Saturday, August 18, 2007

Moving=More yelling

But not yelling at Daddy this time. Well the loader people showed up yesterday and something happened. I will just share with you all my mom's email to someone. I have cleaned up the bad language though.

Okay was sitting here waiting for the loaders to come put my stuff on a truck. Well they get here come in, walk around, ask us what they are taking and what they aren't and go out to their truck. Justen takes them the paperwork and they tell him (with me standing right outside) we have a call into the transportation inspector because they don't know if transportation will let them load our stuff because your house smells and is dirty with all the dog hair. Then he said and I noticed some stuff is not packed (like the stereo and microwave) and I don't get paid to pack stuff. Oh man was I pissed. Yep there is dog and cat hair on the floor because they packed up my stuff yesterday and moved everything around but my house DOES NOT SMELL. I'd even steam cleaned all the furniture, mopped the floors and cleaned everything to get it ready for the packers. So they are all standing around the truck waiting for the transportation guy to get back to them when Justen gets a call on his cell. It was the transportation guy saying when the loaders called they said there was dog feces all over the floor. Oh jesus I lost it. I started cussing and yelling (I was good and didn't cuss directly at the loaders though because that can get you in trouble). So needless to say we are now waiting for a different company to come and pick up our stuff. The transportation guy came and walked through the house, talked to us and I told him there was no way I was letting those people touch my stuff. You don't insult me and then make money off me. Well he said there was no reason for them not to be picking up our stuff since the house was fine. So the housing guy went out and talked to the driver of the truck and made the driver refuse pickup so they only get paid for their gas to get here and also get suspended from the list they use to pick loaders. haha Jack*** got what he had coming to him.

So that is what happened yesterday. The second company showed up later and had no problems coming in and taking our stuff onto their truck. So now we have no furniture except a few folding chairs and a blow up bed and a tv. Other then that not much else is going on here.


  1. I think your mom sounds a lot like her father.

  2. Hi Peanut...moving better word to describe it...I'm sorry your mom is so stressed...hopefully all will be better now...give her a big kiss & snuggle!
    Love & Licks,

  3. Oh man! What STUPID JERKS! I'm glad the new movers were nicer. I remember when we moved here and we had no furniture but I got to sleep on the air mattress with my ma ape. I liked that.


    ps. My sissy just posted about the Jolly Ball. I'm NOT letting her steal the lungs. YUM!

  4. OH BOY,

    Karen Here: I would have done the same thing but probably not as calm. I'm glad that moron got what was coming to him, serves him right. I wonder if there is a website you can add their name to so other people don't have to pay for their horrific services.

    Karen and Balboa

  5. Oh woo! That's a BAD day! I hope the rest of your move goes better. And don't forget to pack your computer!

  6. Oh boy! Sounds like a pretty bad day, eh? I hope everything else gets along fine.


  7. Jeez! How rude they are. I wouldn't want them touchin my stuff either. OBVIOUSLY they are NOT dog lovers!
    Something is WRONG with those hoomans!
    Sympathetic Whoofs & Baroos,
    Eddie & Peaches

  8. What a bunch of dip s*its!!!

  9. Not much else going on!!! That is A LOT going on Peanut. Boy your Mom must be so pee-pee'd off! I know my Mom would be. Well at least your stuff got picked up. When do you take off for Grammie's? I know you all will have fun!

    Lots of licks, Ruby

  10. Hi, Peanut.
    My mom is joining your mom with the bad words she knows!
    What kind of service is that???
    Glad you got another company. I hope everything goes well now!
    Have a good night

  11. What a nightmare! Make our move sound like a walk in the park. Sorry you had to deal with such stupid mean people.

    Simba xx

  12. Definitely a bad day! I hope today is much better for you!

    Love ya lots,

  13. wow, you certainly have had some probs. I am sorry it has been so awful for you all.

    I will look in again to see how you are getting on, but what stupid people the first lot were! And very very rude people.

    love and sad licks, Marvin xxxxxx

  14. Hi Peanut!

    My sissy LOVES the jollyball and has been playing with it all day but will only play with it indoors. She's so weird. I'm glad you only sent one bully because she STOLE MY BALL. She's not getting a bully, too!

    I hope you and your mom are having a better day. I hear giving butt scratches is good for stress!


  15. Oh--and we LOVE the chunk rabbitables. My sissy goes NUTS for them. We never touch each others' food but she tried to steal my rabbit! The ground stuff is awesome, too. Of course, I will eat anything.

    The hare place is pretty good but a little pricey for shipping (and we're pretty close). We're going to try another place that is further south next month that would be closer to you and we'll let you know how we like it in case you want to try it!


  16. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Sounds like a very bad day your humans have had - I hope things get better for everyone!


  17. Oh your moving sounds very stressfull so far. I really hope things get sorted soon and that you can all relax in your new home.
    Jazz and Dixie

  18. Moving is so stressful and it sounds like you all have had more than your normal share. Things have got to get better!!!

    Hang in there, Seadra and Zoe

  19. what a bunch of jerks you should have pooped on them!!!

  20. i wonder when will all this hectic comes 2 an end...

  21. Evil Movers!!! We are moving soon too. We hope we dont across these evil people.

    Boy n Baby

  22. Oh dear. I hope you guys dont have any more problems with the moving..

    ~ Girl girl

  23. Oh stuff like that makes my girl SO MAD. I can't belive they said those things right in front of your mom?! What did they expect her to do?! Those liars got what they deserved. Actually, they deserved some "dog feces" elsewhere, but you know... you'd probably get in trouble for that.

  24. Great. Just what you guys need. More people causing your mom stress. Hope she doesn't forget to feed you because of it. If she doesn't feed you by midnight, give me a call and I'll bring over some of our food.

  25. This moving stuff is scary and annoying!

  26. Hey, Peanut!!

    Give your mama a goober hug from me... it's said to be a very soothing experience (getting that goober hug).

    Good thing those jerkwads are no longer on the moving list! What a crock! What was their problem anyway? (Wait, don't waste time on that. It's over and you have nice movers now.)

    Enjoy that air mattress!

    Goober love,

  27. Those movers sounded like LAZY Jerks who just didnt want to do their job. WTF?? Glad it all worked out in the end.. glad to hear the trip is going well!