Sunday, June 29, 2008

Stains and crooked curtains

So mom and my boy have been spending lots of time at their friends house. Mom is friends with the mom and the boy is friend with the boys there. The boys come to our house but the mom doesn't because the stupid fat cat makes her itch.
So mom and our boy left and I decided that I had been left alone with Flash quite enough. You know he's kind of boring and doesn't want to play as much as me.
So I did this

and this

and this also

Now my dear friends I know you are wondering how I could make such wonderful stains. Well my dear mother was not using her brain as usual and left a 6 pack of orange pop (or soda for some of you) on the stove. Being as everything on the stove needs to be investigated to see if I want to eat it. I took it off and drug the cans all around in the living room and bite holes in 3 of them. The other 3 were safe. I can only drink so much pop at once and not being my dad my limit is not 24 mountain dews in one day.
Pop left where it is supposed to be under the turtle table is never bothered by me. You would think the woman would learn.
Oh and for good measure I did this to the curtains.

I bent the rod and actually ripped the hook right out of the wall. Sometimes I even amaze myself. :)


  1. that takes talent!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  2. It takes skill to bend one end and not have them fall down. Good job!!

    Princess Eva

  3. I like your style Peanut!!

  4. Hi, Peanut!
    I guess you were really bored!
    Did your mom make you clean those orange stains?? Or repair the curtains?? I hope not!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Peanut that was a good job you did my friend. Question....did you sit back and watch with a smug smile while your mom fixed all your "mistakes"??? Which were really her fault since she left you?? I am impressed I must admit. Thanks for sharing your talents!!!

    body wags,

  6. Wow, I'm in awe!! Nice job with the curtains! Now was that orange pee you did from drinking the pop, or just the pop? Orange pee-pop would be pretty awesome.

    Mom thinks I peed on the floor because she can smell it, but she can't find it. Sometimes invisible pee can come in handy too ;)

  7. I sense a stain award in your future!!! GREAT job!

  8. Holy Moley! We hope you didn't get into major trouble, Peanut!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  9. hi Peanut, that's some destruction you are doing, kiddo. we're proud of you. maybe your mom will take her with you next time. (then you can destroy her friend's house-heehee)


  10. Ooooh! you did some really good damage! Stella is totally impressed...she was also looking a little inspired which makes me kinda nervous!

  11. Your poor mom. I have heard it is difficult to parent a child who's smarter than the parent and that is obviously the case here. It's really too bad that humans are mentally challenged and canines are so superior.


  12. w00f's peanut and flash, me iz sooo impressed peanut, soda cans andddd the curtains...u wuz shure busy..watt did flash do when u wuz helpin ur mom wiff the housework??

    b safe,

  13. Utt Ohhh! Orange soda isn't for dogs... It tastes yuckie and still went in for 2 more cans.

    I hope your mom can shampoo that out.

  14. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You are pawesome, Peanut! Was your pee an orange color?

    You simply amaze me with your strength. Way to bend the curtain and rip the hook off the wall!

  15. Oh you are truly trying to get Mom's attention there. So did it work??

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  16. Wow! I'm impressed. I've never been a soda fellow myself but I did once get out a container of soup and eat it. And last time my grandparents were here they said I was scarily diabolical because I got out a tin of sardines, opened it and ate them. I bet together you and I could really whip up some fantastic meals.


  17. Peanut
    I am twuly amazed..that desewves an awawd fwom Joe Stains!!!!
    Excellent wowk!
    Tell youw Mommi , that I'm stawting a salon wif Mewv..Stanley's cat, and Petey, and we'll come and do hew haiw if she wants!
    smoochie kisses

  18. Gads and double gads,

    You were one busy fella. What is the matter with my sister that she would take off and leave you like that. She gets all she deserves for being so thoughtless.

  19. Way to go Peanut! That took alot of planning. Meeka rolled a can of Coke around the kitchen once. Mom wasn't thrilled. By the time she got home the floor and the cabinets were all sticky.

  20. Oh man, great mischiefs, Peanut! That was a lot of pop. How much belching did you do? Did you explode? Good job on the curtain rod. How the heck did you do that?


  21. You rock and give us ideas! Good going Peanut! We bow before your incredible ability to disembowel a house in one fell swoop! You rock!

  22. You are truly one talented dog, Peanut! Hats off to you!

  23. Well that will teach them.

    Simba x

  24. Nice party, dude. I'll bet those soda cans were like firecrackers once you punctured them. Hope your mom has a sense of humor...


  25. Oh MY GOsh
    You are enterprising!!!!

  26. VERY impressive. Mom heard about this before and we defended you, don't worry.


  27. Holy cow Peanut!! Please say she learned her lesson and doens't leave you guys alone anymore!

  28. Wow, That is Great job!

    Wish we coul do something like that.

    Boy n Baby

  29. Orange stains AND bent curtains? Good work pal! J x

  30. Wow! Those are some great stains. Even I haven't topped those. But bending the curtain rods - that's a favorite hobby of mine! Good job!

  31. Wow, that's pretty effective. I'm just catching up on your blog now and it looks like you've been SUPER BUSY!

    Hugs, Biggie