Thursday, July 31, 2008

Need some help

Hey everybody it's me Flash. I need some help.
See me in all my innocence?

Don't I look handsome and angelic? Well mom says most of the time I am but she is making me ask for help in the area of walking me. I am a puller. There I said it. I yank on the leash and on mom and give her hands these lovely stripes of blood spots under the skin after we are done. I hurt her shoulder and neck and then she has to recover before she can walk us again. I know you are all thinking "but not Flash he's the little guy". Well I may look little next to Peanut but I'm 60 lbs of stockiness, muscle, big head and loose neck skin. My neck size is actually the same size as Peanuts.
So she is looking at getting me something to help with the pulling.
Here is what she is looking at
Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness
Gentle Leader Head Collar
Illusion Dog collar
or maybe one of Patiences Martingale Collars because it says they discourage pulling and they can be cool looking (but mom is a little afraid she wouldn't get the fit right with the rings and such)
So if any of you have used these and can give us some feedback please do. I would love to go on more walks and not rip mom's arm out of the socket in the process and then maybe one day she could walk Peanut and I together but that might be asking to much. Oh maybe if someone knows of a leash with a padded hand grip that would be good also.
Feel free to leave a comment or email us at peanutarmydog at yahoo dot com.
Thanks everybody

Oh and the boy is doing much better. He has swimmer's ear and is on medication. He was in much pain but it is gone now.
Later Gators


  1. Hey Flash's Mom, I used to be a puller, but Mom got me out of it. There was two different tecniques she used, when I pulled she turned around & made me walk in the opposite direction we did that for days, sometimes it worked but not all the time. Also when I pulled she made me sit down on the spot & gave me a treat, that worked the best because I completely forgot about pulling. Mommy also got a anti-pull harness which gets tight around the shoulders when you pull & is very unconfortable, it was only nine dollars at wal-mart. Mommy said if you do the stop & sit tecnique make sure you use a treat that Flash loves.
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  2. We have no idea on this but we do hope that you will find a solution soon. It will be nice if you and Peanut can take walks together.

    Boy n Baby

  3. Flash, Mommy looked at those collars & she says collars that tighten up on the neck make her sad. The one's that tighten up on the shoulders are best, however she talked to my grandma and grandma said in her experience the gentle leader easy walk harness is the best. I'm sure you'll do fine!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  4. Greetings Flash!

    I am not so Sturdy as you, but I did Pull because I am always in a hurry. We used the Sensation Harness (at softouchconcepts dot com) which worked very nicely. Also I would be called back for a Treat right before I pulled too hard. (Those days I had less Dinner!)

    I think the Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness would probably work as well. Remember, proper fit is Important!


  5. Mom sent your mom an email, Flash! She said that if she wrote her note in the comment section, it would have used up all the space!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. Tell your mom to start doing some weight training and build up those arms.

  7. Whatever you do, DO NOT let your mom talk to my mom. And don't believe anything my mom might say about me pulling and what she did to stop it.


  8. This is how I walk, Flash: I crisscross back and forth in front of Motch and sometimes run in circles (that's lots of fun).

    Therefore, Motch has no advcie, but I'm sure someone will have an answer for you. Good luck! It would be pawsome to walk with Peanut!

  9. We have the Gentle Leader Head collars and they are amazing! Brutus and Rufus are 165 and 163 respectively and they are completely under control with them on. They can be real pullers too especially if they see another dog or a cat.

    It takes a little getting used to and proper fit is essential (watch the dvd that comes with it) and you will be shocked at how well it works!

    Good luck!

  10. Woof, Flash

    You're barking up the wrong tree here. The last time Mom tried to walk all of us, we kind of got loose and assaulted a Border Patrol Agent. We just wanted to play but we think he was scared to death seeing four Desert Pups bearing down on him. Luckily they didn't press charges.

    Woof, woof,
    Desert Pups

  11. Our trainer has us using a pinch collar. Although they look very scary she said they are the best for training since they do NOT choke like choke collars do. Mom says it has worked really well with us.. You see I was a puller too..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  12. Flash,
    I am not a puller. But the paw girl before me was and they used a pinch collar. That was years ago, like 12 years. It worked but mom doesn't know what is out there now. She said to tell you to be good for your mommy. If you are in a hurry then your walk ends sooner and who wants that!!


  13. Hi, Flash.
    I am a puller too but due to me size is easy for my mom to control me.
    I hope your mom can find the right one for you so you can go out for great walkies without injuring your mom.
    Glad to hear your boy is doing better.
    Take care

  14. Flash, tell your Mama to get an extension leash for a large dog. The handle is big and smooth and doesn't hurt the hand at all. My Mama's hands are always sore because of her work and the extension leash is the only one that doesn't give her any pain.

    You can also pull ahead without yanking your Mama's arm out. If she needs to rein you in, she doesn't need to pull - she just has to press the button with her thumb. And you won't get any throat injuries.

    Learning to heel wouldn't be a bad idea either...

    Glad your human boy is feeling better.


  15. I'm not sure about the pulling (Brice does it too)but I picked out a couple of patterns in the martingale collars that Momma might order for me.

