Friday, November 10, 2006

I'm Back

Well I had to take a little vacation. I was a busy busy boxer. Monday my boy was home sick with the flu and Mom had to have Dad come home from work and watch the boy so she could take me somewhere. Turns out she took me to the vet. Yuck. I had to get the shots that the Army says I have to have to live on base and live with the family. My mom isn't so into vaccinations for most things but since she wants to keep me she puts up with it.

Tuesday my boy was still sick. So I lazed around the house with him all day. This is his first year of going to school all day and I have to say I miss him. So having him home even if he doesn't feel that well is good since he hangs out with me.

Wednesday my boy was still sick and on top of that both Mom and Dad were sick. Dad had to work all day because even though when he got to PT that morning and vomited the Army decided he wasn't sick enough to not work. Mom stays home with me all the time anyway so she was home with my boy but she was sick sick. Poor Mom I had to take care of her which is a switch but she said Flash and I did a really good job.

Thursday Mom, Dad, and my boy were better. Mom kept saying "Thanks Goodness it was just a 24 hour thing for us" but my girl was home sick from school. So I had to take care of her.

Today is Friday and no one is sick. Well maybe Flash but that is in the head. hahaha Ah I'm just kidding I love my little brother (but seriously I don't think he's right in the head). Dad gets today off so I am hoping I can talk him into going out in the backyard and throwing my jolly ball for me. Mom tries but she just doesn't throw it like Dad.

Well I'll let you know if I get him to do it later. I will be doing another post tomorrow in observance of Veterans Day so make sure you read that. I'm going to write about my point of view about my Dad.


  1. hey peanut,

    i think your mom, dad and your little boy all wanted to stay home with you! and when it's friday, they don't have to be "sick" again coz they'll be with you the through out the weekend! :-) aren't you glad they are home with you?

    wet wet licks


  2. Peanut,

    I'm sorry that everyone in your family has been sick! My mommy was very sick too! Mommy and I feel for your daddy...the army frequently decides that puking is not a good excuse for mommy, even for missing APFT's. I think boxers are popular army dogs...mommy's in the army; and my God-daddy and God-mommy are in the army too, and they have two boxers. Perhaps boxers should be the official Army dog!! We should start a movement! If boxers became the official army dog...would we have to deploy and sniff our terrorists? I'll growl, you jump 'em!

    Happy Veteran's Day tomorrow! At least the army gave Mommy a 4-day weekend (with no early a.m. PT...woohoo!). Go Army!

    Nubbily Wiggles,
    Ellie the Boxer

    p.s: where would mommy get cow's legs??? or any of those other yummy treats you mentioned???

  3. Boo, I am sure they all wanted to stay home with me. I am a great Boxer and who wouldn't want to spend all their time with me. haha

    Ellie, Oh yeah the Army needs to rethink their puking policy. Honestly how much work can you get done when your throwing up? Woo Hoo I love other Army boxers. There is one just 2 houses over but when mom went to see if he could play with me she was told no. There was another one down the road but thank goodness the MPs came and took him/her because it didn't looks so good. Way to skinny and the poor thing was outside all the time on a chain with no house. My mom said she would have liked to have stolen it but Dad said no.
    As for the cow legs my Mommy gets them from a local lady here so I don't know where you could get them. Tell your Mom to search search search because they are yummy yummy. What other treats did I mention besides the marshmellows? My mom brings those back from the grocery store.
    My dad gets a 4 day weekend this weekend too. Mom about fainted when she heard since the last one he got was last year. But more play time for me.