Thursday, August 02, 2007

Blankets and Presents

Sorry we haven't posted in a few days. We were depressed about Oscar and then mom was getting the kids ready to go back to school. They went back today. Oh and mom said to say we might not get to post to often between now and the 27th as that is when we leave to go home to Oregon to visit and she has to clean our whole house so we can clear housing and get everything ready for the move to Louisiana. I will try and post at least every couple of days though.

So a few days ago you know what came in the mail? Our blankets from our Grammie. We were so so excited.Here we are checking them out. Well I made Flash wait until I was done before he could look.

Here is my blanket. See how it is all U.S. Army and tough. It even has a tank on it. Which is cool because Dad used to be a tanker before he was a scout. Then there is my name patch that my Auntie made. Thanks Auntie Shalon

This is Flash's blanket. It has little army bears all over it. That green patch is his name patch. I think it's kind of a baby blanket but he likes it so who's to say.

Thanks so much Grammie and Auntie Shalon.
Special Note to Grammie, Dad and our boy say they would like some blankets also. Oh and thanks for the doggie crack to How did you know we were out?

Then yesterday we got a surprise in the mail. See me licking my lips. I can smell all the good stuff in there.

It came with this card Which says
You are my new BFF- Buff furry friend- Please enjoy these snacks I picked out for you-especially the bully sticks

Wally (there is a little heart in front of Wally)

The Card had Wally hair in it. How cool is that. Wally is cool.

Here we are checking out all the stuff wally sent us.

We got (I only say we because Mom makes me share with Flash) 2 bully sticks, some Snack 21 Salmon snacks, Snack 21 herring strips, Northwest Naturals chicken liver treats for cats & Dogs (mom actually gave some of these to the cats, the fiend) and a Chubby Buddies nylabone toy which I think is a hippo. Mom is in love with the chubby buddies since I haven't chewed it up yet.
Here is a picture of Flash enjoying a herring treat

And me getting a bully stick. Mom wouldn't let me have both of them :(

And last but not least the other thing in the package was two wally magents. Yep I got two of them. WOO HOO. Mom says we have to give one to Grammie when we get home and we only get to keep one but that's okay. Mom and I both wanted a wally magnet and we can share. Mom put them up on the fridge already. She also said she isn't letting the movers touch the wally magnets, she will pack them in the car with us so there is no chance the movers can take them since we know once they are spotted the movers would want them for themselves.

Thank so much Wally you are the best Buff Furry Friend a guy could ask for.


  1. peanut your blanket is so pawesomely cool! i love how pawtriotic you guys are. and wow your dad used to drive a tank, and now he's a scout. you must be SO proud of him.

    and how fun of wally to send you his hair!!!!! hahahahha!!!!

    salutes to you and your dad, coco

  2. Your Grammie does good work Peanut. And Wally cool is that!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  3. Yay! Your personalized blankets are totally cool! And I'm glad you enjoyed the prezzies. I knew you're a nice dude so you'd share with Flash so I included some for both of you. And I meant to say that one of your magnets is for your very nice Grammie! She needs to look at her adoptive grandson sometimes.


  4. We hope you are all feeling happier, Oscar would not want his buddies to be sad.

    We have updated Oscar's blog today with some of our plans for remembering him.

    Katy & Martin x

  5. I am so excited to be getting a Wally magnet. It will go in a place of honor on my fridge. I am glad that you liked the blankets. I can make one for Dad and the boy also. Do they want an Army one or something else?
    Love to all!

  6. WOW! Those are really great blankets!! Flash's blanket has camo on it! My favorite color! You guys are going to have so much fun on your trip, especially with such cool blankets to travel with. Be sure to save some of your treats for the trip. Whenever we go to visit Grandma and Grandpa Cheese, Mom always makes sure we havea enough Schmakos for the ride because we get bored and Schmakos is a very easy way to distract us from the boringness.
    Flash, I'm sure your grandma will give you cheese. I've noticed grandmas can't resist any cute granddog face.

  7. Cool blankets and awesome treats! I like the magnets too. You 2 are lucky dogs!


  8. Hi Peanut! Your Grammie is the best, she left a kind message on my Blog when Jeannie was so blue.

    And Wally is the bestest as well.

    love you lots and lots Peanut and your family....

    mucho Marvin kisses and licks, from Bonnie and Sunny Scotland xxxxx

  9. Hi, Peanut.
    Your grammie is great! Those are very cool personalized blankets! Sure you liked them a lot!
    And Wally is very nice sending you all those presents! I know you are a good brother and share with Flash.
    Have a nice day

  10. What beautiful blankets! Wow! You'all are some lucky pups. And another package of treats in the mail. What fun.
    Good luck with the house cleaning and the move the Louisiana. It's really hot here, so bring your shorts and sandals and make sure your mom has a pool for you for outside.
    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  11. I was jealous when I saw the blankets, but I am totally green now! I want a Wally magnet!

  12. Cool blankets Peanut, We would love to roll around in those!

    ~Pug Hugs~
    Duke & Gidget

  13. Wow you guys are so lucky! Two parcels! We have been waiting to see those blankets and it was worth the wait - they are great!! Your Grandma is very talented. And what a great present pack from Wally.
    Jazz and Dixie

  14. Wow, you hit the jackpot! Blankets and treats. Neat-o!


  15. WoW!! Those are some cool looking blankies. Your Grammies is so clever!! And treats from Wally! It must be your lucky day. And it is nice of you to share some of it with Flash.

    Have a great day!


  16. wally even sent his own hair over to you? oops1 what u gonna do wif the hair?

    wet wet licks


  17. Your blankie looks so comfy and Wally is so cool to send you his hair.

    ~ girl girl

  18. Whoa...I got a little nervous there. I thought Wally was really mad that I didn't like Fruitables! He sent you a great bunch of stuff...especially the Wally hair.


  19. Peanut,

    Your Grammie sure is something SPECIAL! Cool blankets. You're the envy of everydog who reads your blog!

    That Wally is TOO COOL! Better get that Wally Magnet insured quick, before something happens to it! It's probably one of the most valuable assets your family could own. (That's how my girl feels about our Wally magnet)!

    You are SO BUFF!

    Goober love,