Wednesday, November 29, 2006

You poor things

I was thinking about you poor things that say you haven't ever eaten tripe. I wanted to cry. Tripe is about the best food possible. Mom used to feed us good stuff all the time (she called it raw, I called it dinner) but then I heard her and dad talking about how they were spending more money on food for me and Flash then for the family and we had to start eating kibble again. Now granted we get a good kibble. Timberwolf organics is yummy but it isn't the same. Mom is nice and gives us raw sometimes though. I had canned jack mackerl for breakfast (yes I know canned isn't raw but I don't like any raw fish except for sardines).

Now to make you all jealous I will tell you all the yummy meats I have eaten. Chicken, beef and pork of course since you can get those in the supermarket. Plus kangaroo, bison, deer, ostrich, llama, lamb, duck and rabbit. All of them are good of course but my favorite was the rabbit. Which of course isn't as good at tripe. I've also eaten not just the meat but kidney, liver, spleen you name it I've probably eaten it. I tell you I was living the good life and now it's what mom calls a "special occasion" if I get any of it. Except for sardines and canned fish. I get that about once a week. Oh plus the tripe a couple times a month.

Mom said to tell you all you can get canned tripe at different places online in case any of you want to talk your humans into letting you try it.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


For those of you who asked about tripe. I had my mom get a website which has pictures and an explanation. We haven't gotten it from this web site but from a local supplier we have close to us. Just click on the green tripe button to learn more.

I am telling you it is good stuff. Mom says it smells bad but I think it smells yummy. Every dog should get some.

Monday, November 27, 2006

My mom

Okay so I didn't get to go for my walk today. My mom went outside barefoot this weekend. It's been warm here. Well while she was outside she stepped on a staple. So her foot hurts and no walk for me. I am truly depressed and have not decided what revenge I will seek on her. Maybe tomorrow her foot will feel better.

Not much else is going on here but mom says I will get tripe for dinner. I love the stuff. She says it stinks but I don't think so. I mean how can you not like it? Yummy Yummy in my tummy.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

It's my Barkday

Well Mom told me today is my barkday. So I am waiting for the cinnamon rolls to get done because I am getting one for breakfast. Flash doesn't get one. haha Mom told me today is Thanksgiving to and she is thankful that I came into her life because I make her laugh. Even when I am being bad. So I am off to be petted and loved and fawned over since I'm 3 today. I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I'm a good dog

I really am a good dog. It's not my fault if no one else thinks so. Actually mom told me she was pretty proud of the way I acted when my girl had one of her friends over yesterday. Usually I like to jump on them and never leave them alone if they come out in the front room but yesterday I didn't do that. I got my girl's friend to scratch my rear end and then I pretty much left them alone. Mom and Dad both said that maybe I can be out with people in the house now if I am going to be good.
Mom got new walking shoes this week so we get to start walking again tomorrow. She says she'll take us (she doesn't walk us together) even if it's raining.
My girl had her birthday party yesterday. She came home with some stuff I thought should be for me. a little stuffed dog but when I tried to take it I got in trouble so I guess they are for her. Maybe I will get one for my birthday it is coming up.
I'm going to make mom learn how to post videos on here so maybe you can all see me in action soon.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My day so far

I was woken up and rudely shoved out of bed by mom who said I had to get up and go outside. Went outside with Flash to find out it was raining. So went potty, ran around in the mud and went inside where I tracked it all over the floor. haha got back at mom for shoving me out of bed.
Tried to eat my babies breakfast but my boy yelled at me so I left them alone. Got put in my kennel so my mom could walk the babies to the bus stop. Mom came back and dad came home from PT.
Mom fed us breakfast. Got a good breakfast this morning. Roast. Yep mom left a roast in the fridge to long and it was starting to go bad so they couldn't eat it so she cut it up and Flash and I got it for breakfast. Yummy Yummy.
After breakfast I tried to knock over the babygate so I could go visit Dad in the shower but Mom yelled at me. We have the baby gate up to keep me and Flash out of the kitty presents they leave us in the box. So mom isn't happy when I try to knock it over.
Went into the kitchen and checked out the counters. Mom cleaned them so nothing for me to eat.
Stood at the door and waved goodbye to Dad with Mom and Flash. Came back inside and found the Fat man (the awful cat shelby) in the Kitchen so I barked at him for about 10 minutes until Mom picked him up and put him in the back behind the babygate. Tried to knock over the babygate again to get the Fat man.
Wandered into the kitchen to watch mom make her hot chocolate. She spilled some so I kindly cleaned it up for her.
Came over had mom scratch my rear, read some blogs and wrote this one.
Now I am off to take a nap and it's only 10:30 here and I didn't get up until 7.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

