Monday, March 03, 2008

Problems, Problems, Problems

We had blogger problems. We could leave comments on other blogs but couldn't post on ours. Mom has a problem with her computer router that she hasn't been able to fix yet. She is talking about having to get a new one.
Now on to the biggest problem of all. I NEED TO GET RID OF THESE TURTLES.
This one here is named clyde even though she's a girl
and the new one too.

This turtle obsession has got to stop. look what she went and bought this weekend
I mean really why doesn't she have dogs in her ears? Oh no she has to have turtles. She is still spending all her time talking to those turtle people. I am now being neglected.
Some one tell me how to get rid of them without her knowing it was me (so i can't eat them or anything). HELP ME
oh but on a good note she did help me write a few posts so I can post for a few days. It was hard doing this one all by myself though. Didn't want her to see it then I might get in trouble.


  1. My mom used to have turtles. She said they were super cute, but then again that's what she calls Paris!!

  2. Eeeeeeewwwwww.
    OK, we think you need a plan, Peanut. We know it will be hard, but worth it in the end. Maybe for a while you could
    1. Hold off on the farts
    2. Not destroy anything, especially mattresses
    3. do the adorable head tilt big eyes everytime she looks your way
    4.(this is the HARDEST) pass up a meal or two. That makes our servant ballistic with worry. We get hugs, special treats, privileges, the works. Only don't take it too far or you'll get a trip to Ol' Poke 'n Stick and no dog wants that!

    good luck wags from the whippets

  3. Peanut, I'm writing to you from the doghouse... snuck mummy's computer in .shhh. don't tell your mom. Anyway,you have nothing to worry about. It's a temporary infatuation. Soon she'll realize that turtles don't fetch, they don't play, they don't make cute faces. She'll get over it. And be a real good boy in the meantime...

  4. oh Yuck and more yuck. Turtles, Dear Lord Peanut, and Turtles in her ears as well, oh no wonder blogger is playing up, it don't want none of those Turtles in person on it!


    I never seen a turtle, nor even a tortoise, which apparently is the same kind of thing.

    I am glad sometimes I live where I live.

    My sympathies to you, indeed.

    Marvin xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. I thought my mom was crazy obsessed over things. I don't know I've ever seen a turtle so I don't know how to help you guys. Good luck though!!
    PS Please tell me she's not going to set up a blog for them, too!!!

  6. I don't have any suggestions because your mom is way obsessed with that ugly green thing, you dear, neglected, poor Peanut.


  7. HA HA HA, My mommy used to have a turtle obsession too. She got so many turtle figurines, but after a while she got tired of them. I think you should overload her with turtles ~ then she'll realize how much better dogs are.

    Hey, is that turtle pooping or eating??????

    Hope the computer problem is fixed soon.

    Frenchie SNorts

  8. Your mom comes from a long line of obsessive complusive people. This will pass as do most of the compulsions.

  9. Anywhere you can mail those turtles?? Maybe you can come visit AZ for a while until the obsession passes?

  10. woofies u 2, u has an award on me bloggy

    b safe,

  11. Ewwwwww!!!!! Is Clyde throwing up WORMS?!?!?!?!

    And I'm certainly not going to be any help here... my girl thinks those earrings are "adorable." Gah.

  12. Hi, Peanut!
    Yes, I think she has an obsession! Does your mom has 4 turtles on each ear??
    Make a hole and ask them politely to go in there. Then, cover the hole again!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. Lol! When exactly did this obsession with turtles begin?

    Have you lately been re-miss in charming her? Have you lost your magic on her?

    It's a challenge to you, Peanut. Think of it as a contest to get her attention. Win her back! Don't let yourself lose out on those turtles!

    By the way, why don't you try scaring away those little turtles every time they pop their heads out from their shells?

  14. They are taking over. Before you know they will be eating all your treats and sleeping in your bed.

    Simba x

  15. Peanut, maybe if you could be more turtle like you would get more of the attention. Start by eating a worm.

  16. Turtles are stupid. You can't eat them or anything.

    My auntie Kristen's 2 turtles died last weekend and she called Mom hysterically crying and scared the crap out of Mom. They had a nice funeral service for Turtlina and Archie thougth.


  17. Turtles eat worms. Nuf said.

  18. Yeah, gross! Worms!

    Can you flip them on their backs so they can't get back up?

    Your friend, Lenny

  19. OK, Peanut, here's the plan: offer to take your Mom's turtles "for a walk" and then turn your back for a few minutes (or hours, depending on how slow they are). That's what my Mom did when she was a little girl and they walked right away into the field and she couldn't find them anymore. She still talks about those stupid turtles!

    xoxo - Bella

  20. We think you should dig a really big hole in the back yard, then toss the turles in it. If your mom yells about the holes, claim the turtles made them.

  21. Oh the turtle earrings are so cute... I like the pink one

    ~ Girl girl

  22. Ok, seriously, turtles can't be nearly as much fun as dogs. Do they fetch? Do they sit? Do they run around? That brings me to a good question. What DO they DO? I'm gonna venture a guess. NOTHING! I think you should see if Shelby can bury them in the litter box.


  23. ur mum seems to be obsessed with turtles....

    we have one too...

  24. Hi Peanut
    I've missed you !!!
    We nearly ended up with 3 big turtles in our dam. Mum wanted to rehome them but the man found somewhere else ..whew !!!
    Your mum still loves you heaps though and we love you too.
    Love from Hammer

  25. Our Mommy wants a turtle so if you can figure out a way to send them to us we will take them!!

    Love, Seadra and Zoe

    Love the turtle ears!!

  26. Eww...ww... is that turtle eating earth worms? Yucks!Get rid of them FAST!!! Its GROSS! Eww...ww...


  27. My ma ape has a turtle tattoo on her FOOT! Does she have a Wally tattoo? No. Stupid turtles.


    ps. Earlier this week they had a story on a turtle who ran away. I thought of you guys.