Monday, July 07, 2008

Flash is a big dork

He really is. Here is the proof. Mom was going to take a shower and the dork got into the bathtub and then wouldn't get out.

Mom had to actually pick him up out of the bathtub. I told mom if he wanted to be in the bathtub that bad she should have given him a bath but she didn't.
Not much is going on here. My mom is dull and now that she is not feeling so good she isn't doing anything but laying around. But on a brighter note she hasn't done the dishes so I am having fun getting up there and licking the plates. YUMMY Of course I get yelled at but it's all worth it.


  1. Does Flash understand that he's a dog??? The only good water is puddles, ponds and lakes.

    Princess Eva

  2. What was he thinking!!!!!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  3. Hi, Peanut!
    Ha! Flash is like me! I always want a bath and my mom refuses to give them!
    Good job with the dishes!
    I hope your mom is feeling better now.
    Kisses and hugs

  4. I think Flash is telling you he needs a bath. What a silly boy. :)

  5. Oh my dog - is something WRONG with Flash?! Or why is he VOLUNTARILY in the bathtub?!?!?!

    *sigh* oh to be tall enough to reach the dirty dishes....


  6. Flash must have wanted a bath pretty badly to be sitting in the tub, eh? Wow, you get to help with the dirty dishes?

  7. So many blogs to catch up on. Hope you had a good weekend.

    Simba x

  8. I think Flash wants a bath

    ~ Girl girl

  9. Does he hear fireworks or thunder in the distance?

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  10. yea, why didnt your mom just pour some water for him?? i think he need some spa....

  11. Um, yeah...I'd have to agree. Flash is a dork. No way I'd get into the tub voluntarily!


  12. Hey guys...baftubs stay COOL. It is OK to hide out there. But you gotta get out when they start the water!

    formerly of Azrizona

  13. Of course it's worth it!! Dirty Dishes rule!!

    Don't tell Flash this - but our CAT likes to stay in the bathtub too!!

  14. Our mom could have just turned the shower on and I would have been out of the tub in a flash!


  15. Does that bathtub keep Flash cool on these hot summer days?

    I wish I could come & stay with you for awhile, Peanut. Your house sounds like a fun place to live!

  16. Don't feel bad Flash, we get into the tub also, actually there very little we don't get into.

    Lot's of Licks,

    Bug & Bandit

  17. why in the world would you want to go where bath torture occurs?! He is nuts!

  18. The only time we lay down in the bathtub like that is when there are boomies and lights that flash outside...
    Gomer & Opie

  19. We are betting that tub is cool and Flash is smart enough to figure that out.

  20. Oh no!! Doesn't Flash know what happens in there? I dread going into a bath-tub..!!

  21. Wow you get to lick the plates, you are so lucky. We wish our Mom would let us do that.

    Scuba, Keiko, Norman and Toby from Life inside the Fence

  22. hahahaha! That's awesome, Flash.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, Peanut!

    And I love your logobama's!

  23. I hate getting in, but once I am, I love the warm water.

    I guess he wanted a bath and wash is cares away :)

    Cute picture

  24. Oh Reilly likes to get in the tub AFTER the lady takes her showe. Then he gets his feet all wet and tuns around the house leaving footprints. Crazy.


  25. Normally I would say that is extremely weird, but since he's my boyfriend I think he had a really good reason. IF your tub is anything like our tub, I bet it's one of the coldest places to lay in the house when it's a bazillion degrees outside. I bet he was just trying to take a nap in a nice cool spot and your Mom came in and interupted him!
    We got the house!!!! Thanks for crossing your paws!!!!WOOOO HOOOO!!!

  26. PeeS:
    You are so right. I think Dawson & Paris would be two peas in a pod!!

  27. Hey Flash... I get in the tub sometimes too!

  28. I think the weather must be too hot for Flash and he wanted a bath to cool off. You mum should have given him a bath or at least let him have some water on his body.


  29. My mom is boring too!!! Maybe they are from the same litter?!?!?!

  30. Dang--your poor mom. Having a bum ear AND having to put up with that. My brudder Oscar always wants to get in the tub. Weird.


  31. That's just plain weird.

  32. Okay, Peanut!

    I'm now realizing that I'm in the middle of catching up on one big DORK THREAD in your posts.

    Personally, I think Flash is pretty smart for getting in the tub. My tub is cool when it's too hot outside, and it feels a little like a cave if I pull the shower curtain shut. I get some good Aire Zen recharged (and it's a great place to hide from the Stellanator). Maybe you should try it sometime.

    I defended you when Flash called you a dork in his post, so I'm gonna tell you, Stop calling your brother a dork!

    Goob love,

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  34. Flash-o, my catsisters sleep in the bath when it's hot... I bet you liked the cold surface, right? You're one smart dog.


  35. You know, lots of doggies hide in the bathtub when they feel scared. Hmm. Maybe a kennel is not such a bad thing... my crate is kept in my bedroom, and it's my safe place! I go there when bad things happen, like thundery storms and fireworks!

    Those are adorable pictures of the dork though, I must say. :)

  36. I LOVE getting in the shower too! And I totally need a bath. Maybe I'll try this trick again soon.

    P.S. Has Flash ever seen "I am Legend"? Maybe he was trying to get Will Smith to come over and cheer your Mom up. I know my Mom would LOVE to come home to me and Big Willie Style chillin' in my tub!

    tee hee