Thursday, March 27, 2008


Notice:Dad do not read the following blog :)

Sorry we haven't been around to visit everyone. Mom has been having a pain in her shoulder and neck for awhile and she says it hurts to sit in front of the computer and type. Just when she thinks it feels better it starts bothering her again. She did say the last couple of days it has been better then before so we will see.
Mom says dad would tell her to go to the doctor but she's stubborn and won't. She told me she thinks she hurt it when she was holding my leash and I jerked her around. I say she should pay more attention to what I'm doing then that wouldn't happen
I thought I would leave you with this picture of our boy sleeping on the couch because we think it's cute.


  1. Oh your poor mom. Your dad is right, she should have the pain examined. Hope it's nothing serious.

    Aaww...that is a cute picture your boy made sleeping so soundly on the couch.

  2. Hi, Peanut!
    I know your mom doesn't want to hear this... but she needs to go and see a doctor! We don't want her to be in pain. Please give her extra kisses from us!
    Yes, your boy sleeping there looks very cute!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. woofies and burf's Peanuts and Flash...dat boy iz shure a cutie sleepin so good...tell u mama to go to da peoples doctor...

    b safe,
    Rocky and ;)angel lacylulu

  4. I sure do hope your Mom feels better soon. You are so strong Peanut!!! Give her a lick for me...I'm sure that will make her feel better!

    That IS an adorable picture of your boy...but it would have been way cuter if you were in it!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  5. Oh dear. Hope your mom feels better now. Your boy sure sleeps cute.

    ~ Girl girl

  6. Hope your Mum is ok, tell her to go to the Dr's and get it checked out. Human puppys are cute.

    Simba x

  7. Sorry mummy is hurting, hope it gets better soon. You boy does look very cute!

    Cassidy x

  8. Hey Peanut! Our servant had that same kind of pain (something about walking three of us at once and a Stupid City Squirrellie). She got a LOT of help by a massage therapist who is also a Pilates instructor. Massage and weird arm waving made things better.

    hope this helps your mom a bunch

    wags from the whippets

  9. I hope your mom feels better soon!
    Woo, I'd sure like to jump up there and snuggle with you little biped!
    PS: Did you get my email about that cool Army fabric?

  10. Aches and pains are very annoying. We're sending Sibe Vibes for Mom's shoulder. These humans wear out quickly. I think you should check her extended warranty.

  11. My mom's a nurse and said your mom should go to the doctor and have it checked out. :) I hope she's feeling better soon. Love, Martha

  12. So you really are a pain in the neck, Peanut!! Really, though, my mommy says to tell your mommy to go to the doctor if the pain isn't getting better on its own. We hope she'll be feeling better very soon. Your boy-person is very cute. Nothing cuter than a sleeping child, 'cept a sleepin dog!

    xoxo hugs to your Mom

  13. Grammie says to put thermacare heat wrap on the shoulder and take naproxen (generic) 2-220mg tabs twice and day and see if that helps.
    Your boy is a pistol.

  14. I'm glad your mom listened to you, Peanut. She needs to pay closer attention so she doesn't reinjure herself.

    Cute, cute, cute picture of the sleeping boy! Are you hiding under the covers?

  15. We sure hope your mom's arm feels better soon!
    What a sweet picture of your boy fast asleep!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  16. What a pain in the neck, LOL! We hope your Mom feels better soon and your boy sure is super cute!

  17. Poor mom! I hope she feels totally better soon. Sometimes my ma ape tells Ethel to quit pulling or she'll pull her arm out of her socket and THEN she'll be sorry--are YOU sorry?


  18. Sorry to hear your mum is having shoulder problems. Hope it clears up soon! J x

  19. Hey guys!
    My mom says to tell your mom to go to the doctor!! My mom used to be stuborn about the doctor, too, but learned her lesson when she found out her gallbladder almost killed her and because now she has major female issues because she was misdiagnosed by a stupid doctor and kept putting off getting a second opinion (that's why I've backed off asking Mom for my own kids to play with - it's a sensitive subject right now).So, tell her to go get it checked out now before she learns a lesson on her own. Mom's are no fun when they're sick or in pain (or locked in the bathroom - hehehe).

  20. Peanut!

    Cute boy. LOVE the pic.

    Now, tell your mama that your dad would be TOTALLY right in telling her to go to the dogter. If she doesn't like hers, then have her go to yours. I'm sure they can help her out, and she'll probably get treats out of it.

    Sending goober smooches to soothe her pain.

    Goober love,