Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tortoise Food is Yummy

Okay I got in trouble and wasn't able to get online until today to blog. Oh my mom was mad at me.
She took an old nightstand with 2 drawers that she had and put it under the turtle table. Then she put the turtle food in it. Well I don't think she was using her brain to much at the time. She then went to the post office to mail a box to my dad. When she came back I had gotten the top drawer open got out this
and took the lid off and ate it all (ours was only 8.5 oz though). It was yummy yummy yummy.
Oh but when mom got home she was mad and then she said I'd be lucky if my stomach didn't explode because that food was dehydrated hays and grasses and weeds that you were supposed to rehydrate with water. needless to say she was being overly dramatic as usual and my stomach didn't explode. But I did have a ton of gas. Didn't bother me but the humans kept complaining about it.
Now I am back and mom has just learned nothing is safe from Peanut the amazing drawer, fridge, oven and door opening boxer.


  1. You're like a magician...Peanut the Amazing!!! I like the sound of that!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  2. Hi, Peanut!
    I am thankful that your tummy did not explode!
    Ruby is right... Peanut the Amazing!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Oh, I've never tried turtle food before! I bet it tasted good, eh? I hope your mom has forgiven you.

    I hope you're having a grrrrEAT weekend!


  4. You need to take this act on the road.

  5. We've never had turtle food before! If you ate the whole container then it must be delicious! We're glad you didn't 'splode, Peanut!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. Dude! What were you thinkin eating that turtle food? Your Mom is correct that you might have exploded. You're lucky you didn't get the project tile squirties.


  7. Woo! I think I'd better pay more attention to the drawers around here. I was focusing on the cabinets.

  8. Peanut.. we need to talk, i need tips on how to get in certain treat hidey holes around the house!! hehehe

    Was real nice to meet you at the pawty.. love to your mom and dad

    Ben xxxx

  9. We think she was just teasing, and she left that turtle food just for you!

    wags from the whippets

  10. Way to go Peanut! I remember all the rearranging that had to go on in my house after I figure out how to open the drawers.

    I wish I could smell that delicious gas...


  11. You have toooots too?

  12. Mom says baby locks work against genius boxers.

  13. Glad to know you are fine after eating all that tortoise food. It must be really good for you to finish all of that.

  14. Peanut, you are my hero. My amazing hero.

    And I'm glad you didn't get sick.

  15. i hope mr tortoise is not mad at you for finishing up his food supply

  16. So, it was actually dehydrated fart pills.

  17. Do you think you could figure out how to open my treat jar for me? Fish food is pretty yummy, too. I've never eaten the entire can, but Mom usually spills some when she feeds teh fish and I lick it up. She always says I have fish breath and bad farts after I do that, but I don't care either.
    I wish I could have gotten to chat with you guys! That would have been really cool!

  18. Oh how I wish I could open things like you, can I take a class? I never knew tortoise food was tasty!!!

  19. SCORE!!! That's so cool you can open stuff up!

  20. Hee hee, that turtle food does look kind of dry, but I'm sure you enjoyed it. Don't worry about the gas, just let it all out!

    I like your new banner!! You are very talented :)

  21. First, we love your new format.
    And we have gas all the time - we can't imagine the gas bombs from turtle food!

  22. Oh naughty peanut! We like turtle food too... If mom doesnt lock it up, we'll help ourselves too

    xx Brutus and Rufus xx

  23. Just dropping by everyones blogs to say Hi.

    Simba xx

  24. That's so pawsome that you can open the top drawer then get the lid of that. Good thing your tummy's ok

    ~ Girl girl

  25. Whoops! Hope you're less gassy now! I have eaten several tubs of the fish food - stupid pa keeps leaving it out on the side!

    Toodle pip
    Harry x

  26. PEEEEEE-NUT! The chat was awesome!!

  27. Peanut my man! We must have gone to the same mischief school! It was delicious ... I whiffed your fumes all the way up here!

    xoxo Chef

  28. Oh yeah. I was real happy to chat with you on Sunday. I wish I could have spent more time but I got on late and then I had to go. But it was awesome.

  29. Too bad it wasn't dehydrated meat!


  30. I bet the turtle food made you toot a lot! Ha roo roo rooo!

    Puppy slurps, Canyon

  31. Peanut, You are so clever --how did you learn to open all those doors and drawers??? Please teach us!!!

    It was fun chatting with you!!!

    Wirey woofs to you all and a very very loud double bark to your Dad in Iraq!!!

    Jake and Just Harry

  32. Anonymous3:13 PM

    We've never had turtle food before either. Rosie tried to eat the baby bunnies in our back yard this past week, but mom and dad kept catching her at it. Unfortunately she did manage to kill them though - dad thinks they died of fright because Rosie's so furocious when it comes to rodents in her yard. Poor bunnies. We're glad you survived the turtle incident Peanut. Happy belated adoption day too
    Abby & Rosie

  33. Everydoggie LOCK YOUR DRAWERS!! Peanut's IN DA HOUSE! (Bet that was some HEAVENLY gas output, man!)

    You KIll me, man. You'll eat just about anything, won't you? (I guess that's true for me too, so I don't know why I'm dissin' on you about it.)

    Hey, I've got a question. Does Grammie have a fave color? Do you know if she likes jewelry? (I wanted to handcraft a bracelet or necklace for her, but didn't know if she'd like that.) Let me know what you think, man. YOU are THE Grammie expert.

    Goober love & gassy smooches,

  34. Blech, that doesn't sound like it was very tasty at all! You must have an iron stomach.

    xoxo - Bella

  35. you are a smart dude!
    My master used to have a turtle back in Peru and one day my master was watering the yard the turtle master is so dumb!

  36. Peanut, I thought I was good at finding snacks, but you are truly the master. You have to send me tips on how to open the fridge. I've never tried turtle food but fish food is really good too!

    Your friend, Lenny