It's a boy birthday

Yep you read that right. My boy turns 6 today. Mom says to tell you all she didn't plan it that way that's just how it happened.

Not much going on here. I'm just chilling out with my little brother Flash. Mom had to go to the boy's school to volunteer this morning so we didn't get our normal walk. That will start back up tomorrow.

Later gators

Monday, November 13, 2006

It's a girl birthday

Well with the help of my mom I got links to my friends on the page. WOO WOO I am so happy.

It's my girl's birthday today. She is 11. She is having her party on Saturday. But Mom is going around saying "It's your birthday" "It's your birthday" annoying my girl. My girl said the neighbor boy told everyone at school to. She got a card today with a gift card from our Grammie and another card from someone she said is her Great-Grandma. I've met Grammie who has come here to visit us but I have never met Great-Grandma.

Mom says she can't beleive my girl is already 11 and where does the time go.

Well Dad is out picking up the leaves in the backyard so I think I will go help him. WOO WOO leaves.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

My dad

Before I write about my dad I want someone to tell me how to put links to my friends blogs on my page. I se the links section but can't find it when I go to the dashboard to edit anything I just can't figure it out and Mom says she doesn't know either. So any help would be great.

Also on another note. If anyone has an idea on how to keep my little brother Flash inside the fence Mom and Dad would appreciate it. He gets out all the time. We can only have a 4 ft chain link fence which is what we have. They have staked down the bottom even and he is still getting out. Oh and yes he is fixed.

Okay now on to my Dad. As I've mentioned my Dad is in the Army. Mom says he's been in 12 years but of course I haven't been with them that long as I'm only just almost 3 (yes I know my blog says I am 3 but technically not until the end of this month). Anyway my dad has to be to work most days at 6:30 in the morning for PT (Physical Training for you non military dogs) which he does for about an hour and a half. He then comes home and takes a shower and eats some breakfast and goes back to work by 9. He works all morning and then comes home around 12 for lunch and goes back to work at 1 until he comes home for the evening. Now this is a typical day for Dad but really there is no such thing as a typical day. Some days he goes to work at 3 in the morning and we don't see him the rest of the day. Some days he doesn't even get lunch because he is busy. Sometimes he comes home around 5 and most days not until after 6. Sometimes he doesn't come home at all that day. Now since we've been here in Kentucky (which I like except for the summer's when Mom won't let me go outside for long periods of time because it gets to hot for me) he hasn't had to go anywhere except out to the field for a week or so . But when we lived in Germany Dad would be gone for a long time in a row. I missed him, Mom missed him and my Babies missed him too. But Mom would tell us he was doing his job and we should be proud of him for it so we were. Didn't make the missing any easier though.

My Dad makes sure we are all taken care of. He goes to work every day because he loves us and this country and he believes in what he does. My dad is in it for the long haul and it may not be the easiest life but without it he wouldn't be the great dad he is.

Now I know I'm a dog and I don't understand all the politics that the humans do but I do know that my Dad and all the neighbors work really hard and don't make near enough money for what they do. We live in a house that isn't the best and should be better. In fact the house we are in right now is a 3 bedroom 1000 sq ft duplex.

Well anyway if I let Mom do this post it would probably make more sense and be a lot longer but hey this is my Blog. I just wanted to let you all know I love my Dad and what he does and am proud of him for doing it.

Until Later

Friday, November 10, 2006

I'm Back

Well I had to take a little vacation. I was a busy busy boxer. Monday my boy was home sick with the flu and Mom had to have Dad come home from work and watch the boy so she could take me somewhere. Turns out she took me to the vet. Yuck. I had to get the shots that the Army says I have to have to live on base and live with the family. My mom isn't so into vaccinations for most things but since she wants to keep me she puts up with it.

Tuesday my boy was still sick. So I lazed around the house with him all day. This is his first year of going to school all day and I have to say I miss him. So having him home even if he doesn't feel that well is good since he hangs out with me.

Wednesday my boy was still sick and on top of that both Mom and Dad were sick. Dad had to work all day because even though when he got to PT that morning and vomited the Army decided he wasn't sick enough to not work. Mom stays home with me all the time anyway so she was home with my boy but she was sick sick. Poor Mom I had to take care of her which is a switch but she said Flash and I did a really good job.

Thursday Mom, Dad, and my boy were better. Mom kept saying "Thanks Goodness it was just a 24 hour thing for us" but my girl was home sick from school. So I had to take care of her.

Today is Friday and no one is sick. Well maybe Flash but that is in the head. hahaha Ah I'm just kidding I love my little brother (but seriously I don't think he's right in the head). Dad gets today off so I am hoping I can talk him into going out in the backyard and throwing my jolly ball for me. Mom tries but she just doesn't throw it like Dad.

Well I'll let you know if I get him to do it later. I will be doing another post tomorrow in observance of Veterans Day so make sure you read that. I'm going to write about my point of view about my Dad.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The rest of the family

Well I told you about my little brother Flash so I thought I would introduce you to everyone else in the family. Mom says I can't put up pictures of her or Daddy or my babies but I can of the rest of the clan so that is what I will do.

We have turtles which I have found are no fun. But hey they live here so I guess I have to tell you about them. We got both of them from a lady who was moving. The one eating is Clyde, she is a Central American Wood Turtle. Mom and Dad thinks she is cool because she knows her name.

The Turtle in the water is Drexler, He is a Red Eared Slider. That picture of him is old and he is in a much bigger house now so he has more room to swim around. Anyway Mom told me to tell you that if case you didn't notice the turtles names if put together are Clyde Drexler. Who I guess was some basketball player. Dad had decided to name Clyde before we found out she was a girl and Mom thought she was really funny naming the other one Drexler. Most people don't get the reference but hey it makes Mom happy so I guess that's okay.

That cat you see is Shelby. Someone was giving him away so Mom went and brought him home. He already had the name Shelby so we just kept calling him that. Turned out when he got him he had a bladder infection so he didn't feel good for a while. He doesn't like me and Flash and we don't like him much either. He scares us a little in fact. Which makes everyone else laugh since they keep saying he is declawed but I don't know what that means.

There is another cat in the house but I couldn't find a picture of her on this computer. I will get mom to take one though so I can put it up. She is Raven. She's small and black and I hate to say it but she is the boss of the house (next to Mom that is). She runs me and Flash and Shelby around all the time. I just do what she wants or she scratches me and that hurts.

Well that's it for today. Nothing happened yesterday to talk about.

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Woo Woo everyone. I wrestled the computer away from mom this morning to tell you all I got marshmallows for breakfast. Granted Mom didn't give them to me but my Girl baby (remember she's almost 11) left some on the counter so I snuck in the kitchen and ate them. If you ever have a chance to get marshmallows I highly recommend it.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Hi everybody

Hi everybody I wanted to introduce myself to everyone. I am Peanut. I'm almost 3 years old. I'm the brindle boxer. That other dog is my little brother Flash. He is a german shepard mix of some sort. Excuse the dirty floor. Mom says that we need to stop tracking in all the mud when it rains but we can't help it. We just have big feet. Plus it's fun to run around in the mud.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I was born in Germany where Mom and Dad and my babies (mom says they are her babies since she gave birth to them but I think they are mine, I have a boy almost 6 and a girl almost 11) got me and when they moved back to the United States I got to come with them. After we got to Kentucky and were here a little while Mom went and brought Flash home. He was just a puppy at the time so I taught him to box. Granted he doesn't do it as well as I do but hey not every dog can be a Boxer. :) To bad for them though. He isn't a bad guy. It is nice to have someone to play with whenever I want.

Well that's all I have to say for now. I will keep you informed as to what is going on in my life as stuff happens.