Friday, March 07, 2008

Okay so it's Friday

and that means ME FLASH the man. woo hoo. I know I'm supposed to talk about the brownie coma but Peanut can do that later. I have other stuff to talk about.

First our girl had to get glasses. She did have just reading glasses but she had to go to wearing them all the time. She was very happy to get them today because she says she can see now. So here are some pictures of her. She says her glasses are cool so she isn't upset about wearing them. Mom says the glasses our girl had to pick from are neater then the ones mom had at 12.
Here is our girl being a dork.

Here is the detail at the front of the glasses

and here is the inside of the glasses. Pretty neat they are two colors huh?

Oh and My lovely lady Kaos gave me this award. She loves me and I love her. You all wish you were lucky enough to have her love you.

Oh and please go over and say hi to our neighbors Scooby and Charlie. They have their own blog now. We still haven't gotten to meet them. Our parents have been lazy lazy about it.

later gators


  1. Our Mom just got new glasses that are green like that on the inside!! Your girl looks great.

    Sherman, Penny & Lola

  2. Hey Flash,
    Your girl looks super cute! And what a bonus that that the glasses help her see too!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  3. Hi, Flash!
    Your girl looks great with her glasses. Your mom is right. The glasses nowadays are cool, not like the ones they had to wear maaaaaaany years ago!
    I am going to visit your friends!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. woofies peanut and flash, ur girl looks pawsome in her new glasses....heehee my mama use to ware funny lookin one...

    b safe,

  5. your girl looks super cute in those glasses, Mom loves how they have two colors!

  6. Your girl looks so good in her glasses. They are way cool. Love, Martha

  7. nice duo color...even cooler if we can wear it on the other way round too...

  8. Super cool glasses. She looks so awesome in them.. Better watch out Mom all the boys will be chasing her. I know we would....

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus and Louie

  9. Very trendy specs. Cassidy stole pa's not so long ago but luckily got caught before she chewed!

    Toodle pip
    Harry x

  10. Cool glasses! The best part is that your girl can see you a whole lot better now! Who's the man on her earrings? Is that your dad?

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  11. Those glasses are cool! I think I would look quite handsome in glasses. Shadow had her vet visit to day and they said if they made bifocals for dogs she could use them. Maybe she can get some cool hot pink spectacles.

  12. Your sissy is so pretty!

  13. My Mommy has very similar glasses, right down to the different-color-inside-ness! Way cool and funky!


  14. Those glasses look great. Nice to be able to see again, huh? My human brother needs glasses, but he is too vain to wear them (what a goobber).


  15. Pappy says, "look how big she is getting." It is wonderful to be able to see. We went over to say hi to your new friends.

  16. Ur girlie sure knows how to accesorize...what 'dorable specs...I wish I had better ears that mine would stay on...

    And 2 colors...

    Back in the 1800's when mumsie was a girl she had to argued with her dad to buy some "wire rims"...even then she was obsessed with wiry things...


  17. Those are really cool glasses. I think I would look good in glasses.


  18. Those are fun looking glasses your girl got. She looks cute in them.
    Comet and BLU

  19. Those glasses look cool..

    ~ Girl girl

  20. Your girl looks so great in those glasses. Mama wears glasses too. Now don't go pulling them off her face ... they don't like that !

    Hey Peanut, I tagged you for the Whippet Challengel. Go to my blog for details,OK?

    Bye for now.
    xxox Chef

  21. Your girl looks lovely in her new glasses. I notice, however, that the inside is a turtle-green color. Did you ask her about that?

    Congratulations on the sweet as sugar award No doubt about it; you deserve it!

  22. Those are WAY COOL glasses. Could your girl give our servant some glasses fashion advice? She's got this freaky Harry Potter thing going...

    wags of embarrassment from the whippets

  23. Flash
    Congwatulations on youw awawd fwom youw love!!
    And tell youw giwl we love hew glasses..they awe way cool..Mommi has had glasses since she was about 14, and she likes a bonus, now that she is ancient, they help hide hew bags undew hew eyes, hehe
    smoochie kisses,Asta

  24. Oh! Those are so cool! Your girl has good taste. Not surprising since she lives with you.


  25. Those are very cool glasses! My mom gets hers tomorrow! She will be able to read the baseball scores on the TV now!