Monday, April 21, 2008


so I know it's been almost a week and I am sure you are all wondering how my adoption/birthday went. Well I tell you it didn't go to well. I didn't get any presents on the actual day because my mom was going to give them to me at night. Well our girl decided to go outside and jump rope and ended up spraining her ankle. So mom had to take her to the ER and wait around. She ended up having to get an ankle brace and crutches. But she is feeling much better now. Then mom was lazy and didn't post then when I got her to post the batteries in the camera were dead and she couldn't find the battery charger. That woman needs to get with it.

So I got all my presents on Wednesday instead.
I got this bone. It was really good. Peanut tried to steal mine even though he got one also and since I usually give in he chewed up part of it before mom took it away from him. So she gave me a bully stick too and peanut didn't get one.

I got this toy. It squeaks but I don't really like it so Peanut has been playing with it.

I got these treats and they are yummy but mom wouldn't let me eat the whole bag at once. She put them on top of the fridge and has been giving me two a day. I think I might need to go live with Grammie so I can get more treats everyday.

Here is me enjoying my treats. I am so fast this is the best picture mom could get
But the best thing about the whole day was that dad left this comment on my post "I wish I was there too DAD" You know we still have about 10 months before Dad gets to come home. It's a long long time. But it helps when he leaves me comments and I got to talk to him on the phone the other week. Well he talked and I licked the phone. :)
Go and visit our Uncle Dawson it's his adoption day today.

Later Gators


  1. Glad you finally got your presents, man! Looks like Peanut made out pretty well for it being YOUR adoption/birth Day! You're such a giving guy.

    Cool that your dad gets to visit your blog. I'm glad you got to hear his voice. Bet it makes him seem closer.

    Goober love,

  2. Hi, Flash!
    I hope your girl is doing well!
    That bone sure looks yummy!
    I think you got a very nice present from your Dad! I can imagine how excited you were reading his comment! And you talked to him too! Lucky boy!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. You come a stay with us. We get treats all the time. Today we got carrots and mango. Dawson is as dingy as ever even though he is older.

  4. Only two treats a day, that sounds like our house. TORTURE! Looks like you did get some nice presents though. The comment from your Dad was definitely the best!!

  5. Glad you got all the lovely presents though. It's so nice of your dad to leave you comments and talk to you on the phone.

  6. Those pressies look great!! Hmmm, 2 treats a day is way too little! You need to fight for more!!

  7. Those are pawsome presents. You sure look happy to have your treat in that photo. :)

    ~ Girl girl

  8. What great presents. Two treats a day?! Thats a bit mean.

    Simba xx

  9. We sure hope your girl's ankle is feeling better!
    Those are super nice treats but the best treat of all was hearing from your dad!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  10. Happy Adoption Day, Flash! If I could, I'd send half of all the great stuff in my favorite store, The Dog Shop. I'd keep the other half...I'm young and still not really good at sharing everything.

    Sorry your day got messed up and your mom is being unreasonable about letting you have all the Bonz at once. My mom won't let anything with wheat flour pass my lips and there are many treats offered to me that she won't let me eat. Aw shucks!!!!!!!!!

  11. You totally deserve a do-over! With stuff you like.

  12. wow great gifts! we hope you enjoyed them!

  13. Seems to be your mom and my mistress are both rubbish.

    Can't even remember if I came past for your adoption day or not because she has been so useless. Anyway, good you got some presents and that you heard from your dad.

    Pippa (look she hasn't even let me use my own log-in)

  14. Im glad you finally got your gifts. Those treats look yummy. I saw your dad's comment when I left my comment. i thought it was very sweet. 10 months is a very long time, but Mom says these past 2 months flew by (she's had a lot of work to do lately both at work and on our house) so hopefully the next 10 will, too.
    I hope you girl feels better soon. Jump roping sounds dangerous!

  15. Hi Flash...I'm sorry your girl sprained her ankle & no is a bit of a gimp...that's no fun...But at least you got your presents & some treats...I think everydoggie should be able to go live with your Grammie so we can all be treated well..My mom/secretary/gimp sprained her wrist last week & now is really not cutting it as my secretary...I think I need your grammie's address..I need a vacation...

    Love & Licks,

    ps...So happy to hear that your dad was able to chat with you & you were able to lick back!

  16. I cannot believe your mom did not let you eat the whole bag of treats at once. I mean, come on, birthdays happen just once a year! I can see the joy in your eyes over the 2 tiny little bitty treats you are scarfing down, Flash, and if I were there, we'd figure out a way to let you eat the whole bag. Sincerely yours, Petra

  17. YAY! you finally got your b-day presents! Those green bones rock don't they!?

    Glad your sissy's ankle wasn't broken and she is feeling better now!

  18. Better late than never we always say. You got some awesome toys..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus and Louie

  19. Happy Gotcha Day Flash! We get our treats rationed here too. No fair and very stupid.

  20. Flash! Happy Adoption Day. You got some yummy stuff and Peanut didn't do too badly either. It must have been so nice to hear your Papa's voice and to get his comment. Best present of all ! Hope your girl's ankle is healing. Aw, your poor Mama.. our Mamas always have so much to handle, huh?

    xoxo Chef

  21. Hey Flash! Sorry to hear about your girl. I hope her ankle gets better quickly!

    You got some grrrreat presents! They look very tasty.


  22. We are glad that you finally get the gifts. We think all grannys are cool.. they gives us treats all the time.

    Boy n Baby

  23. Wow that is some birthday party!
    We got you a treat but we ate it before mama could send it - sorry

  24. Hey Flash, hope your girl is feeling better now. Those presents look pawsome! J x

  25. Oops. We've been so busy getting my teeth fixed and chasing Opie around the neighborhood that we missed your adoption day! So very sorry, Flash!

    Wuf Ya (and hope you still wuf us, too), Gomer & Opie

  26. Woo! Glad you got your prezzies and had a burpday (finally). I think your dad gave you the greatest present ever. You need a ticker to countdown to his homecoming!

    And I'm sorry your girl had to go to the vet to get fixed. (My ma ape said that girls don't go to the vet and it doesn't sound good to say she got fixed. Whatev ma ape! She can be so useless). If she's slowed down does she have to stop and give you more belly rubs?


  27. We think it's so adorable that you licked the phone when your Dad was talking to you!

    Glad you got lots of treats for your barkday! (even if they are being rationed)

  28. I'm glad you finally got to celebwate..even if it was vewy late...and what a nice pwesent to talk to youw Dad and get a special message fwom him too...I wish the time would go fastew and he was home aweady
    smoochie kisses

  29. Sorry your skin sissy rained on your birthday parade. Hope you werent too mad at

    Those treats look pretty yummie! I hope you enjoyed them.

  30. hi Flash, well it sounds like your adoption day turned out okay after all - it was just a little bit late. Sometimes stuff happens. We're glad your dad left you message. that's pretty cool.


  31. Hee hee, Flash, your name suits you. You move like a flash! That's great you get to communicate with your dad so often. I hope you had a happy adoption day.

  32. Hi Flash, hope you have a happy day everyday!!

  33. I love those Healthy Edibles bones. I usually steal Kat's. I'm so glad your dad left you a birthday comment. That's great!


  34. 2 treats a day? You must be starving...can you move some chairs over to reach them?

    We can't wait for your Dad to be home, we think about him everyday.


  35. happy happy for you flash!!! Hey, if your mom wants collars for you guys have her email your neck measurements to our servant at dogwalkers(at) She'll fix you up!

    wags from the whippets

  36. Wow Flash, looks like you got some great presents!
    Thanks for your comments of concern while Max was sick. He is feeling much better now :)