Friday, August 17, 2007


Okay so I have to say this moving stuff makes mom yell. Mainly at Dad because she doesn't think he helps enough. She told me it will get worse once they come pick up all these boxes they packed yesterday and she has to start cleaning the house. She figures she will do most of the work and be mad at Dad for not helping enough. But hey he's Dad and that's the way it is.
So yesterday they came and packed up all our stuff. Flash and I got stuck in our kennels but mom gave us a bone and a peanut butter killed Kong so it was okay. Plus the movers got here at 9 and were done by 3. They come put it all on a truck today I guess so more kennel time for us. I think we are going to try and sneak out and make it to Simba's Pawty though.
And here is a picture of me trying to get mom to scratch my butt.


  1. The tail is short, and the hair is not rich.
    It is compared with ume tyan. :)

    from loved ume tyan

  2. Awww that stinks Peanut...I'd come scratch you butt for you!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  3. Dude if you move here, my mommy and daddy woudl scratch your bum all day and night!!!!!!!

    Frenchie Snorts

  4. Tell your mom to stop yelling and get busy. Cleaning and scratching your butt.

  5. Oooooo...I'm woozie, Peanut. Nice butt.

    Mom is always yelling at Dad for not helping her clean. In fact, she was doing it yesterday!

    I hate yelling.


  6. Anonymous1:58 PM

    OMG when we moved, mom yelled at EVERYONE! Then she kenneled the cats but not me and I laughed at them.

  7. Maybe it is a good thing to get to "hide" in the kennel while all the yelling is going on. We don't like yelling. Ick. Hope things get calm for you and your hoomans soon!
    Whoofs & Baroos,
    Eddie & Peaches

  8. My girl doesn't yell, but she gets really, REALLY grumpy. Irritable. Peevish. She doesn't find ANYTHING that we do funny. Crabby patty.

  9. Ah, Peanut...I'm sorry you are not getting enough butt scratches... That's just not right...I hope the move goes well so you get your peeps back with full attention on you.
    Love & Licks,

  10. That's my favorite place for scratchin, too. If she does it just right, I nibble on my ma ape's hand while she scratches me.

    Hope the moving goes smoothly so you can get out of your crates. But the bones and PBkongs sound pretty darn good.


  11. Hi Peanut,

    Thats a really funny picture of you trying to scratch your butt! hahahaha I'll see you at Simba's pawty yea!


  12. Anonymous9:17 PM

    Hey Peanut! Dogmom scratched our butts in your honor! We have moved three times with our dogmom so far. It wasn't till the third time that Opie realized he really is part of the family.

    We hope you have saft travels and all your stuffs show up at your new place... ours didn't till three weeks later!

    Dogmom, Gomer & Opie

  13. we feel so bad for you, Mom said she'd give you some butt scratches if you were here.

  14. I feel for the next person who sits on that chair lol.

    Simba x

  15. I hope you're moving stuff gets over with soon so you can have a more relaxing life!!


  16. Peanut,

    I hope the moving goes smoothly & your mama doesn't have to yell as much as you think she will.

    I do that butt-first move at my girl when I want a scratchin'. From the looks of it you could get a decent pseudo-scratch on the arm of that chair in a pinch!

    Goober love,