Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My day so far

I was woken up and rudely shoved out of bed by mom who said I had to get up and go outside. Went outside with Flash to find out it was raining. So went potty, ran around in the mud and went inside where I tracked it all over the floor. haha got back at mom for shoving me out of bed.
Tried to eat my babies breakfast but my boy yelled at me so I left them alone. Got put in my kennel so my mom could walk the babies to the bus stop. Mom came back and dad came home from PT.
Mom fed us breakfast. Got a good breakfast this morning. Roast. Yep mom left a roast in the fridge to long and it was starting to go bad so they couldn't eat it so she cut it up and Flash and I got it for breakfast. Yummy Yummy.
After breakfast I tried to knock over the babygate so I could go visit Dad in the shower but Mom yelled at me. We have the baby gate up to keep me and Flash out of the kitty presents they leave us in the box. So mom isn't happy when I try to knock it over.
Went into the kitchen and checked out the counters. Mom cleaned them so nothing for me to eat.
Stood at the door and waved goodbye to Dad with Mom and Flash. Came back inside and found the Fat man (the awful cat shelby) in the Kitchen so I barked at him for about 10 minutes until Mom picked him up and put him in the back behind the babygate. Tried to knock over the babygate again to get the Fat man.
Wandered into the kitchen to watch mom make her hot chocolate. She spilled some so I kindly cleaned it up for her.
Came over had mom scratch my rear, read some blogs and wrote this one.
Now I am off to take a nap and it's only 10:30 here and I didn't get up until 7.


  1. Oh, I forgot. you should chech out Dogs With Blogs, I have made so many new friends, and you can too.
    Keep blogging, it's fun!

  2. Hey P. Sounds like an overfull day to me! Take a nap buddy.

    Bussie Kissies

  3. Go figure, they expect us to go out into the rain to go potty but act surprised when we get muddy dog prints all over their carpets! Silly humans.

    xoxo - Bella