Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Okay so Flash and I went off to the valentine's party and when we got home we found out Mom had been sick on Valentine's day. Sicker then me or either of the kids. She felt better on Friday but slept most of the weekend because she was still tired she says.
So the past couple days she has been cleaning the house since our kids of course made messes but didn't clean them up.
We are reading all the blogs we need to catch up on but aren't commenting much since there are so many of them.
Oh and Dad is doing fine. He's busy and doesn't get to sleep much though.
See the new member of our family.

isn't he cute? Okay so we don't actually know if he's a he since he's to little to tell but we are calling him Little Dude for now. He came to live with us Friday. Mom won't let me or Flash near him but then she doesn't let us near the other turtle either.
and here is a lovely picture of me and Flash sleeping. I had the leash on because I kept trying to knock over the baby gate to get to the fat cat's food.


  1. oh wow, Peanut, I really hope your Mama is feeling better now, what an awful thing to happen.

    The turtle looks interesting, we dont get them here!

    My Mama has just emailed your Mama, so bark to her to look out for an email!

    love and licks, M xxxxxx

  2. Hey Peanuts!

    Glad your Mom is feeling better. And your new friend is cute as far as turtles go (you are still way cuter tho). Hey, I didn't realize Flash likes the Power Puff Girls??? So does my Mom...her nickname is Bubbles - LOL!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  3. I think Flasha nd your girl are the only ones that haven't been sick yet! Hopefully they won't get sick, too!
    Taking naps on the couch is the best! That's where I spend most of my day! I also like using pillows or balled up blankets for my head. It's more comfy that way.
    Love Kaos

  4. We are glad your house is feeling better - our mom & furless sis had the flu last week too!

  5. We sure hope your mom is feeling better! It's sure no fun being sick!
    We have turtles here and all we do is bark, bark, bark at them!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. harlow mr tortoise...nice 2 meet u..

    hope u have fun with peanut...

  7. Can that turtle live with the other one? To bad Grammie was sick this weekend or she would have told your kids to pick up their mess. She thinks she got some alien virus that caused her to miss two days of work and sleep for 44 hours. Do you suppose they were doing experiments while she was asleep?

  8. master rescued a couple once. They were in the road and he thought they would be run over.

    The first one ran away when a noisy Spaniard came round one night - that was ok cos he obviously wasn't happy.

    The other looked very sad and miserable - and mistress was convinced Prince was stealing his lettuce (he was). One day he looked sort of, well, dead. Mistress said no more rescued turtles. We have some food we can send you though.....


  9. Hope your mom feels better soon! Little Dude looks like a boy. I think you're right.

    Your friend, Lenny

  10. woofies Peanut and Flash, me hopes u mama iz feelin better fun when every doggy, kitty, hammie or hooman iz sickly...Little Dude lookies like he wood b fun to play wiff, if she wood let ya...glad u daddy iz doing good...

    b safe,

  11. Welcome, Little Dude! Peanut, you live such a fun family!

    Sorry about the leash, Peanut. You really are confined a lot, aren't you, bud?

    So many of Motch's friends are sick with the flu; it is nasty stuff. I hope your family is all on the mend.

  12. Oh Peanut! Your poor Momma!

    I think that one of your humans might be, gasp, a teenager!!! My human brother and sister are all grown up, but Momma says teenagers will make you insane! She says they are still children but they get all funny ideas in their heads and their brains don't work right and they drive Mommas and Masters crazy.

    Peanut, dude, you have to focus on your Momma right now. Don't worry, it will be Peanut time soon enough.


    P.S. My biggest, bestest mastiff vibes are going to your dad for a safe return home.

  13. The turtle is very cute! Just don't eat him. Love, Martha

  14. Aw, poor PeanutMom! I hope she's feeling better. Your turtle is totally cool. Your kids are lucky to get to have so many animal friends!


  15. Wow, your mom must be busy looking after you, Flash, the kids, a kitty, and your turtle. I hope she feels better soon.

    I love to eat cat food too. Our cats are fat also. We're just doing them a favor, aren't we?

  16. Hope everyone is feeling better soon. Our mom has been sick too!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  17. you guys are couch hogs.

