Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dad's moving

yep that's right Dad is going to be moving. He is going to a different base and will be doing a different job. So if any of you have his address and thought about sending him anything don't do it. He will be getting a new address. So far we don't know what it is but once we do we will post and let you all know so if anyone wants it they can get it.
Oh and I am going to be posting about the lovely awards my friends have given me tomorrow. Mom is still spending a lot of time on that turtle board. IF she didn't pet me so much I might think she liked those turtles more then me.
We thought we would leave you with this picture of Dad.


  1. I hope your dad likes his new base and new job.

    He looks like he's thinking "I sure love my Peanut" in that picture!

  2. Is this a good thing that your dad is moving? Is he happy about it? We sure hope so!

    Steve and Kat

  3. PS. I think your dad looks really tough in that picture. Like G.I. Joe.


  4. We hope Dad stays safe wherever he goes. We'll send some Sibe Vibes his way just in case.

  5. I hope your Dad's new place is a good place where he will stay safe. Hoepfully his next move will be home with his Flash and the rest of the family.

  6. Your mom has been realy odd over those turtles. Can a turtle do what you do? I don't think they can break the baby gate and eat the cat food and the treats the cat leaves. We like any picture of your dad.

  7. We hope your dad will like his new base and his new job! Your dad sure is handsome!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. What a good lookin' guy he is! I see being extremely handsome runs in the family.

    Peanut, I think I should report this terrible neglect and then the SPCA will send you to me. We don't have any turtles here.


  9. Turtles? TURTLES???? They aren't even fun to chase, but if you find a squashed one on the side of the road they are grreat to roll squish neck in.

    Hope your dad likes his move.

    wags from the whippets

  10. Hi Peanut Dad! I bet he misses you guys like crazy. Thanks for the update!


  11. I hope the new base is cool & safe. Love, Martha

  12. I sure hope your dad likes his new base!


  13. Your dad is a true hero!!!

  14. Hey Peanut, I hope your dad is doing okay over there. I bet he misses you loads.

    So listen, I mention peanuts and dogs in my new post today, but I don't mean you Peanut, I mean the peanuts people eat, okay Peanut? Just so you know that I think you're totally cool and if you are old enough to go to bar, I'd totally buy you a beer.


  15. Best wishes to your dad on his move to the new base. We are praying for his continued safety.

    My mommy has a question for your mommy: I received a gift, which was a picture saying " thanks for being my friend." Mommy wants to pass it along to all my bloggiebuddies but how? She's kind of new at the bloggy thing. Doesn't she need email addresses or should she post it and invite all my friends to upload it to their blogs??? Geez, this blogging stuff is hard work! Really, we love!!

  16. We wish your dad well on his move to a new base, I can definately tell that he misses you.

    Frenchie Snorts

  17. Hi, Peanut!
    Sure I hope his new base will be nice and safe!
    Let us know his new address, ok?
    Yes, he is very handsome!
    Kisses and hugs

  18. Anonymous11:34 PM

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  19. I hope your dad's new base is nice. You're much cuter then turtles

    ~ Girl girl

  20. Good luck to your Dad in his new base and job. He looks a bit like Bruce Willis.

    Simba x

  21. No matter where your dad goes, I hope he stays safe... Good luck to him!

    By the way, you can possibily mean it right, how can anyone prefer turtles over dogs?

  22. Hi Dogz! Wow, wish your dad lots of luck and safe travels! He is very handsome, like my Daddy who is also a veteran and by the way I went to my veteran to have my stitches out from my operation too. (Biggie, they are not the same. One is a veteran and one is a veterinarian.)

    Anyway, my veteran who did my operation also has boxers but they are white like me but not as furry, and they are very quiet.

    Um so anyway. Hope your Dad stays safe.

    Love, Biggie-Z

  23. We hope your Dad is happy with the move and new job. Actually, we just wish time would fly and he could come home!


  24. good luck to ur dad for his new base and hope he'll love his new base and get much better job there!!

    ur dad truely a hero in the pic

  25. You dad sure looks fierce in his uniform. I hope he likes his new post and is staying safe.


  26. It is a wonderful uniform.
    It prays for the success in luck and the work of your father.

    from loved ume tyan

  27. I hope your dad likes his new base. Do you know when he will get to come home? He looks pretty tough and we are thankful he is protecting our country and all of us!

    Your friend, Lenny

  28. woofies Peanut and Flash, me wishes he cood jus come home too, and hope dis place will b give us his new address...

    b safe,

  29. Peanut bud!

    Remind your mama that while turtles are fine and all, they can't open the fridge like you can. Plus, they're nowhere near as cuddly as you!

    Love the photo of your dad. He really does look like he's thinking "I'm jonesin' for some Peanut love!" (You KNOW he's thinking that).

    Goober love & smooches,

  30. Sure hope your Dad likes his new base and his new job. Hopefully he will have new friends that love dogs!!
    Good luck Dad we are praying for you...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus and Louie

  31. Well peanut cant wait for my dad to take me on a walk with u and your mom lets set up a play date
    well give my love to your dad tell to stay safe


  32. hope ur daddy enjoy being at the new environment...

  33. I finally had a chance to read back through your blog. Please tell your Dad that all of us - Mom, my Daddy, Jemima, Zeke, Sushi, Ruckus and I - thank him very much for his service.

  34. Your Dad is mighty handsome.

    Perhaps he is moving further away because he has heard about your Mum and the Turtle obsession.

    We await his new address anyhow, and we won't send him a card with a picture of turtles on it.

    love Marvin xxxxx

  35. We hope your dad's move is good for him and he likes his new job (and is safe).

  36. That is a handsome picture of you Daddy!!

    Love, Seadra and Zoe