Wednesday, November 29, 2006

You poor things

I was thinking about you poor things that say you haven't ever eaten tripe. I wanted to cry. Tripe is about the best food possible. Mom used to feed us good stuff all the time (she called it raw, I called it dinner) but then I heard her and dad talking about how they were spending more money on food for me and Flash then for the family and we had to start eating kibble again. Now granted we get a good kibble. Timberwolf organics is yummy but it isn't the same. Mom is nice and gives us raw sometimes though. I had canned jack mackerl for breakfast (yes I know canned isn't raw but I don't like any raw fish except for sardines).

Now to make you all jealous I will tell you all the yummy meats I have eaten. Chicken, beef and pork of course since you can get those in the supermarket. Plus kangaroo, bison, deer, ostrich, llama, lamb, duck and rabbit. All of them are good of course but my favorite was the rabbit. Which of course isn't as good at tripe. I've also eaten not just the meat but kidney, liver, spleen you name it I've probably eaten it. I tell you I was living the good life and now it's what mom calls a "special occasion" if I get any of it. Except for sardines and canned fish. I get that about once a week. Oh plus the tripe a couple times a month.

Mom said to tell you all you can get canned tripe at different places online in case any of you want to talk your humans into letting you try it.


  1. ah peanut,

    you sure know how to make my saliva drop all over the floor!

    well, chicken and beef or even mutton/lamb are quite common here (mom doesn't allow me pork). but the rest are... impossible to look for! even turkey meat! we don't get those except x'mas - not even thanksgiving coz we dun celebrate here.

    wet wet licks


  2. Wow! The only kinds of meat I have had are beef, pork, chicken, and turkey. Oh- and lizard! Not just raw but also alive!
    Big Wags,