Wednesday, April 02, 2008

almost wordless wednesday

Please ignore Mom.

Untitled from playfulheartmonkey on Vimeo.


  1. Hi Peanut,

    My name is Mona. I am a rescued wirehaired dachsie that lives in hiuston with the Mommy. We was over at PAW IT FORWARD pick some new doggies to visit to and saw the name Peanut. One of my brother's name is Peanut. Peanut & my others brother aren't with us's a long story.

    Me and the Mommy just loved the video of you and flash.

    Can we be friends?


  2. Hi, Peanut!
    I was thinking that maybe Flash had eaten something "exotic" to act like that and then.... I see you two drinking from the toilet!
    That is what happens when you do that??
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Flash could be a whippet if he weren't so hairy and big!!! He's got the zoomies!
    What the heck is in that toilet water? Tequilla????

    wags from the whippets

  4. mad dog, mad dog. I've never heard so much heavy breathing. lol

    Simba x

  5. We watched an Extreme Makeover the other day where they made a room for doggies with toilet water bowls, tee hee!

    Cassidy x

  6. Hey there Peanut
    I am trying to get mistress to do some comments so that is a start.
    Mistress is rubbish on vids so I wouldn't worry about your mom. Mine ends up sounding like Essex girl even though she comes from the opposite end of the country.

  7. Holy moly - that must be yummy tasing water. We are too short too reach the water in our toilet.

    Maybe you need a water bowl outside of the bathroom.


  8. Flash sounds like a lion! I wish I were tall enough to drink out of the toilet!!

    I get the zoomies like that all the time.


  9. Flash is a crazy man with a hair up his rear the wrong way.
    I can't reach the toilet, but Foley, Dawson and Edgar drink out of it.
    I try to get those zoomies, but no one else wants to run with me.
    Why is your video so dark.

  10. Hahahaha! What a great drinking bowl you have! Did your mom have to refill it after all the slurps you took?

    I wish I were big enough to reach a big bowl like that!

  11. That looks like Kat. Psycho.


  12. You 2 have so much fun together just like Louie and I do. Aren't siblings great..

    Big sloppy Kisses
    Gus and Louie

  13. FLASH!!
    I sound EXACTLY like you when I play ruff!!!! That is sooooooo cool!!!!
    About the toilet water though. Do you know what the humans use that thing for? You should tell your mom to get you a large water dish cuz that's disgusting!!

  14. HAAA! Flash looks JUST like me and Peanut looks exactly like Fig when we play! Except we aren't big enough to drink out of that big water bowl - I'm very jealous now.


  15. We never drank out of the toilet bowl before! The stoopid lid is always closed!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  16. OMD! You have a race track in your house. You are so lucky!

  17. So THAT is what is in that big white bowl!!! I can't even see inside it, why do they make water dishes so tall, it is so not practical!

  18. I've never tasted toilet bowl water before. Is it good? Is it what made you two all frenzied?

  19. Holy smokes! Flash went totally cracker dog on you. I love your water bowl. I think there might be one like it somewhere on my estate...

  20. hahaha! How funny! I LOVE dog zoomies!