  18. Ugh, we really hope your Mom feels better. Good job hogging the couch is a leash supposed to save the cat food? Humans are dumb.


  19. Hi, Peanut!
    I really hope your mom is feeling better soon!
    I am happy to hear that your Dad is fine too!
    You two look very comfy there on the couch!
    Nice to meet Little Dude!
    Kisses and hugs

  20. hm that little dude thing is weird, what in the heck is that. we are glad your Mom is feeling better.

  21. Glad your mom is feeling better. Make sure she gets plenty of good rest, ok? Good to know your dad is doing fine too. That's a nice tortoise.

  22. What a cute turtle friend you have. You doggies look so sweet napping there

    ~ Girl girl

  23. I wonder what he tastes like? He looks a bit crunchy.

    Simba x

  24. Hope that your mum has recovered by now.

    My hooman never keep me away from other animals like turtles but I dun find them interesting at all. I love cat food thou but my nasty jie jie refuse to let me eat them I wonder why.


  25. Me thinks little Dude looks fun!

    Cassidy x

  26. I hear ya dude, I am always trying to get at the cat's food (Or her litter box)

    Your new little friend is a very strange looking little dog. What breed is he?

  27. Poor mommy
    Hope she gets better soon
    I like holding and kissing turtles !
    Check this out

  28. Cool turtle. Back in Texas, Mom and Dad had some friends who had two turtles. They lived in water. Anyway, we went over to their house a couple times and we were really interest in those turtles. Mom and Dad didn't let us play with them though. Stupid.

    Steve and Kat

  29. Aha ha ha! I love you guys... you crack me up to no end! :-)

  30. i just would like to say thank you to your hem..for giving my motherrrrrr the idea of placing me on that daggon leash inside the house as a form of puppy restriction...

    she has now used this on me once or twice to date....grrrr

    (humpf) what are we going to do with these humans and their ideas, sicknesses..etc.

  31. Oh ick. Can't you eat the creepy leash and then have the C-A-T food for dessert?

    Our Servant is glad your mom is better.

    wags from the whippets

  32. Peanut Bud,

    Glad to hear you're over the squirts and that your mama and the rest of the fam is feeling better. Don't ever lose your fart-bombs, though. Those are your secret weapon. I can clear an entire room with one silent one. They are deadly, man. (Do you have to have a special license to drop those things where you live - since you live on base?)

    Goober love & smooches,

  33. Glad your Mama is feeling better and wow, your turtle thingy looks kind of funny. With you guys around I bet he spends a lot of time in his shell. They kind of look like hockey pucks when they do that, eh? He wouldn't last a minute in my house with those coo-coo cat sisters of mine.Bgood.
    xoxo lovelickies from Chef

  34. Woo. Little Dude looks like great fun. Does he bounce??

  35. Sorry to hear the sickies are in your house now too! You all look quite comfy on the couch.

    The Little Dude is quite cute. I bet he is easy to catch!

  36. We hope your mom is better and back to normal again. That critter that you have there looks like a lot of fun. If you ever have the chance to sneak up to it, let us know if it crunches. It looks like it is crunchy.
    Comet and BLU

  37. Sounds like you had the plague through there! Hopefully everybody's poop is back to normal and no one is throwing up any more! Hugsies to you, Biggie

  38. Ugh...ur poor mom...we hope you all are feelin' a lot better! Stanley got sick last night...his back end...ewwwwwwwwww...we've never seen Dale u-know-what before...Mumsie had to shovel the snow in the the grass where he musta been from the anesthesia they gave him at the vetties....ewwwwwwwww...surprised the neighbors didn't call with the smell....


  39. Hi Peanut,
    Sorry to hear your mum has been sick and hope that she is feeling better. You have another turtle - cute aren't they. Our mum doesn't let us near ours either.
    Jazz and Dixie

  40. Little Dude looks cool- too bad you can't play with him!

  41. I think I would like a Little Dude to play with, he/she looks pretty cool:)

    Shame you couldn't get any cat food, the fat cat sure don't need it! I love cat food, but my mum keeps me away from it as well.


    Turbo Taj