway.

Mom bought us these lights that she clips onto our collars at night and then they blink. She says it makes it easy to see us when it's dark and we are out in the yard. She told me she got them so she could see Flash to make sure he doesn't run away again but figured he would feel bad if he had to wear it by himself so she got me one too. To bad she gave him the red,white and blue one and gave me one that Flashes pink and green. I am a man I don't want a pink and green flashing light.

Oh yeah and mom ordered a new digital camera so she says she will be taking some new pictures of all of us and posting them for everyone to see once it gets here.

Keep your paws crossed those bully sticks show up soon. I am drooling just thinking about them.

Friday, February 09, 2007

I'm back and better then ever

Oh I know I haven't been on here but mom says I've been being bad (I like to bark at shelby a lot lately among other things) so no computer for me. It's been cold cold cold here so I haven't been spending much time outside. I go out and potty run around the yard a couple times with Flash and come inside for the most part. Sometimes my gimpy dad comes outside and throws my jolly ball for me.
Speaking of Jolly Balls I need a new one. I hope mom gets on that soon. The handle is broken on mine.
Hmm what's going on here. We are waiting to see if we are really moving to Kansas. Hopefully we should know soon. Mom needs to know. This maybe we will and maybe we won't (because of dad's knee) stuff drives her crazy. She was already a little crazy but don't tell her I said that.
Dad gets his knee surgery in about 3 more weeks. They took him off his painkillers and he is a little more crabby then normal.
My kids are doing good. My girl is going to be in some sort of show at school. She is doing a dance. She shows me what she learned when she comes home from practice but since I'm a dog I don't get to go watch. My boy is home sick today. His nose is all snotty and he's coughing.
My mom joined weight watchers and has lost 11 lbs in 4 weeks. She's pretty happy and you know what they when mom is happy everyone is happy.
Flash is still with us. I of course am glad (even if he does annoy me). He is doing good.
Mom said something about getting a tax return, which I understand is money, and how she might buy us a whole box of bully sticks. I sure hope so. They are my favorite chewy.
Hmm well that is it from here. I am off to read the blogs of my buddies and catch up on what is going on in your lives. Hopefully mom won't kick me off the computer anymore.