Saturday, February 09, 2008

Okay so it's saturday

I was going to post yesterday since it was Friday but when I was going to post we lost our power and mom said it was a sign to turn off the computer and she wouldn't turn it back on all night even when the power came back on. Sometimes that woman just doesn't make any sense.
So Peanut said I would talk about something we got in the mail. Well we got some treats from our friends Steve and Kat. They are heart shaped and everything. Mom can't figure out where she put the camera she took pictures of them on so no pictures. I seriously think she's losing it but she swears she isn't. So we want to say a big thank you to Steve and Kat. We love you guys are are so glad you didn't have to stay at the vet long and are feeling better.
Let me tell you Mardi Gras was fun fun fun fun fun. New Orleans is a crazy place and Bourbon Street is the craziest. Mom took our pictures in to get developed but we have to wait to get them back because she said she wasn't paying for one hour service. If they were her photos she would have so I don't know what her problem is. I think we are going to have to sit down and have a talk with mom. She just isn't right lately. She just keeps talking about how she isn't going to let us push her around anymore and she's tired of peanut being a brat dog. I have no idea what all that means but really I hope she doesn't start changing stuff now. We've lived like this since we found her and Peanut and I like it.
I'm including some pictures because this post was kind of boring.
Peanut being the annoying dog he is. Notice the leash is attached to him. He still gets it connected sometimes but not as much as before.

Our boy before he got a haircut goofing off in the bathtub.

Me just chilling out.

and our girl being a weirdo. I have no idea what she was doing.
I had a picture of mom to put up when she was sick but she said if I did I wouldn't eat for days so I decided against it.
Later Taters,


  1. Mom isn't loosing it she is just busy. We are sure she misses Dad. Have you heard from him lately? How is he doing? Well we hope. Have a great weekend...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus and Louie

  2. Hey, we could form a club. The Dogs With Wackos Club. DWWC.

    wags from the whippets

  3. Flash, You probably made the right decision. Food rules!


  4. Your boy is cute, cute, cute!

    Toodle pip
    Harry x

  5. Gasp! Peanut is NOT a brat dog, take it back. He is big and strong and studly and MINE!

    I love your boys hair...I wish I could pull that off.


  6. Looks like Peanut was telling somebody off in that pic!

  7. What is Peanut trying to tell us?

  8. woofies Peanut n Flash, lookies like u gots 2 pawsome hooman kids....heehee flash watt did u do to peanut...

    b safe,

  9. We're glad you liked the treats. I think you made a good decision about putting your mom's picture up.


  10. Hi, Peanut and Flash!
    Glad you had fun at Mardi Grass! I hope we can see the pictures soon!
    Thanks for sharing those pictures! All of them are funny!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. i love ur boy punk hairstyle...

  12. Peanut you rock. Looks like you're telling off somebody. Go easy on your momma, OK?

  13. You have a very goofy family!

  14. Sleeping with mom IS the best thing. I usually want to play in bed at weird time and she'll get mad at me - but playing is so much fun!

  15. Yo Peanut and Flash!!!!

    Quite a hairstyle on that hooman pup!!!!!

    We'll share some of our Dew slushie with will have to be specially packaged to not melt on its way to ur house!!!!

    Bet Mardi Gras was the bestest!!!

    You comin' to the Valentine's Day pawty at Koob's ski resort???

    Foxy Barks..


  16. I love that photo of Peanut! I think he and I could be great hellraisers together! Heck, your whole family looks like a lot of fun (cat excepted).


    ps. With all the primaries and caucuses my ma ape was wondering how servicepeople (and their families--who get moved around a lot!) vote? Cuz obviously their votes are especially important.

  17. we're just jealous that you went to Mardi Gras. do we get to see some photos of that?


  18. Hi Peanut!

    Thanks for getting back to me SO FAST. You're an awesome and informative pal! Pretty cool that Oregon will probably matter in the primaries, eh?


  19. Hi Peanut and Flash. We are 2 woofies who live with 3 kitties. We asked Tiger Lily if we could add you to her Friends list and she said yes!

    Zeke and Sushi

  20. Mardi Gras sounds like fun! Did you get any beads????

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  21. Hi, Flash and Peanut! My mom sounds a lot like yours. She hasn't let me visit my DWB friends for 2 whole weeks. That's animal abuse, in my book. AMyDog! I can't believe your mom likes turtles! Mine does, too. Humans! Go figure...

  22. That is a cute human by with an adorable hairstyle!

  23. It is never a good idea to upset Mom since she is in charge of the food supply and lots of other stuff. Just be patient with her. She'll snap out of it. I had a similar problem with my mom a while back. She's fine now.

    Good luck.

    Lots of Koobuss Kisses,

  24. hey guys i bet you got crazy on Mardi have a human with a punky hair...nice!

  25. Hey Peanut - you being a hooligan? Ain't it fun?? hehe

    There's a Valentine gift for you on my blog, so go fetch, and feel free to upload it to your blog. And Happy Valentine's Day.;

  26. Hee hee, you were smart to eat those treats before your mom started taking those pictures. Moms don't know when to quit that picture stuff.

  27. Hey Flash, cool that you're blogging. :) Those treats sounds yummy

    ~ Girl girl

  28. Regarding your comment about men and Valentine's Day ... you got that right, honey !

  29. Don't let your Mom make changes, it never bodes well. Fight the system.


  30. Hey Peanut and Flash. Those are some fun pictures. :) Can't wait to see the Mardi Gras ones!

    Your friend, Lenny

  31. Hi Peanut!

    Thanks for coming by! I hope to SEE you on the SKI trippie!


    Putter ...:)

  32. sounds like your human may need a refresher course on obedience??

  33. Anonymous10:16 PM

    What a great looking family you have!

  34. Glad you had fun at Mardi Gras. Your boy certainly has a cute hairstyle there!

  35. Your brother has cool hair...we aren't allowed to put photos of our mom on our blog either...
    Many Sniffs,
    Waylon & Willie

  36. Flash! It's been so long!! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Good idea not posting the one of your Mom. If you're like us, you don't get fed enough already.