Friday, April 04, 2008

It's Friday

and I finally get to do Flash Friday again. It seems like forever since I posted on a Friday. Mom was slacking but Peanut and I had a nice talk with her and she knows not to do it anymore.
I am going to answer some of the comments we got on our last post then put up a picture about something that is bothering me.

The whippets asked: What the heck is in that toilet water? Tequilla???? Hmm no it's just plain old water. Is Tequilla good? Should I have mom pour some in there?

Petra wanted to know Did your mom have to refill it after all the slurps you took?
Yep she sure did. She has to go in there and flush it after we are done so we have more water to drink

My lovely Kaos said Do you know what the humans use that thing for? You should tell your mom to get you a large water dish cuz that's disgusting!!
Yes we know what they use it for. That's why mom cleans it every day. Oh and really who are we dogs kidding. We eat poop. Horse poop, duck poop, sheep poop. So really is drinking out of the toilet that bad? Oh and we have a water dish. We don't use it. The water in the toilet is colder.

Our buddy Ike said OMD! You have a race track in your house. You are so lucky!
Yep this house is just made for running around. It's even cooler when mom leaves the back door open and I can go from outside, down the hallway, around into the kitchen then back out the door. WooT!!!!!

Happy wanted to know: Is it good? Is it what made you two all frenzied?
Yep it's good. Nice and cold water plus since it gets flushed often it is fresh. It's not what gets us all frenzied (mom says that is a flea up my bum) but it is a nice way to refresh afterwards :)

Okay now on to the problem. I'm not a vain dog. Don't care much about how I look but the other day I got a look at my nose and noticed IT'S TURNING COLORS. OMD what am I going to do?
I was so embarssed that mom couldn't get to good of a picture but here is the best one.

Do you see how the middle part of my nose is not black anymore? Mom says it's done this before and always gone back to being black but I don't believe her. She would lie to make me feel better because she's a good mom. Let me know what you all think.


  1. Wowsa...we drink out of the toilet too, or we do when someone forgets to close the lid! Muzzer has most everybody trained, but there are occasional lapses. And it is nice and cold and .... well, like you said we are dogs.


  2. I attempt to drink from the toliet, but I always get caught before I have a chance to see what it is all about.

  3. I guess since the toilet is being cleaned every day, then it's okay. I don't know how often our toilet gets cleaned, but I know it's not even close to every day.
    My mom hd a dog who's nose changed colors. The poor thing had really really bad allergies. They had these weird floweres planeted at the house and every time the dog walked by she would sneeze and hit her nose on the sidewalk making her nose all messed up. They dug up the flowers but then harvest season started and the dog was allergic to it, too. She would sneeze out in the yard and he nose turned from black to a flesh color (with green grass stripes). Every summer that happened to that dog until they moved away from there (they lived right on the Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska border where there's lots of farming) to here (in the middle of Colorado where there's lots of mountains and just a few farms).
    I'm glad you finally got to post on Flash Friday!! I'll be posting Artsy Fartsy Friday this afternoon - Mom didn't want anymore funny sotries told about her.

  4. 1 more thing!
    Mom was trying to take a picture of my nose this morning, too! What is up with that? She said she wanted everybody to know what she sees while she's tying her shoes every morning. I don't get what she's talking about. I was able to wiggle my way out of her grasp though because her camera is heavier than a normal camera and it's her baby so she let me go before she dropped her camera.
    Have a great weekend!!
    Love Kaos

  5. Haha! Toilet water! I've never had any but my sissy samples from time to time when the boy ape forgets to put down the lid.

    Your video made me tired. Flash sure is a noisy dude!


  6. Have you been getting any sunshine?
    Or, maybe your nose is changing colors because If It's Brown Flush It Down. The toilet is sucking off your nose a little at a time!!!! AAAAACCCCKKKK!!!!
    Or you might try a kelp based supplement.

    wags from the whippets

  7. Too bad about your nose. By chance is it dry?? That can make it lighter, or do you eat or drink out of plastic bowls?? Some dogs are allergic to the plastic & it does funny things to your nose

    Can you believe that Snickers & I have never tried toilet water??? Nope, those darn things are shut all of the time. Mama said she would be totally grossed out if we did do it, but then again we do like to grab the deer doodoo, hehehehhe.(that woman even scrubs & brushes our teefies after she catches us getting a few tidbits)
    Have a great weekend & see you at Asta's pawty.
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  8. Thanks for answering all of those questions, Flash! And I think your nose is very cute, regardless of its color.

    Motch thinks your mom is very ambitious because she cleans your water bowl EVERY day. Motch doesn't like to clean our big bowls (that I'm not big enough to drink from) once a week.

  9. Psssst.....My bull pizzle hunting was so successful that we have too many for us to chew. So keep your eyes open for a package, ok?

    Do you guys have a plastic water/food bowls? I've heard that can discolor the nose (though your mom is totally right that it's completely harmless).


  10. Ha! I just watched the video from your last post. It sure made my humans laugh!


  11. Wow...that was very informative. I wish I was tall enough to try toilet water...that sound delish!

    I'm so excitered you're going to Paw it Forward with me!!! W00t!

    Lots of Licks, ruby

  12. Hi, Flash!
    Thanks for answering all those questions we made! Its too bad I am so short to do that!
    I hope your nose turns black again soon!
    Have a great weekend!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. I think I have seen that nose changing phenomena on some of the siberian's dog blogs!

  14. I wouldn't worry about your nose unless it starts to fall off.

  15. Hi Flash

    And no this is not scooby, its charlie moms letting me blog now,
    I know how u feel iam glad u got to blog friday now, Iam just wish i was big enough to drink out of the hopper scooby gets in ther all the time and mom and dad yells at him well talk to u latter

    Your litte friend

  16. Anonymous12:24 AM

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  17. I can't reach the toilet water, so I will never know.

    Simba x

  18. I was just now able to see the "Toilet water" video and all I can say is "I'm jealous". Those long legs of yours are AWESOME!

    You guys get the run of the house too?! Isn't it cool!!

    Flash- not too sure about your nose changing colors, but my sissie Lilly's skin will change sometimes. She has a big freckle on her chest (She's bald there!) that comes and goes depending on the season .

  19. Our gramma used to say peeing alongside the road gives you canker sores in your mouth. Perhaps drinking toilet water makes your nose lose its color?

  20. Apollo has a snow nose too... His never goes all the way back though :(

    We think you need at drinkwell!

  21. We just can't get past what you said about your Mom cleaning it everyday. That's crazy.


  22. You have a snow nose! That's cool (get it???). Maybe there's a littttle bit of Siberian in you somewhere.

  23. Flash, don't worry about your snow nose. Once summer gets here and you spend some time in the sun it will get dark again.

    I love drinking toilet water too, but my mean girl usually keeps the lid closed so I can't get it.

  24. My moms close the bathroom door, because Dakota eats the toilet paper. So I only get old stinky dog bowl water.

  25. I would try as soon as I can reach the toilet bowl.

    Your nose looks fine to me :-)

  26. Flash,
    Kat tried to eat her own poop. Girls are disgusting.

    Also, my nose is kind of pink too. Just slightly. You know, pink is a very hip color for men these days.


  27. I'm not allowed in the bathroom anymore because I shred towels and unravel the toilet paper. But back in the day toilet water was so good. And about your nose, Flashguy, it looks fine. At least you don't have pink spots under it like I do, which looks like lipstick, which it isn't....

    xoxo Chef