Monday, June 16, 2008

My package

Hey everybody it's me Flash. I get to talk about my box from the goodie exchange from Jake and Just Harry.
It came with a lovely card that said "Hello Flash, We hope you enjoy the treats and toys, We went with a red, white and blue theme in honor of your dad in Iraq.
Wirey woofs and lots of love
Jake and Just Harry The barkalot Boyz from South Florida

Mom didn't take a picture of the card. Sometimes she is useless.
Here is me checking out what's in the bag. Mom had put Peanut outside so he couldn't try and push me out of the way.

I got these great treats. I already ate the bully stick. Mom put Peanut on a leash so he couldn't try and take it away from me. He's kind of a big meanie.

Then look at all these cools toys. You see that little tiny kong wubba and that kitty. I love these toys. I have some of the bigger kitty toys but peanut plays with them and mom says that this kitty and wubba are to small for Peanut. So hahaha they are all mine. I've been playing with them since she checked the mail. She put the other toys up for now so we wouldn't fight over them and ruin them all in one day.

Then I got these cool bandannas. I let mom put on on Peanut. See me telling mom to let me outside so I can show everyone my cool new look.

Mom says ignore the mcdonalds cup in this picture since Peanut had stolen it off the table.

So thank you Jake and Just Harry. This is such cool stuff and I LOVE IT.


  1. Oh wow! That stuff looks really cool. I think everything is great.


  2. What cool gifts!!! I'm glad your mom protected you from Big Meanie Peanut and let you eat your bully stick in peace. And I sure wish I were big enough to seal stuff off the table.... *sigh*


  3. Hi, Flash!
    You got very nice and yummy presents!
    Enjoy them!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Ooh what great presents there, Flash!

  5. What pawsome gifts and your bandana looks great

    ~ Girl girl

  6. Treats and stuffies to kill. What more could a doggie ask for?!

    Simba x

  7. You are stylin there!

    Bussie Kissies

  8. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!

    Jake and Just Harry have sent you enough stuff for you to small pet shop. They are very good buddies to be partner with for gift exchange. Dun you think so?


  9. Flash,

    We're glad the package finally arrived and that you like the goodies!!! We had fun picking them out -- and almost stole the giggle dog out of the package, but Mom caught us!!!

    Wirey woofs,

    Jake and Just Harry

  10. Hey Flash! Jake and Just Harry knew exactly what to get you. I love your bandanas, too!

  11. Wow - you got a ton of cool stuff from Jake and Just Harry!

  12. cool gifts from jake and harry...

  13. You look very spiffy in your bandanas. Cool presents!

  14. Those are great gifts!!!

    Boy n Baby

  15. What nice gifts! This goodie exchange has sure been fun!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch