Saturday, November 11, 2006

My dad

Before I write about my dad I want someone to tell me how to put links to my friends blogs on my page. I se the links section but can't find it when I go to the dashboard to edit anything I just can't figure it out and Mom says she doesn't know either. So any help would be great.

Also on another note. If anyone has an idea on how to keep my little brother Flash inside the fence Mom and Dad would appreciate it. He gets out all the time. We can only have a 4 ft chain link fence which is what we have. They have staked down the bottom even and he is still getting out. Oh and yes he is fixed.

Okay now on to my Dad. As I've mentioned my Dad is in the Army. Mom says he's been in 12 years but of course I haven't been with them that long as I'm only just almost 3 (yes I know my blog says I am 3 but technically not until the end of this month). Anyway my dad has to be to work most days at 6:30 in the morning for PT (Physical Training for you non military dogs) which he does for about an hour and a half. He then comes home and takes a shower and eats some breakfast and goes back to work by 9. He works all morning and then comes home around 12 for lunch and goes back to work at 1 until he comes home for the evening. Now this is a typical day for Dad but really there is no such thing as a typical day. Some days he goes to work at 3 in the morning and we don't see him the rest of the day. Some days he doesn't even get lunch because he is busy. Sometimes he comes home around 5 and most days not until after 6. Sometimes he doesn't come home at all that day. Now since we've been here in Kentucky (which I like except for the summer's when Mom won't let me go outside for long periods of time because it gets to hot for me) he hasn't had to go anywhere except out to the field for a week or so . But when we lived in Germany Dad would be gone for a long time in a row. I missed him, Mom missed him and my Babies missed him too. But Mom would tell us he was doing his job and we should be proud of him for it so we were. Didn't make the missing any easier though.

My Dad makes sure we are all taken care of. He goes to work every day because he loves us and this country and he believes in what he does. My dad is in it for the long haul and it may not be the easiest life but without it he wouldn't be the great dad he is.

Now I know I'm a dog and I don't understand all the politics that the humans do but I do know that my Dad and all the neighbors work really hard and don't make near enough money for what they do. We live in a house that isn't the best and should be better. In fact the house we are in right now is a 3 bedroom 1000 sq ft duplex.

Well anyway if I let Mom do this post it would probably make more sense and be a lot longer but hey this is my Blog. I just wanted to let you all know I love my Dad and what he does and am proud of him for doing it.

Until Later


  1. Peanut,

    To add friends to your list, you need to go to the template tab. Then you will see a big section with lots of funny language. Scroll down til you're almost to the bottom (about 5/6 of the way down). You will then see a section labeled: "sidebar-title"My Friends. You can also use the "find on this page" under edit and type in friends. It should take you there. You will then see the "edit me" and "google" defaults. Don't delete them at first. Find a URL to copy and paste like mine: and put it in the parentheses in place of the google news website. Then where it says Google News, type in Ellie the Boxer or the name of your friend. I usually just copy and paste the whole line to add a new friend then edit just that part because the funny letters tell the computer where to put the spaces and returns and things like that. I hope that helps some!

    p.s. Mommy agrees...soldiers should get paid more and not pay taxes either...whatever those are.

    Nubbily Wiggles,

  2. hey peanut, if you sure unsure and need help, you can always ask us bunch at dogs with blogs' the bone zone aka the discussion forum :

    happy blogging!

    wet wet licks


  3. Hi Peanut, Thanks for checking out my blog. I live in a military family, well my mom comes from a military family. My grandpa and one of my uncles were in the service, and I have another uncle who was in the army being a recuiter (SP) and now does National Guard. My dad did ROTC in college and would have had a military career but he had a messed up shoulder. Thank your dad for all that he does. Oh you might want to check out Army of Four Digest

    They are a military family too!