    Princess Eva

  16. I am a puller too and the gentle lead works! I hate it but I do behave on it.

    If I get to run around before our walk I do well on the harness. I weigh the same as you do and look like you too. So those are my votes!

  17. Sorry Flash, my mom has no idea too.. if she did, then she wouldn't be suffering the same fate as your mom (*insert evil laugh*).. but I guess the difference is that I am a small dog so the 'damage' isn't as severe..
    Good luck. hope you find a solution!

  18. Sorry Flash,

    Can't offer any advise. The Mommy has never had that problem with me. I love that picture of your do look so innocent.

    Love Mona

  19. Hi Flashsexydude!!

    Since I am only 18 pounds of angelic and preciousness I am afraid I can offer you no advice.

    Stay handsome!!

  20. Mango Momma here.

    I recommend the gentle leader harness. Dogs seem to tolerate it better than the head collar. Dexter uses the harness and when he pulls I can pull back without tearing my arms out.

    Mango uses the head collar because the harness doesn't come in his size (and even after using it a year he still doesn't like it much).

    Good luck!

    Mango Momma

  21. we just use regular old harnesses, sorry can't help you much. you DO look very anglic though!!!

  22. We've used the gentle leader that goes on the head and my dad's dog uses the same also. They are very nice.

    The Kapp Pack mom

  23. Momma has used the Gentle Leader Head Halter on us and it worked good for except for Nikki. She is so desperate to get it off and rubs her face along the grass and pavement and has given herself an eye ulcer because of this.

    Nikki is quite the puller for a little dog. Nikki will soon be trying out the Storn's anti pull harnessseen here:

    We will let you know how it works.

    Momma is working on all that stuff Eduardo said too.

    Woofs from Casper and pals

  24. My sissy Morgan was a puller and the Gentle Leader worked really well for her. My sissy Ethel was a puller but we did training with her after getting her a harness. We did the stop until she stopped pulling and move forward when she came back and she doesn't pull so much now. My baby brudder Oscar was a puller but he has one of those Gentle Leader Harnesses and he generally walks better on it and doesn't pull as much, though he still pulls when he gets too excited. My ma ape has a sore hand and elbow from the Oscar Bean so she feels your mom's pain (almost literally!).

    wally t.

  25. Not only do we pull, but we are experts at slipping out of our collars too. When we go for walks our girl makes us wear a martingale training collar (here's an example:

    We still sometimes pull with it, but since we had to go to school to learn how to behave we pull less.

  26. Dogmom's emailing your mom, flash. She's completely sold on the Sporn harnesses... having tried all the ones you mentioned and more with Opie and Me...

    wuf ya - Gomer

  27. Hi,

    I am Sam, Katie, and Zorra's Auntie. I have a neat trick that will cost you nothing and it works! Put the leash on like normal and hold it above the hind end. Then take the leash and slide it under the belly and "loop it." When you are done the leash should be coming straight down the back and then wrapped around the middle. What will happen is when he tries to pull he will get off balance and not like it. After a few tries (sometimes some bucking will occur the first couple of times, but it is easier for them to get used to than a head collar)you will notice it works great and you do not have to experience the grief of trying to put on a harness or head collar. If you need some pictures just let me know.

  28. FLASH!!! I can't rememebr the last time you posted! Actually, I don't think it was that long ago, but all sense of time is way off around my house (and not because all the clocks are not doing so good since the move). I am a puller, too. BUT only if I'm being walked in town. If I'm out camping or searching for pheasants and rabbits, I behave. Mom and Dad got me a harness, it's not a fancy one, but with the harness, they have more control when I pull. I still pull though so I guess that's really not much help at all. My mom's mom had a Saint Bernard that they tried ising that Gently Leader Head Collar thing on and it didn't work very well. The Saint didn't pull, but she kept stopping to try to push it off her nose which idnd't make walks very fun either.
    I wasn't much help was I. I hope someone else can help you. Mom found her camera. It was in a "safe spot" where it wouldn't get borken, but it got forgotten. This weekend I'm going to work on getting pictures of my new house. We love it!!!
    Good luck!

  29. Hi Flash's mom, We use the Gentle Leader head collar for 100-lb Biggie. The Easy-Walk harness isn't quite enough control. Biggie hated the head collar but do as Lora (SaintLover) says and WATCH the DVD OVER AND OVER again and really teach Flash to like it. We were a little impatient and didn't get Biggie used to it as we sholud have, and it's only now, about 6 months later, that Biggie finally ACCEPTS it. Note, we didn't say "likes" it, but he has finally stopped acting like we are torturing him, and sometimes even looks happy while wearing it.

    Biggie used to have a martingale collar - not enough control. The day care people have been using a choke collar (don't get me started on that!), and the Gentle Leader head collar has been the best. Like Mango's Momma and Saint Lover say, you need to make sure it's fitted just right and you practice putting it on the right way. It takes a little getting used to, but it will save your hands. I can walk Biggie with 1-2 fingers now (except when we see another dog or something compelling to chase).

    Biggie's Momma