Sunday, August 12, 2007


Okay I tell you Mom is getting super stressed. The movers come on Thursday and she says she hasn't even gotten everything situated so they know what to pack and what not to pack. Plus now they have decided to clean the house to save the $225 so she is freaking out about that. Poor woman she won't be good until we actually clear housing. I remember what she was like when we left Germany. She about went crazy (though it isn't a very long trip for her to get there). So needless to say not much is getting done with me and Flash. Dad's been in the field but he starts clearing post tomorrow so he will be home to help mom more. Which is good she needs all the help she can get. hahaha Oh that was funny.
Thought I would leave you with a couple of pictures.
Flash looking cute I guess

Me not wanting to come inside and poking my head in the screen door to see if Flash will come out and play.

We are going to try and visit our buddies and post but if we don't then please forgive us the next couple weeks are going to be nutso here.


  1. Ah, Peanut...maybe your mom can ship you in a box with lots of postage to me here in San Diego & then I can ship you back when she has all her head & house straightened out...we could go to the beach everyday....
    Love & Licks,

  2. Hi Peanut,
    Sounds like your mum is really busy there. Moving is always a stressfull thing for all involved. How are you guys feeling about the move?
    Nice pics by the way.
    Jazz and Dixie

  3. oh peanut i love the picture of you poking your head in the door!!! sooo cute!

    it is so annoying when our hoomans think they have to pick up all our stuff and move it somewhere. i don't understand and do not like it! just make sure someone doesn't stick you in a box!


  4. Hi, Peanut.
    My mom says that she understands your mom. Moving is very stressfull. The best thing you and Flash can do is stay away while they are working! For some reason sometimes we don't help much!
    Thanks for the pictures. I like them!
    Have a good night

  5. Tell Mom her super duper cleaning supplies should be there this week. She must get that major freak out mode from Pappy! Great pics of you guys. You should have to one of you made special for Penny.

  6. oh peanut, moving never good. i've just moved house 3 weeks ago. everything in the house are in a big mess! good luck to you peanut.

    wet wet licks


  7. Woh, are you doggies helping your mom in the packing part? I hope your mom dont get too stress out from the packing

    ~ Girl girl

  8. Good luck with the move, dude! My apes go crazy when they have to move. (Crazier, I should say). I hope it all goes smoothly.


  9. whenever ppl start doing clean up chores or packing up stuff...they can b rather mean too..

    my owner suffer this alot frm her mother...

    so v juz try 2 stay out of their way

  10. You poking your head through the door is just so cute!

    Moving is stressful, poor mom and now having to clean. I hope you can give your mom lots of kisses to help her feel less stressed.

    Frenchie Snorts

  11. Hang in there guys!! The moving will be over soon. It is VERY stressful to move. We did it 5 years ago and Mom doesn't want to do it again for a long time!!

    Peanut....We love the picture of you checking on flash.

    Love, Seadra and Zoe

  12. Good luck with the move, Peanut!

    And yes, Flash does look cute (although not as cute as you look peeking through the door like that!)

    Puggy kisses

  13. Hi Peanuts,

    Moving is definitely not fun.I hope you guys settle down at your new place soon.


  14. ooooh Peanut and Flash, we are always here whether you can post or not, no worries. Good luck with the move!

    I have never moved since I lived here with Jeannie and her family, it must be very stressful.

    We loved the last picture of you, looking for Flash to come and play!

    love and licks, Marv xxxxx

  15. Oh you poor guys. I know how you feel... it's NOT fun. Especially when the humans start freaking out. I wouldn't come inside either, if I could help it, Peanut. Just take lots of naps and dream of being at your Grammie's house....

    Peanut's Mom: I'm having sympathy stress pains for you! I wish I could help, but I'm sending calm, productive thoughts your way. :-) You'll make it!

  16. Oh Peanut, you look so very handsome peeking through the screen!!

    Good luck with the move!! My Mom HATES to clean & I hope yours doesn't get as grouchy as mine when she has to do a lot of it.


  17. We haven't moved in 20 years so I feel for you! I'm sure you're super duper busy!

    Love ya lots,

  18. we hate hate hate hate moving a lot. I feel for you!

  19. I've never experienced moving, so I'm not sure what it's like, but it sure sounds stressful!

    Oh, I just love that picture of you peeking around the door. Very cool!


  20. Best of luck to you and your Momma as you move. Moving is no fun. I, Eddie, have had to do it. You gotta make sure you don't leave any stuffies or balls, or chewies, or your dishes... SO many things to do! We don't envy you.
    We will wait anxiously for your next posting.
    Whoofs & Baroos,
    Eddie & Peaches

  21. Good luck with the move, everyone... it's never easy. Try to stay out of mummy's way! Before you know it, you'll be all settled and everyone will be happy again. Waiting to hear from you soon. Chef and his mom

  22. stay cool guys, no matter what, except if mom gets so flustered she forgets to feed you both! all the best!