Sunday, November 05, 2006

The rest of the family

Well I told you about my little brother Flash so I thought I would introduce you to everyone else in the family. Mom says I can't put up pictures of her or Daddy or my babies but I can of the rest of the clan so that is what I will do.

We have turtles which I have found are no fun. But hey they live here so I guess I have to tell you about them. We got both of them from a lady who was moving. The one eating is Clyde, she is a Central American Wood Turtle. Mom and Dad thinks she is cool because she knows her name.

The Turtle in the water is Drexler, He is a Red Eared Slider. That picture of him is old and he is in a much bigger house now so he has more room to swim around. Anyway Mom told me to tell you that if case you didn't notice the turtles names if put together are Clyde Drexler. Who I guess was some basketball player. Dad had decided to name Clyde before we found out she was a girl and Mom thought she was really funny naming the other one Drexler. Most people don't get the reference but hey it makes Mom happy so I guess that's okay.

That cat you see is Shelby. Someone was giving him away so Mom went and brought him home. He already had the name Shelby so we just kept calling him that. Turned out when he got him he had a bladder infection so he didn't feel good for a while. He doesn't like me and Flash and we don't like him much either. He scares us a little in fact. Which makes everyone else laugh since they keep saying he is declawed but I don't know what that means.

There is another cat in the house but I couldn't find a picture of her on this computer. I will get mom to take one though so I can put it up. She is Raven. She's small and black and I hate to say it but she is the boss of the house (next to Mom that is). She runs me and Flash and Shelby around all the time. I just do what she wants or she scratches me and that hurts.

Well that's it for today. Nothing happened yesterday to talk about.


  1. Ooh, I'm glad we don't have cats if they hurt you. I always bark at them when I see them outside, and they run and hide.

  2. Hey Peanut,

    Welcome to - it's great to have you aboard, and I am sure you will make lots of friends here :-)


  3. Welcome Peanut! I am a blue heeler cross living in Albuquerque NM. There are a lot of dog bloggers and I'm sure you'll make lots of friends. I have 3 kitty sibs. Two with claws, one declawed. The one declawed can punch pretty hard. Will drop by later...


  4. Yeah, my parents don't let me post pictures of them. Don't know why...but you know humans they do weird things sometimes. No pictures of your cute face?