Saturday, September 13, 2008


We made it through the night okay. Our electricity stayed on. The tornado siren went off a couple times but if there were tornadoes they went somewhere else. We are still having lots of wind and a little rain.

Mom did wake up this morning and looked out the window and saw this

Yes, that is a tree on dad's truck. The housing people came and cut it up and got it off the truck.
Mom checked it out and there are no dents and some smudge marks but they go away when she wipes them off. So we think we got really lucky on that one.
We hope all our friends are okay.


  1. Whoa! That was serious!
    Luckily nobody got hurt and the truck was ok.
    Hug you, Peanut.

  2. Wow. That was something. Missed the house, thank dog. And Dad's truck is ok? woohoo.

  3. wooo...that was a close call. We are glad you and your mom and all are OK, and that your dad's truck is OK too. We are worriting and worriting about our doggie pals in the storm area.


  4. how lucky was that!!! Thank dogness you are all ok!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  5. Whew! We're glad you guys are okay! Mom is watching CNN and the devastation in Galveston and Houston is horrific! Our hearts go out to all of those people!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. We were thinking of you last night...we're glad you stayed safe. Wow, it was lucky the tree didn't cause more damage. Poor tree though, what a shame!

  7. Oh Peanut! I'm so happy you & Flash & all your peoples & your Daddy's truck are OK! I've been sending so many good vibes your way my head hurts!

    How is your dad doing? I hope he is well & safe & coming home soon.

    love & licks,

  8. Hi, Peanut!
    I am so happy to know you all are ok!
    Glad your Dad's truck is ok too!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  9. SO glad to hear everyone is ok!

    Kisses, Sky boy

  10. Wow you guys got lucky!

    Glad to hear everyone is ok and unscathed.

  11. dogalulu your dad's truck was unharmed. We are happier that you and your family are AOK and you weren't hurt.

    Take care, pals.

  12. Go thing that you, your people and your dad's truck is safe. Even though we haven't been able to comment much lately, we've been worried about you.

    Princess Eva

  13. We're glad you are ok and your Dad's truck wasn't damaged by that tree. Stay safe.

  14. Whoa that was one lucky truck! We are getting windy waaaaayyyyy over here in Paducah from Ike. We can't IMAGINE what it was like on the coast.

    Glad you guys are fine!

    wags from the whippets (should we tell? Sssshhhhhh, Lindy Loo!! Do NOT tell!!!)

  15. Hey Peanut and Flash. Whenever we hear about the hurricanes on the news, we think of you. Thank goodness none of you was hurt and there was no bad property damage. We're sorry for the tree, though. To be lifted by its roots like That must have been scary winds for you to listen to.

    We're getting some awful weather in a few days when the last gasp of Ike winds northward to Canada. Now we're hoping that everyone near Galveston and Houston are ok.

    Hugs to your family.

  16. Yikes! That first picture had us worried! Luckily you are all ok. Hugs, Biggie

  17. We are so glad that you are ok and the truck is fine. Dad will be so happy to hear that...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  18. Thank Goodness you guys are okay!! We hate that a tree fell on your truck, but we are really glad to hear that it is okay and there appears to be no damage!!!
    The Puppies

  19. Just checking in to see if you are okay, and I am glad to see you are. Although the tree and car might disagree! We did fine here in Dallas, but our friends in Galveston unfortunately didn't. We're gonna have some company for a while!


  20. That tree wouldn't dare hurt dad's truck! Glad you are all OK.


  21. YAY!! I'm glad you and your pawrents and their truckie are okay! Iont know how a tornado siren sounds but I bet it was loud. You musta been so brave.


  22. Anonymous4:52 PM

    I am glad to hear you and your family are all okay Peanut. Take care and stay cool XOXO Peanut

  23. Whew! What a close call. I'm glad that tree did not hurt your dad's truck and I'm even more glad it did not hurt your house and I am MOST glad it did not hurt you or your family. You're a brave dude, Peanut!

    wally t.

  24. Hey, man we are glad your dad's truck is okay. But we are really glad your family is okay! We made it through Ike without any problem and we even still have power ... of course, we are 150 miles from the coast. Most of our family is still in Houston and they don't have any power and they had trees come down too. Boy, Ike just caused all kinds of trouble!

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  25. We're so glad you are all right and safe there. Glad too that your dad's truck stayed in one piece. Stay safe now!

  26. We in singapore are really very lucky. We do not have all this weather problems at all.

    We only have 2 seasons here...

    Hot and Wet Season,
    Shopping Season.

  27. Hi Peanut
    Glad you are all OK and weren't having a pee against the tree when it blew over. No seriously, good to hear you are fine. And great pic of Flash by your girl the other day.

    if you click on get this widget at the bottom it just takes you to the site doesn't it? if you click on the image at the top, the dashboard one, it downloads the widget. But I don't know if it works for non-Mac users. You would have to ask Greg.

  28. wow..were you scared? Glad that tree didn't come near the dog house!


  29. Wow, your dad's truck got lucky! I'm glad you're okay.


  30. Woof Peanut and Flash

    Hope you pups are doing ok and are safe. Becareful cleaning up that mess.

    Desert Pups

  31. Vegetation on the Truck. Maybe it could be a song. We bet that Dad is having heart failure at this moment.

  32. Now that's a close shave! Glad you and your people are safe and well, Peanut.

    The FleasGang

  33. I'm glad you guys are all okay and that your dad's truck didn't get damaged. I was trying to watch for you on the weather maps, but I got confused and Mom was no help so I kept my paws crossed you weren't in the blue area.
    PS Flash, don't worry, the new friend isn't a boyfriend. You're the only boyfriend for me!!

  34. Glad that you are all safe and well.. That was a close shave!! Good to know there isn't much damage..
    Stay safe!

  35. Woh, that sure is scary.. good thing you all are ok.

    ~ Girl girl

  36. I'm glad you are ok and no bad damage was done.

    Simba x

  37. Woof Peanut and Flash

    Just checking in to see how everything is going after the storm. Hope you pups are ok.

    Desert Pups

  38. We're so glad no one was hurt -- and better the truck than your roof, right?

    What a mess. We've been reading all about the poor people on Galveston Island.

    Having been through hurricanes, Mom knows how awful it is to wake up to find your world upside down -- or gone!!

    It seems as though they took better care of pets this time though.


    Jake and Just Harry

  39. Hi,

    That was definitely a close call. It’s interesting how Dad’s truck was spared though, even though the tree fell directly on top of it. Because, there doesn’t appear to actually be any damage to the truck.

    Surely Dad’ll be happy about that. Yes, after Ike, we had a couple of tornadoes touch down and cause damage. Then, we also had some flooding, and unfortunately that’s when the most people seem to perish.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your photos and experience.